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Audience research questionairre

  1. 1. Audience Research
  2. 2. What magazine would you prefer to read? Out of the following which colour schemeNME I I I I would you expect to see in a Rock magazine?Kerrang! I I Black, yellow and white I IMetal Hammer I I Red, black and blue I I I ISound Rock Green, black and yellow I IWhat is the content that most interests you in a music Do you prefer more images or moremagazine? text?Interviews I I I I I Images I I I I I I ICoverage of festival/gigs I I Text IFree things, such as postersNew releasesAlbum Reviews How often do you buy music magazines?Band gossip I Weekly I I I I I I I I MonthlyHow much would you spend on a music magazine? Rarely£1-2 I I I I I I£3-4 I I£5+Which is your favourite band out of the following? Males answers are in blue,Papa Roach I female in pink.A Day To Remember I I IEnter Shikari I IBoys Like Girls IIRise against the fallNone of the above
  3. 3. Which magazine would you prefer to read? Females Males NME NME Kerrang Kerrang Metal Hammer Metal Hammer Sound Rock Sound RockThis data shows that females much prefer the ‘lighter’ music so therefore prefermusic magazines such as NME and Kerrang. Whereas males prefer heavier music andhave a higher preference for Metal Hammer. However all together the most pickedwas NME. This has shown me that people tend to prefer magazines with a strongmulti-platform approach. NME aims at the mass market(though more towards rock)which I should consider when designing my magazine, as I want to create a magazinethat a mass of people would be interested in.
  4. 4. What is the content that most interests you? Females Males Interviews Interviews Coverage of festivals/gigs Coverage of festivals/gigs Free things Free things New releases News releases Album Reviews Album reviews Band Gossip Band gossipThese results show that the contest most interested in is interviews. I think this is because of the evergrowing interest in celebrities. Young people think of celebrities as their friends, they know them and visittheir lives on a regular basis. The Uses and Gratification theory can also be applied to interviews. We findpersonal identity through them as we can relate to many of the things the celebrities are saying, we alsofind models of behaviour- imitate the way that celebrities behave. We again find it as a point for socialinteraction- to find out about the ‘gossip’ in the interviews and use it as a conversation point.
  5. 5. How much would you spend on a music magazine? Females Males £1-2 £1-2 £3-4 £3-4 £5+ £5+Overall people would spend between £1-2 for a magazine. I think this is because themajority of people asked were students, so they don’t have much money. Also thereare many very cheap magazines now days (appealing to customers since we are infinacially hard times). Also since the print magazine industry is in somewhatdecline, magazines have to keep in the competition and appeal to younger customers.
  6. 6. Which is your favourite band out of the following? Females Males Papa Roach Papa Roach A day to remember A Day To Remember Enter Shikari Enter Shikari Boys Like Girls Boys like girls Rise Against the fall Rise Against the fall None of the above None of the aboveThese results show there is quite a variety in the bands young peoplelike, however the majority out of both liked ‘A Day to Remember’. Ishall keep this in mind when designing my magazine.
  7. 7. Which colour scheme would you prefer? Females Males Black, yellow and white Black, yellow and white Red, black and blue Red, black and blue Green, black and yellow Green, black and yellowThe majority of people asked chose ‘Red, black and blue’. I thinkthese colours appeal to both sexes and now I know which colourscheme is most liked amongst my age group, which is useful forwhen I come to design my magazine.
  8. 8. Which do you prefer more images or more text? Females Males Images Images Text Text
  9. 9. How often do you buy music magazines? Males Females Weekly Weekly Monthly Monthly Rarely RarelyThis shows just how much the music magazine is indemand, with the younger generations ever expandingneed for new information it is important to them to fulfilthis need.
  10. 10. Find your tribe Moshers would be a great tribe to aim my magazine at as they’re into alternative/rock. They tend to dressin dark clothing and are very into gigs and festivals. They’re also prone to going into mosh pits. I wouldhave to think carefully about language used, I think using informal, minimal language would beappropriate. I also think using some ‘taboo’ words and expletives, would also aim the magazine towardsthem and appeal to their rebellious side. It also means they’re very into music- like listening to their musica lot- which is another good quality as I’m trying to write a music magazine aimed at them.
  11. 11. EvaluationIn my audience research I have found what type of magazines people like- overall NME was thefavourite, I can now do more research into NME to find out exactly what is so appealing aboutthis magazine- so I plan to do a media information packed based on NME to get some figuresand facts about it.Interviews were found to be the most interesting content. I now know what to include on myDPS and have found that this is probably due to the ever demanding need for ‘new information’and ‘new gossip’.I found that students and young people wouldn’t spend too much on a magazine (the audience Iplan to target) and the majority would spend no more than £2. Thanks to this information I nowknow what to price my magazine.There is a growing demand for lots of new content about bands and lots of different bands. I amgoing to try and follow some of the techniques used on magazine front covers to fulfil this (listsof lots of bands names, emphasis how much content there is).Through my audience research I also supported my opinion that images are very important for ayoung generation when considering which magazine to buy, as they want it too look interestingand full of content.I also found out that there is a demand for the music magazine, with every one of myparticipants saying they weekly bought magazines.Overall it has been very useful to get information from other people, especially my targetaudience of 16-25 year olds, as I now know what they expect from a music magazine.