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My planned target audience


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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My planned target audience

  1. 1. My planned target audience
  2. 2. Age • The age I have chosen to aim my short film at is between 15 – 24 year olds. This is because I feel my narrative I have planned will fit in to this age range due to them needing to understand the plot and storyline. My short film will be a 15 age certificate, this certificate still allows strong violence which works with my narrative as there is a murder.
  3. 3. Guidelines of a 15 certificate;
  4. 4. Gender • My short film is going to be targeted at both genders as I think that both will enjoy watching it. Also the main characters are both male and female which gives each gender a choice of who to root for. A lot of audience will root for the character who are the same sex as them which is an audience pleasure of my short film.
  5. 5. Exhibition • My chosen way of exhibiting my film to my target audience is by streaming this is because it is a popular way to view films for this age group due to the cost of the cinema. I would exhibit it on subscription companies such as Netflix and Love Film which are very popular, by subscribing to these companies monthly the audience will know what is expected from it. Both the companies contain many types of genres and a variation of films from blockbusters to art house films. Because of this huge range of films I feel my short film would fit well in to their collection. Also I will show my short film on T.V channels which show short films such as Channel 4.
  6. 6. Audience groupings ABC1; • Demographic classifications in the UK refer to the social grade definitions, which are used to describe, measure and classify people of different social grade and income and earnings levels, for market research, social commentary, lifestyle statistics, and statistical research and analysis. For my short film I took in to the account of income of 16 to 24 year olds, some people at these ages may not even have an income and through looking in to this I decided to stream my short film so it is a cheaper and easier way of watching It for the target market Also the life style of my target market as being the ‘digital generation’ I know that they are likely to have digital technology to stream films on. .
  7. 7. Pete Buckingham groupings; • Hero Seeker • Impulsive Materialist • Film Fanatics • Impressionism Socialites • Modern Parents • Fun Lovers • Youth of Today I don’t think my short film audience necessarily fit in to any of the Pete Buckingham audience groups as it is an art house styled film and most of the groups are blockbuster film fans, also a lot of the groups include the cinema experience and as mine will be streamed and shown on T.V none apply to that aspect of my short film.
  8. 8. My audience will be an active postmodern audience who will seek out different styled films to see and not just stick to the blockbusters. They may follow different stars, directors and genres but will watch variations of others. My film being a thriller/horror which is a popular genre for these ages makes it more likely for them to look in to it and watch it even if it is with unknown actors and producers. They will discuss and review the film after viewing it stating their comments, it is important to me to have a target audience willing to do this so I can find out if my short film was successful and what I could do to improve it.