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  2. 2. Scene 1EXT. It’s day time (around 12 o’clock). (LS) The camera tilts from thegravel to a full view of the lane towards the cottage at the end. (CU,MS) A car pulls in and parks on the gravel. The girl and her motherget out of the car and lock it. The camera tracks them, walking to thefront of the cottage (holding cardboard boxes and a map/pictures inhand). They are quiet as they evaluate Amy’s new home. (CU) She putsthe key in the door, looks behind to her mum and walks in…Fade to black. Eerie music. CUT TO.INT. Match cut from the inside of the house –(LS) It is dark and quietinside, a few boxes are sat in the room. AMY (MS) girl and mother walking in through the door. Walks around, puts the boxes down, takes her jacket off and begins to unpack. Guess this is it, I’ve almost unpacked. Thanks for everything Mum. MUM (MS) Hugs Amy You’ll be fine darling, call me if you need me. AMY (CU) Looks lovingly at her mother. Smiles as her mum closes the door behind her. Drive safe; I’ll see you tomorrow. CUT TO.INT. AMY (CU) Her mobile rings, she answers. Hello. (Megan answers)Oh hey Rhi (pauses) Yeah sure, come over tonight, you can see the newplace. (Pauses) Okay, okay, bye. CUT TO.INT. AMY (MS) Unpacks the boxes, has a look around, bends down to the fireplace, blows the dust away and find a ring hiding in the corner. Picks it up, dusts it off. Hears a bang upstairs. Looks at the ceiling. Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. (CU) What the… CUT TO.INT. fade in. Room is darkened as it turns to evening/night time.Camera looks at the bed as the duvet starts to be pulled away from thebed (string). AMY (MS) She climbs the stairs, looks worried, walks into the bedroom andlooks around. Turns to look out of the window. Knock at the door, cuts to answering the door. Oh it’s you! MEGAN Who else would it be? (Hugs)(Match up of Megan walking through the door) AMY No one, I’m just getting use to place, come in. CUT TO. INT. (MS) It’s dark outside. CU (on faces for emotion) They look at each other, scared. MEGAN (MS) The girls sit down and Megan notices the earring on the table. She picks it up the ring and drops it when she hears a second bang upstairs. What was that? AMY This happened earlier, please help; I don’t know what to do. MEGAN Come, quiet.INT. quick cut to the stairs. The camera pans to the right to look outthe window, smoke/steam begins to rise as the music becomes lowercreating a mysterious atmosphere. AMY (MS) They walk into the room to find changes (candles are lit, the duvet has moved, old papers are everywhere. Picking an old bit of paper from the bed, it reads “Your beginning will not be my end”. Megan. MEGAN CU on the article she is holding. “Remains found in cottage”. Amy, we need to leave, now! Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. MEGAN (LS) They look around, as the screen turns black. Run! MEGAN They run down the corned stairs to find the rings on the table rattling. (CU) on the ring. Cuts quickly to the door as they run and find its locked. Where’s the key Amy? (shouts) Amy where is it? Screen goes blank and words appear (editing afterwards). A scream sounds (Megan). AMY Amy turns to search for it and finds the old, archaic key hanging in the air. She slowly reaches out to get it and the lights switch off.The lights come back on to find Amy standing alone as she screams for Megan. Megan! Megan! AMY(MS) She runs to look for her as she hears slow loud steps coming down the stairs. She looks up, into the mirror to find a black-cloaked figure standing on the bottom step. (CU)She whispers. PleaseThe screen turns to black as the credits appear. Page 4 of 4