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Carranza lucila slides presentation 1


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Carranza lucila slides presentation 1

  1. 1. Licenciatura Abierta en la Enseñanza de Lenguas Teaching Language As a System Why I feel I am an autonomous learner Lucila Carranza
  2. 2. The definition of autonomous learner is the ability to think and act critically and independently, to self- manage study and realistically to appraise one’s strengths and weaknesses as a learner .
  3. 3. Why I am an autonomous learner  capacity  responsibility  freedom My responsibility like autonomous learner
  4. 4. Acording to Hammer (2007) responsable learners are those who believe that their actions are essential for successful learners who are eager to interact with the teacher and other learners, who are willing to make their own process and try to use their opportunities to participate in the target language and learning activities.
  5. 5. According with Brookfield (1994-1995) « Critical thinking is a uniquely adult learning process, then fostering critical thinking becomes, by implication, a uniquely adult educational process.»
  6. 6. Autonomous Learner Reflexive / Metacognitive Learner Self assessment writing Peer assessment / feedback / learning sets Emotional Intelligence Tutor assessment / feedback
  7. 7. Feedback 1.-Does anonymity affect the way you give feedback? When the peers feedback anonymously the feedback can be more critical. 2.- Does feedback affect your interpretation of work? As perhaps would be expected, the level of detail provide in the feedback will determine the level of engagement with that feedback.
  8. 8. 3..-What is the purpose function of discussing feedback with your peers? Students value peer and selfassessment as resources for the development of autonomy, but the skills they need for this to be learned and taught in the first instance.
  9. 9. Dance Framework Experience Disclosure Questioning Feedback Learning set
  10. 10. Bibliography:  Benson,P(1988) Autonomy in Language Learning pp 1, 47, 75,104  Brookfield,S(1994-1995) pp. 77 Self-directed learners