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Our risk assessment

  1. 1. Our Risk Assessment I will be filming my music video on Sunday 21st of October. Before filming I have drawn up a risk assessment to avoid any potential hazards during filming.
  2. 2. Travel- Car We will be transporting the equipment by car to avoid any damages as well as any loss of the equipment. Using a car will avoid any chance of damage to the equipment and we will not be putting ourselves at risk from losing anything by having to carry equipment separately.
  3. 3. Camera- We will be looking after the equipment by transporting it all safely in a car to avoid any damage. For some shots we will be using the dolly to help us hold up the camera in a sturdy position along with moving the camera around safely. For shots where we desire for a handheld affect we may choose to rest the camera on a hard surface whilst holding it. This will therefore make the camera more comfortable to hold thus reducing the risk of us dropping the camera.
  4. 4. Lighting- Often with the red head lights, they can reach a high temperature which makes it dangerous to move the light during filming. To avoid burning ourselves on the light we will need to ensure that when moving the light positioning, that the light is switched off. We will also need to ensure that when touching the light we do not touch anywhere near the bulb and instead move the light by holding the plastic button which is away from the bulb. Additionally we will be using filters over the red heads. When applying the filters to the lights we will need to make sure that the light is off to avoid burning ourselves. When the lights are not in use we will ensure and check with each other to turn off the lights, to avoid them from overheating.
  5. 5. Weather- One of our shots requires filming outside and therefore weather is a key issue. In the rain we will need to ensure we protect the camera as well as ourselves. As a team, someone will hold an umbrella over the camera, and when transporting the camera in the rain we will ensure that we walk carefully to avoid slipping over with the camera, which could undoubtedly result in the damage of the camera or ourselves.
  6. 6. Location- Houses The houses we will be using are close to each other however the equipment will still need to be transported in the car to avoid any damages. By filming in a house we will be filming in a safe environment where we know who is surrounding us.