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In 21st century all are health conscious and want a fit and healthy lifestyle. To have a fit lifestyle one needs replacement in there morning meal or evening meal, here is a healthy snack Shakeology- a good replacement therapy. Transformation happens because of intake of irregular food or other nutrient ions. But with Shakeology one can feel definitely great difference in their body in respect of their diet. There are many consumers who have already used the product and they see changes happening in their life.
“ABS are made in Kitchen” it’s a famous proverb which says that 80% of your body results are from nutrition and 20%it is workout. Shakeology is complete nutrition therapy that has an immense effect on weight loss then any exercise we do. Whatever meals we eat in our whole day at some point of time your mind should focus to have fruits and vegetables included in your meals. For this Shakeology is the best option which is a natural drink with the consumption of it you can recover all your loss diets and it will also help you in increasing your metabolism power.
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Buy shakeology

  1. 1. #SweatGram App #SweatGram Feed by GramFeed #Beachbody #Shakeology #UltimateReset AF Tracker Search... - Military Beachbody CoachMilitary Beachbody CoachIf you are an active duty service member like myself then youknow that staying in shape is important for many reasons fromyour career progression to just simply staying fit to fight fordeployments, during deployments or just for some personal goalsyou want to reach. We have all seen that crusty E-7 that letsthemselves go, well dont be that guy! Get your ass in gear todayand pick a workout that you can follow through on and changeyour life. You are a leader in your domain now take your PT to thenext level and be a leader in the fitness world and make somemoney while you do… converted by
  2. 2. Beachbody LLC, not only helps transform lives with their fitnessplans, they fully support the troops! No matter what branch of theservice you are in. Soldiers, Airman, Seamen and CoastGaurdsman alike can all take advantage of the opportunitythat Beachbody is giving military members and or militaryspouses a one of a kind opportunity to start your own businessand a chance to save money while you get in the greatest shapeof your life! Beachbody’s mission is to decide commit andsucceed. They allow you to do that by workouts and a strongcommunity of like minded individuals trying to reach their goalsby changing their life. To make the pot even sweeter Beachbodyis honoring us as Active duty Military with a special offer thatis provides a unique way to stay fit to fight and build a businessaround it. I am going to cover everything you need to know in thispost so check it out and if you still have questions just let meknow and I will get you squared away. You can find me on twitterall the time @JulioMedina2012All active duty military members can take advantage ofthis program and become Military Beachbody coaches nomatter what branch of service you are in. Militaryspouses are also eligible.What can the Free Team Beachbody Military Program do forme? Earn extra money by recommending great products like P90X, Insanity, P90X2, Insanity: Asylum, Shakeology, Supplements etc.. Save 25% off Beachbody products that you’ll never find at a local store! Provide you with a strong motivation to stay Fit To Fight Give you a great reason to stay accountable and ensure you are within fitness regulation standards. Beachbody now ships to APO/FPO addresses, so you can help provide our deployed brothers and sisters with the best quality products available as they are down range and working out.This is a great business opportunity for military families becauseit’s risk free since you don’t even have to pay…The best part is that you can make extra money with the TeamBeachbody fitness business opportunity or simply save 25% onBeachbody workouts, nutrition supplements, and other offers…The only difference between a Military Team Beachbody Coachand a “Regular” Team Beachbody Coach is that the Active Military converted by
  3. 3. member does not have to pay for a Business Starter Kit($39.95+tax) or the monthly fee ($14.95) during their duration asa active military member!Plus, Beachbody now ships to APO/FPO addresses!And this offer is also extended to your spouse! (Your spouse mayenroll as an Independent Team Beachbody Coach to takeadvantage of this amazing deal if you, the active Military member,do not want to.How do I take advantage of the FreeBeachbody Military Coach Program?You have two main options when signing up as a TeamBeachbody Coach, both having their own pros and cons muchlike everything in the military.Here’s my info that you will need under the Sponsor InformationName: Julio MedinaID Number: 164634Screen Name: JulioMedinaPhone: 508-360-0019Email: JulioMedina [at] beachbodycoach [.] comOption 1: Print Out Your Beachbody Military CoachApplication Form (click here) 1. Download your complete Beachbody Military Application. 2. Fill out the Coach Application form found in the Application (type in or print out). 3. On this form select a Challenge Pack to save on a great Beachbody workout, Shakeology, and on the Team Beachbody Club…. or check off on the $39.95 Game Plan Tools Kit & Business Essentials Starter Program Only. 4. Submit your Application with the Team Beachbody Coach Application: Fax Cover Sheet (1 page), your completed Coach Application (2 pages), and a Copy of your Active Duty Orders or any suitable verification of your status, such as a copy of your military ID or your BIR, to our Coach Relations team for further review and processing at 213-201-7225 or send a scan version of your application to*Credit card info isn’t required if you’re only getting the$39.95 package. Coach Relations will contact you shouldthey have any questions.)**The Fax Cover Sheet refers to “Starter Packs”, as ofNovember 2011, these “Starter Packs” have beenreplaced with “Challenge Packs”.On average Option 1 can take up to 3 business days to complete.But it’s the easiest method since you don’t have to enter in anypayment method at all.Option 2: Become a Coach Online 1. Start your Online Coach Application. 2. Select items you want during sign up. There are currently great Challenge Packs to help you save on workouts, save on Shakeology, and a trail membership to Team Beachbody Club. Find one that interests you to start your business right (optional). 3. Complete enrollment and pay the $39.95 sign up fee or the price for the Challenge Pack if you choose one. The $39.95 sign up fee includes your Game Plan Tools Kit & Business Essentials Starter Program. Beachbody will send you a welcome email when you are done. converted by
  4. 4. 4. Scan a copy of your military ID card or a copy of your orders and send it to (or fax to 213-201-7225) saying you signed up as a coach and that you are a active duty military. Make sure to use the email you used to sign up as a Coach and complete this step right away. 5. Beachbody will then credit back the $39.95 sign up fee and waive the $14.95 a month fee. Feel free to call them at 800- 240-0913 to confirm. (Note: You do not get credit back for any Challenge Pack you may have purchased. A Challenge Pack is different than the $39.95 sign up fee.)Option 2 gets you enrolled right away but you will have to pay the$39.95 and then get it refunded back to you. You’ll still need tosend proof that you’re Active Military by email or fax.Both options will get you or your spouse signed up into the TeamBeachbody Military Coach fitness business opportunity.What if I do not want to sell anything as aBeachbody affiliate?Tons of Beachbody Coaches join simply to save 25% on theamazing Beachbody products with the coach discount.Beachbody only produces the best workout programs,supplements, and of course offer community support.basically,you don’t have to sell or sign anyone up else to become a Coachyourself. Take advantage of the 25% discount.If I just want to workout using beachbodyworkouts Should I be a Beachbody MilitaryCoach?Why now? Being active duty myself I recommend all active dutyArmy, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, or Coast Guard who arethinking about buying P90X, Insanity, or any supplements to signup as a Beachbody Coach to take advantage of the 25%discount. It’s there to reward you for your service to the country.Plus, wouldn’t you like to save some money?Do I qualify to become a Free ActiveMilitary Team Beachbody Coach?If you or your spouse are Active Duty in the Army, Navy, MarineCorps, Air Force, or Coast Guard then you qualify! If you want thefree Military 25% off Beachbody products, then download yourcomplete Beachbody Military Application and begin if you’rethinking about becoming a Team Beachbody Coach for thefitness business opportunity then I would like to go over a fewqualifications…Working out is for EVERYONE, MLM is not. It requires work andnetworking. While you may be ‘qualified’ it will take a little morethan eligibility to be successful. Here is who I would LOVE to workwith… Someone with a burning desire to run their own profit- producing beachbody coach business. Someone who is, AT MINIMUM, seriously looking to making $5,000 or more a month in residual Income. Someone who is thirsty for success and who is committed to growing their business. Someone who is a action taker. In business, talk is cheap. Someone who is enthusiastic, determined, passionate, coachable, teachable, trainable, and whose dreams and desires, are worthy enough for you to step out and align yourself with success. Someone who is a TEAM Player. We can only succeed when we work together. Someone who is willing to commit the next two years of converted by
  5. 5. their life towards accomplishing their goals and dreams as a team beachbody coach. As mentioned before, this business will take some work. It’s not a get rich scheme.I am ready to fully commit to your success as an physically fitmilitary leader and business owner, are you? Let’s end the worldof obesity and lets help our brothers and sisters and arms thatneed that extra push to take their fitness to the next level.I not only want to teach you the business but help you grow as aperson because it doesn’t matter how much money you make ifyou don’t also learn to enjoy your success, not to mention thereward of seeing people change for the better. We all havedifferent experiences to offer, I hope to learn from you as much Ican teach you. It’s the same with all military members, we havedifferent strengths and weakness. We can all learn we can allhelp. Let’s do it. If you’re ready to reach your life goals with theTeam Beachbody Coaching Opportunity, then download yourBeachbody Active Military app below…Chances are you already thought of a few people…The greatest favor you can do for anyone is to help them achievetheir goals.Don’t wait for tomorrow, download your Free BeachbodyCoaching for Active Military application.Lets help our fellow brothers in arms get in the best shape of theirlives, stay fit to fight and make extra money for their families!I look forward to working with you as a coach! We get the chanceto help and have fun sharing fitness with other military families… It doesn’t matter if they’re in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, or Coast Guard. Any one of them can join the Beachbody affiliate program for FREE! Can you think of anyone else how would love to join the Beachbody Coach Military program for free? Can you think of anyone who would love to make some extra money during their free time? Can you think of anyone that would love to get fit or improve their health?What are some benefits to joining theBeachbody Military Coaching Opportunity? Besides saving 25% on everything that Beachbody has to offer, which you won’t find in any stores, there are other great benefits… You’ll get the chance to earn additional income that will help you transition into civilian life, to help out with bills, or to have some fun money. No sign up fee or monthly fee No inventory to carry No sales quotas No contracts to sign No commute No billing, returns, shipping or customer service No fitness, nutrition experience or certifications needed You Set your own hours You can turn your weight loss and/or passion for fitness into profit! With some work, you’ll build a financially free future! converted by
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