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CNISP - Platform Introduction 071511pks

  1. 1. Title style text here Leverage the Power of the Cloud™Subtitle style Cloud-Based Network Infrastructure & Security PlatformLeverage The Power The Cloud Confidential 1.866.462.7638
  2. 2. ClearPath OverviewBackground ClearPath delivers cloud based network infrastructure application as a service (continuity, QoS, security, management & monitoring) on its patented platform to over 3,000 companies in 60 countries ClearPath was founded in 2002 and launched its cloud based network security as a service platform in 2004, offering our platform to xSP’s who leverage the cloud to deliver value added services and improved customer experience.Leverage The Power Of The Cloud ™ Confidential
  3. 3. The Problem We SolveKey Demand Drivers – SME and Distributed Enterprise Pain: Lack of Resources  Cause: Understaffed or non-existent in-house IT personnel Pain: Lack of Expertise  Cause: Lack of resources to manage IT infrastructure Consultants 15% Pain: Increased Business Risk  Cause: Sharing & exposing more data over the public networks Pain: No Capital for Network Infrastructure  Cause: Insufficient headcount at locations to achieve acceptable ROI Single or Part Time IT Staff 25%Leverage The Power Of The Cloud ™ Confidential
  4. 4. How We Do ItCritical Success FactorsSolution: Automation Plug and Play deployment required for low touch support Self-healing capability required to minimize support costSolution: Pre-Integration End to end solutions provide more visibility and control Integration projects are cost prohibitiveSolution: Comprehensive Functionality Must address all the network infrastructure requirements: connectivity, management and securitySolution: Easy to Manage Infrastructure must be manageable by anyone in the value chain ClearPath Technology Bridges the Affordability GapLeverage The Power Of The Cloud ™ CONFIDENTIAL Confidential
  5. 5. Go to Market StrategyPartner Enablement “Network Service Providers can increase market differentiation and brand loyalty by deploying a Cloud Network Service platform that enables them to efficiently deliver valuable services bundled with their core data service offerings”  Managed Network Services  Managed Security Services  Bundled Service Monitoring  Channel Based Service ManagementLeverage The Power Of The Cloud ™ Confidential
  6. 6. ClearPath Cloud Platform OverviewPlatform Components Service Automation Remote Monitoring Integrated Web Portal Dashboard & Management Service Ordering Centralized Monitoring Automated Provisioning Device Element Monitoring Cloud based Remote Activation Application Traffic Monitoring Work-in Process Management Remote Advanced Reporting with Configuration Management Monitoring & Proactive Notification Integrated Reporting 24x7 Help Desk Management Remote Management SNMP & Syslog Trap Collection Trouble Ticketing Service Real time event logging Network Automation Infrastructure Integrated Integrated Security Security AV/IDS/IPS Network Infrastructure Firewall Load Balancing & Fail-over Site to Site VPN Managed Router Remote Access VPN 802.11G LAN Wireless Content Filtering Remote Access Server Intrusion Detection & Prevention Integrated Switching ADSL, T1 & 3G Connectivity Managed NAT/PAT, LAN DHCP, WAN QoSLeverage The Power Of The Cloud ™ Confidential
  7. 7. Leverage the Power of the CloudClearPath Bridges the Affordability Gap  Allows non technical users to self service technical tasks  Delivers a self-healing environment without user intervention  Integrates disparate hardware, software and network elements all managed from a single pane of glass without infrastructure deployed at site  Automates the service delivery process (ordering, provisioning, configuration, support) at predictable costs  Provides centralized web based visibility into all events that occur on the network across all accounts  Simplifies the maintenance of configuration, firmware updates and asset management  Enables proactive management of network services to anyone in the supply chain (multi-tenant)  Single web based console dashboard to aggregate service delivery, security, infrastructure, remote monitoring and management for all accountsLeverage The Power Of The Cloud ™ Confidential
  8. 8. Support Every User from Anywhere Integrated Security as a Service Platform Mobile Client Mobile User Branch Office Gateway appliance or Virtual Appliance Cloud based Security as a Service for the entire Gateway appliance enterprise from everywhere - OR • Office gateway • HQ • Branch office • Home user HQ Gateway ClearPath Hosted Service Provider • Telecommuter • Mobile user • Telephone Virtual • Tablet Appliance • Datacenter • Customer Hosted Applications Advanced Reports On Demand Software Client Gateway appliance Proactive Notification with Home User Telecommuter Customizable ThresholdsLeverage The Power Of The Cloud ™ Confidential
  9. 9. ClearPath System ArchitectureBack-end Infrastructure Highlights • High Availability • High Performance • Horizontal Scalability • Centralized Configuration Management • Centralized Event Data Collection Platform Details • Linux/Unix hybrid systems • Microsoft .NET web portal • Postgres / MsSQL databases • Web Services API for Partner Integration • Global Load Balancing between Data Centers • Global Data Replication ensuring synchronization of environmentLeverage The Power Of The Cloud ™ Confidential
  10. 10. Support Every User from AnywhereComprehensive Deployment OptionsLeverage The Power Of The Cloud ™ Confidential
  11. 11. Value Proposition Summary Automated and Scalable Delivery  Automating processes (ordering, provisioning, management) provides and scalable “silver-bullet” solution Trojan Horse for Up-Sell/Cross-Sell of Other Products and Services  As SMEs grow, CNISP provides the platform to deliver application, products and services  By providing the VAS environment DT will be in a prime position to increase revenues from small business users in its footprint Attractive Economic Model  Bridges affordability gap enabling new revenues into previously underserved SMEs  Resale margins well in excess of traditional managed services  Increases customer stickiness Flexible and Affordable – Fits Any Network Topology and Customer Budget  Access agnostic, globally deployable across heterogeneous access providers Enables High Volume Deployment/Delivery of Managed Services  Hierarchical management and automation simplifies deployment and management of customers and partners  Scalable solution architecture permits unlimited growth  Services can be sold and supported via providers call center Adds Value to Business Partner Relationships  Offers recurring revenue model and high resale margins  Permits partners to wrap around value added services  Facilitates management of thousands of customers and partners Highly Differentiated OfferingLeverage The Power Of The Cloud ™ Confidential
  12. 12. Service Provider Program Benefits Quick time to market Predictable margins No infrastructure investment No network integration ClearPath Hosted Turn-key service delivery On demand service provisioning Reduced customer churn Improved sales conversion rates Improved contract values & margins Improved Partner retention and shareLeverage The Power Of The Cloud ™ Confidential
  13. 13. ScreenshotsLeverage The Power Of The Cloud ™ Confidential