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Expasyltriedtrue dpr-2.08


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Expasyltriedtrue dpr-2.08

  1. 1. DPS Jan-Feb 08 Tried & True and Corp 1/23/08 12:22 PM Page 102 TRIED & TRUE PRODUCTS Expasyl Because of the minimal amount of pressure required when applying Expasyl, the risk of rupturing the epithelium attachment is greatly reduced and patient comfort is increased. R estorative dentistry inherently presents obtaining a great impression is clear, well-defined many challenges for the cosmetic dentist. marginal detail. Inherent to obtaining the necessary Most of the time, the focus is on how seam- marginal detail in an impression is the management lessly a restoration blends with natural dentition or of soft tissue. Sufficient gingival retraction is required whether the final look meets the expectations of the to capture subgingival detail as well as the relation- patient. With all the attention on the cosmetic look ship between hard and soft tissue within the final of indirect restorations, fit and tissue management impression.1 A high-quality impression that provides can be overlooked. If a restoration comes back the necessary marginal detail is not only required for from the lab and looks great on the model, it is not good fit, but also for optimal esthetic results.2 a guarantee that it will fit perfectly and look beau- Gingival retraction was traditionally managed tiful in the mouth. with retraction cord to expose the margins of a preparation; however, there was still the issue of Making a Good Impression managing a clean, dry field to ensure the best detail Virtually every dentist will agree that one of the in the impression as well as the issue of carefully keys to receiving an ideal restoration from a lab is a managing delicate soft tissue. Dentists now have a great impression, and that a significant factor for selection of methods available to provide gingival 102 Dental Product Shopper
  2. 2. DPS Jan-Feb 08 Tried & True and Corp 1/23/08 12:22 PM Page 103 TRIED & TRUE PRODUCTS retraction, including Expasyl, a hemo- the second cord placement.1 um model that was published in the static paste with a clay-like consistency The high viscosity of Expasyl com- International Journal of Endodontics, that provides the versatility of effective bined with the clay-like consistency of it was found that Expasyl alone or in retraction combined with a proven the material, displaces gingival tissue combination with Statis was the most hemostatic agent, aluminum chloride. through increasing mechanical pressure efficient of the tested agents in control- Healthy gingival tissue is essential as it is correctly dispensed directly into ling bleeding in bony defects.4 for effective and productive restorative the sulcus of the tooth or teeth to be dentistry not only to ensure that esthet- restored.3 Many clinicians prefer to fur- Safe Delivery ics are optimized, but also to ensure ther improve gingival retraction by hav- The Expasyl Temporary Gingival adequate control of bleeding and fluids ing patients gently occlude on cotton Retraction System consists of capsules during the impression and cementation applicator caps for a few minutes to with 1 g of material each, applicator phases of the treatment. The restorative assist in the physical displacement of tips, and an applicator gun. The materi- process is traumatic to even healthy soft the sulcus laterally.1 Patient comfort is al is dispensed directly into the sulcus, tissue, so it is essential that any peri- of significant concern during the retrac- left for 2 minutes, and then rinsed, leav- odontal issues a patient may have are tion process and Expasyl succeeds with ing behind a dry field and retracted gin- effectively managed before restorative maintaining a level of comfort even gival tissue. The method of delivery is treatment begins.3 It is important that when this bite technique is used. one of the things that makes Expasyl not gingival tissue is treated gently and with only an effective and efficient material to minimal trauma to ensure not only use, it also makes it a safer material for patient comfort, but also quick healing This versatile material the gentle treatment of thin or delicate and a great final esthetic result. Expasyl can be used as a gingival tissue as retraction is achieved is extruded with a syringe rather than substitute for with minimal pressure applied directly pressed into the sulcus. As a result, it is to soft tissue.—Monica Roy-Smith retraction cord or not only very gentle, but also minimizes the danger of rupturing the epithelial used in conjunction References contact.2 The material is left to sit for a with retraction cord. 1. Cranham JC. Tips from the lab: predictable impressioning. Dental Equipment and Materials. few minutes and then is rinsed away 2003:46-48. 2. Ho CC. Making great impressions: a fast, safe with water and the preparation site is Ideal not only for ensuring a well- and simple retraction technique using Expasyl. dried before the impression is taken. defined margin and a clean, dry field Australasian Dental Practice. 2007:2-6. for impressions, Expasyl is also highly 3. Shannon A. Expanded clinical uses of a novel tis- sue-retraction material. Compend Contin Educ Expasyl: 7 Years of Success recommended for quick, easy, and gen- Dent. 2002;23(1 Suppl):3-6. Launched to the dental market in tle retraction during the placement of a 4. von Arx T, Jensen SS, Hänni S, et al. Haemo- static agents used in periradicular surgery: an 2000, Expasyl now has 7 years of suc- prosthetic. For many dentists, Expasyl experimental study of their efficacy and tissue cessful clinical history with numerous has replaced retraction cord altogether reactions. Int Endod J. 2006;39:800-808. clinical and continuing education arti- because of its ease of use and clinical cles published on its effective use. This success. Expasyl versatile material can be used as a sub- Kerr Corporation stitute for retraction cord or used in Hemostatic Effect a division of Sybron Dental Specialties conjunction with retraction cord. When When excessive bleeding needs to be 1717 West Collins deeper retraction is required, a double- controlled, Expasyl can be applied for Orange, CA 92867 800.537.7123 cord technique is typically used; howev- an initial hemostatic effect and then er, the benefits of using Expasyl can still additional material placed for retrac- Reader Service 164 be obtained when it is used to replace tion.2 In a study using a rabbit calvari- Vol. 2 No. 1 Dental Product Shopper 103