Big Bob and Little Dan


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A fun story about two doggy friends.

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Big Bob and Little Dan

  1. 1. Big Bob and Little Dan By Lucy Jennings
  2. 2. Big Bob is a big dog.
  3. 3. Little Dan is a little dog.
  4. 4. Little Dan is funny.
  5. 5. Little Dan can jump on Big Bob.
  6. 6. Big Bob, is Little Dan funny?
  7. 7. No, Little Dan is NOT funny. He is one big pest.
  8. 8. Now Little Dan is sad. He will not jump. He will not be a pest.
  9. 9. Big Bob can see sad Little Dan. Sad Little Dan looks up at Big Bob. Can two friends play now?
  10. 10. Big Bob and Little Dan run and play. Good dogs do not jump on friends.
  11. 11. Now good dogs sleep. Good night, good dogs!
  12. 12. The End