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Visual literacy


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Visual literacy

  1. 1. How to use digital visuals with students to visual literacy literacy in storybooks:
  2. 2. what is visual literacy? Press Here by HervéTullet, is a delightful book to recommend to parents of the big yellow dot does make the book change, and that opens the door to between parent and child—verbal interactions that will enhance early langu And the simple sentences make it easy for prereaders to begin to understa orientation of printed words in English. Young patrons familiar with the play Balancing Act by Ellen Stoll Walsh. There’s a lot to look at and talk about in mice on a teeter-totter. on the importance of visual literacy
  3. 3. Website for a variety of videos to support visual literacy teaching in a variety ofcurriculum areas Shrock on how to create visual presentation for teachers and students