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Target Audience and Key Points


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A slide show to summarise and answer the questions needed to define my target audience.

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Target Audience and Key Points

  1. 1. My Target Audience And key Points Waste Not, Want Not RSA Student Awards Lucy Bryan-Smith
  2. 2. Waste Not, Want Not RSA Student Awards Lucy Bryan-Smith What is the Problem? People are not aware of the amount of food they are wasting. I want to change their attitudes and behavior through my campaign. Reasons Buying too much - special offers etc Buying more perishable food - trying to be healthy Choosing food on impulse - to ‘top up’ High sensitivity to food hygiene Fussy eating - children Not having time to plan meals Lack of awareness
  3. 3. A Picture of the Customer Younger working people (16-34) Low to medium income Northern In a relationship but not married Lives away from Parents Work hard/play hard lifestyle Buys too much food Likely to buy BOGOF offers (Wrap, 2007) Waste Not, Want Not RSA Student Awards Lucy Bryan-Smith
  4. 4. Waste Not, Want Not RSA Student Awards Lucy Bryan-Smith Who Will Gain from the Campaign? “Many people are so used to throwing away food they don’t even think about it” Environment - Will obviously benefit from less waste Individuals - Will save money on food that has been wasted (Wrap, 2009) “If you can demonstrate that the cost of NOT sorting out the problem is GREATER than the cost of dealing with them, them your case becomes compelling.” (Using CRM, 2009)
  5. 5. What Media will Work? Social media - facts show that 19-34 yr olds on lower incomes use social media the most. 26% of all Facebook users fall into that age range (Rose, 2014) Online shopping platforms - 25-29yr olds (92%) use the internet for everyday activities (Internet Access, 2013) You Tube - “Advertisers reach their target audiences far more efficiently by adding YouTube to their media plans ... especially the hard to reach 16 to 34-year-olds where cost per reach point is optimized when 24% of your TV budget is allocated to YouTube.” (O’Reilly, 2015) Waste Not, Want Not RSA Student Awards Lucy Bryan-Smith
  6. 6. Why am I uniquely placed to solve the problem? I feel like I have lived/still live in my own target audience bracket. At my age with my lifestyle and income I am one of the likely candidates to waste food (the other being families with young children). I have friends living similar lifestyles and I can relate to others. I feel your work is always more effective when you work with what you know. Waste Not, Want Not RSA Student Awards Lucy Bryan-Smith
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