CCDN 231 Project 2 | sensory emotional experiment


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project 2 of the toilet series

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  • Taking the toilet experience back to the most basic elements. The rusty bucket denotes the most rudimentary equipment possible. The reading experience combines the image of the bucket with the spare, recycled texture of the paper. This is a limited experience.
  • The bucket, the font, the paper embody austerity.
  • 4. Priority for comfort in toilets – security. One must feel secure in the knowledge that they have the space to themselves and free from the risk of interruption.
  • 5. Comfort is often invoked by soft and cuddly fur. Is it relevant to the toilet? It could be – a toilet seat could be rendered highly comfortable by a furry cover. This could come at the expense of the third priority...
  • 6. Guaranteed freshness and cleanliness. A freshly cleaned toilet is reassuring and therefore comforting.
  • 8. The three main elements of a comfortable toilet experience combine in the form of reading material designed specifically for the bathroom. The sight of fur and a lock sealed in a specially labelled hygienic zip-lock bag is intended to reassure its user as they experience reading in the toilet in a new way.
  • A magazine devoted to making its reader feel like the toilet is the most glamorous venue. The subject matter must serve only two functions: to be related to toilets and be glamorous. The reader must feel as though reading this renders the experience of going to the toilet more thrilling and attractive. A cover promoting the features of the week was produced, as well as three full page advertisements forming a full outer cover that replaced the real cover...
  • The appropriation of a magazine brand known to revere the perceived glamour of celebrity lives. Celebrities are photographed using the toilet.
  • Banal statements are twisted to fit the glamorous toilet brief... This statement was originally ‘going out on the red carpet is still one of my favourite things’. This full page ad was used to promote the advantage of wearing (high-end branded) pull-up stockings when using the toilet.
  • Pedestrian air freshener brand becomes edgy and glamorous by combining this publicity and its logo with a known actress positioned on a toilet in a way that suggests she is so far removed from the everyday existence that her very bodily functions smell of flowers, fields and grass...
  • ...
  • Famous actress/luxury brand promotional partnership sees said luxury brand evolve into...
  • ...a sentence that reads (in French, of course) ‘I adore toilet paper’ – the background is an image of toilet paper and the golden water suggests a subliminal message about the reality of why we use ‘papier toilette’.
  • CCDN 231 Project 2 | sensory emotional experiment

    1. 1. ccdn 231 project 2 sensory/emotional experiment
    2. 2. Austerity
    3. 3. Austerity
    4. 4. comfort
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    8. 8. comfort
    9. 9. glamour
    10. 10. glamour
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    16. 16. helen williams 300 153 726 victoria university wellington tutor: kath foster