Occupations creating my occupational identity


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Slide show presentation for assignment in second year ocupational therapy course occupational science.

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Occupations creating my occupational identity

  1. 1.  Being an Aunty to my three nephewsand niece is a huge part of my Identity. Isee it as being the best role model I canbe, which pushes me to become abetter person. I enjoy my time with themand it is constantly fun and refreshing tosee them grow as people.
  2. 2.  Huge area of my life not only throughplaying the sport itself but through themany interactions that are created.Allows me to constantly set new goalsand push me to become a betterplayer. Socially it gives me a wholedifferent culture and in many ways asecond family who I associate andidentify myself with.
  3. 3.  This Occupation allows me to createsomething for others and also for myself.Nothing beats the feeling of cooking ameal for others and seeing theenjoyment they receive from eating yourfood. In my flat the boys recognise me as‘camp mum’ as I love to cook and bake.
  4. 4.  Is a new occupation I am starting tolearn through occupational science. Thisis a new experience for and highlightsthe part of my identity that strives toachieve something new and that is achallenge.
  5. 5.  Sport is a huge part of my life and this isanother occupation in my identity. Ihave had the privilege of playing at anational level through representingCanterbury. However this is a sport Irelate to returning home to Christchurchover summer as it is a way for me tocatch up with many friends I haventseen in a long time due to studying inDunedin.
  6. 6.  This occupation allowed me toexperience first hand many differentcultures and see the way other parts ofthe world live. Along with this it allowedme to learn more about myself in termsof what I love and my strengths andweaknesses in different situations. Thisoccupation once again allowed me tomeet new and exciting people.
  7. 7.  This is a huge part of the student cultureand something I love doing as a positivebalance in my life. It is a way to stay intouch with Friends, especially in Dunedinas most students are ready for a break inthe weekend after a hard weeks study.
  8. 8.  This occupation has helped shape myidentity since a young age. Being from abig family we worked hard as kids for ourown money to support ourselves. This hasallowed me to develop a solid workethic which allowed me to travel aroundthe world, and now support myself withmy current job while studying.
  9. 9.  This occupation brings with it tradition asit is an annual activity for my family. This issomething we look forward to everysummer as it is a break from the realitysof work and study. It gives us time toreflect on what has been in the last yearand where each of us is atcurrently, while having fun in each otherscompany.
  10. 10.  This is my current goal in life and wantingto achieve this is the reason for where Iam now. Following this occupation hasled me to Dunedin and created myidentity as a student here. Becoming thiswill allow me to create a career formyself and a stepping stone for whereever I may end p in the future.