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Questionnaire results

  1. 1. Questionnaire Results Lucy Richmond
  2. 2. What is your age? 16 - 19 20 - 25 26 - 30 This shows that the majority of my audience is likely to be between the ages of 16 and 19. The audience age I am targeting is between the ages of 16 – 22 so the results I obtain from this questionnaire are from people who could possibly be part of my target audience and so I can plan my video accordingly.
  3. 3. Gender Male Female There were more female than male who completed my questionnaire. This may mean that my target audience will be predominantly female. This is not conventional of the genre of music my music video will be as indie music has a predominantly male following. There are still quite a lot of males who are part of my target audience however and so the audience wont be too different to the norm.
  4. 4. Purchasing Music Buy Illegal Download The results show that the majority of people questioned download music illegally which shows that they do not like to pay to consume music. This also means that they may be likely to watch music videos as it is a free way of music consumption.
  5. 5. Do you watch music videos? Yes No Only one person out of twenty five people who completed the questionnaire didn’t watch music videos. This shows that music videos are very popular and many people watch them.
  6. 6. How you watch music videos YouTube TV From the results obtained, it seems that people watch music videos on TV as much as they watch them on YouTube, the results were pretty much equal. This shows that one platform is not really more popular than another. People consume music videos in a variety of ways.
  7. 7. Favourite genre of music Indie Pop Rnb Rock Country According to the results obtained, the most popular genre of music was indie music. This is good as the song I’m doing is an indie song and if the people who completed the questionnaire are part of my target audience, then they might light the song and video.
  8. 8. Favourite Type of Video Narrative Performance Abstract Most people questioned said that narrative videos are their favourite type of music video. This is good as my music video is a narrative type and so this audience may enjoy my video.
  9. 9. Social Networking Websites Used Facebook Twitter Instagram Other None Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social networking sites used according to this questionnaire. Many artists use these websites to promote their music videos and so many people can hear about or get access to music videos through these websites, hearing about it from the artist first. There are hardly any people who were questioned who don’t use social networking websites which shows that they can be a popular way to promote a music video.
  10. 10. Do you go to gigs? Yes No Most people questioned go to gigs which shows that they enjoy seeing their favourite artist live. It also shows that they like to see artist performing their songs and so may like to watch music videos and so see the artists performing.
  11. 11. Do you prefer to watch videos or just listen to the song Watch Videos Listen to Song Most people questioned prefer to watch videos than just listen to the songs. This shows that music videos are popular and many people enjoy seeing artists and bands performing their songs in a video rather than just hearing them. Therefore, according to my results, my target audience may enjoy watching music videos and so may enjoy my music video.