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question 2

  1. 1. For my A2 coursework I had to produce a short film along with two ancillary texts. These texts included a poster and a review which link to and work with my short film, all with similar styles. These texts together create a campaign for my short film to advertise it to the target market.
  2. 2. My target audience are 15-24 year olds, this audience applies to my film, poster and magazine. My target audience was one of the first aspects of my project I decided after my idea for my short film, I felt this age range would be most suited and interested in my short film. From this I made sure my ancillary products applied to and fitted this target market, through past research I looked again in to Pete Buckingham’s article about audience theory's and noticed that my audience applies to some of his theory's about the younger generation of audiences. Also as this audience are only 40% of the cinema audience, this article states that it is likely because they watch a lot of films through online streaming both legally and illegally. I feel that all aspects of my products fit its target audience, the film fits in to all the guidelines of a 15+ film which I researched in to on the British Board of Film classification website. Also my poster would attract people of this age as they will understand what is happening in the image and as it is distributed online they are very likely to see it. My review and film are also shown online which applies to my target audience as they are within the digital generation and have been brought up around technology, knowing how to use it and commonly having it in their daily routine.
  3. 3. My main product is my short film, my film combines with both my poster and my review. My film combines best with my poster and it was a much easier text to create similar aspects on. The main aspect I wanted to flow throughout the film and poster was the text, this is because the title is important to both texts and I wanted this to be the same font and colour throughout. I felt it was most important to have similarity's within the film and poster because the poster is what sells the film and I wanted the atmosphere and style to be the same. My short film does not have as much continuity with my review, this is because the different colour scheme due to my review being placed on Rotten Tomatoes and needing to fit their colour scheme and style. Although they do not have the same look, my review and short film have the same style of writing. My script for my film and the writing I created for the review both have the same style and atmosphere. I think that together my texts work well as a campaign for my film and although they may not all be the same style, they work. Having my review different styled to my poster and film is breaking conventions which I wanted my products to do as it is a individual short film and not a blockbuster film I felt that it was able to break conventions of the texts which work alongside the film.
  4. 4. I think my poster works well with its ancillary texts, the film and the review. The style of my short film is consistent throughout the poster through the atmosphere, colours and mise-en-scene. My poster has the same style and colour of text as the title and credits within my short film, also the mise-en-scene within my poster is the same setting as the ending of my short film creating more of a connection between the two products. The lighting within my poster also fits the same lighting as the end of my short film as I wanted this to be consistent between the two products. My review has the same atmosphere as my poster which links them together. These are examples of continuity between the different elements of my advertising campaign and short film.
  5. 5. •The image of the girl on the knife looks more interesting and attracts the eye to the poster. •Gives off a mysterious atmosphere. •The colours work well with the thriller genre. •The iconography of the knife is good. •Good teaser of the location expected within the film. •The image is good quality and clear to see. •The text is bold and easy to read. •The image is blurred which can make it look like the quality in it is lost. •The image on the knife is too clear and not metallic looking like the knife. •The jacket is too dark to be able to see where his other arm is. •Would look better to see more of the character rather than just that section of his body. •An effect on the image looks too soft for the genre of poster.
  6. 6. My poster is for online use to be viewed on websites and on the prescription programme Netflix. This online institution offers more for my target audience as they have grown up in the digital era and commonly know how to use the technology's. The main difference between online and offline institutions is the difference in the target audience, stereotypically older audiences would prefer offline institutions and company’s and a younger audience would prefer online. Online posters will usually feature on the films official website or in advertisement boxes on the side of a variation of websites as well as within online film reviews. Offline posters have a larger variation as they can be advertised in magazines, on billboards, bus stops and flyers. Although this method would allow the film to be more known of due to the variation of locations available to place the poster, I chose to distribute mine online due to in my opinion it fitting in to my target audience better as they are highly likely to have internet access due to their age. Issues with this distribution method is that although it is common of people in my target audience to have internet access, some people may not or may not have the skills to use the equipment needed for internet access. Also as my poster is going to be placed on adverts within web pages, some laptops or computers may not have the software to show this and it may appear as a blocked plug in or the website may be blocked through online filtering and parental guidance. These are examples of online and offline posters; Online; offline;
  7. 7. My review is in the style of the online institution ‘Rotten Tomatoes’. I chose to distribute my film on this review site because I wanted my review to be online as both of my other products also are and it fits into my target audience being technical and looking at products online. As my short film is not a blockbuster film I felt that it would fit this review site as although they feature a lot of blockbuster films, Rotten Tomatoes offers reviews about short and independent films. I used the style and layout of the site as I wanted my review to look as close to the real thing as I could which I feel like I have done using the green colour scheme and placing the images and text in the same layout.
  8. 8. My review does not link with my main product or poster very well. This is uncommon for a campaign such as this one for a film, the style and colour scheme are conventionally similar or exactly the same but I chose not to use this convention. This is because I wanted to use an online institute which would be more likely to feature a review of my film, through research I found that Rotten Tomatoes website features a range of films some of these being short films and I felt that my review would fit much better on this site rather than in a blockbuster film such as Empire magazine. Although the look of my review such as the colour does not combine with my other products, the style of my writing for my review, I feel this does suit my other products as it is quite formal but not extremely due to my target audience and my other products also have this aspect. These are similarities of my review and a Rotten Tomatoes review;
  9. 9. Strengths; Good clear layout. Large amount of information. Images make it interesting. Looks like an actual website. The review is a good length and written well. Looks like the official website. Colour scheme works well. Weaknesses; There is a lot of blank spaces. Images could be bigger. The writing could be a bigger size to make it more clear. Could have more details about the film; e.g. distribution company. Could feature more about the characters as there is not much about them.