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Intervista a lucio ferrara eng

  1. 1. Vendita Online Pantaloni Pantaloni Griffati con Sconti fino al 70%. Iscriviti Gratis a BuyVip! Italy Wedding Photography Creative reportage, fashion & fine art photo & video in Italy & Europe Nuove Collezioni 2011 Scopri online i nuovi arrivi su Leam - Luxury Shopping Online Articles Reviews Events Artists Lessons Gallery New York MorePRESS : Paul Simon and Wynton Marsalis al Jazz at Lincoln Center in Aprile I like 17 Interview with Lucio Ferrara June 2011 Alceste AyroldiPuglia, Bologna, Rome, New York, all places that you have had - or still have - a special role: to whom you are closest to?At each site are linked for several reasons. Puglia is my region, the place where I was born and raised. I moved to Bologna to study at university andthere I was trained musically. Rome is the city where I live now. New York is the city of my dreams, I go at least once a year and I stop for a fewmonths.Are you a self-taught, but youre a professor and director of seminars. With hindsight, therefore, believe that it is important to study jazz?What I like to do is give my contribution to the growth of the knowledge of this music. In all theseminars in which they are involved there are teachers who are first of all musicians who are ableto inspire students, focusing particularly on the swing, interplay, respect for tradition and theimportance of listening , directing them to the understanding of jazz music and its exponents. Inthis direction I think it is important to study jazz.Your beginnings are linked to Brazilian music: how did this passion? Today you have set aside atall?Besides New York, Rio de Janeiro has always had an influence on me, I love Brazilian composers,from Jobim to Gismonti, I love the classic samba, choro until Paulinho da Viola. After my trip toRio de Janeiro I was a little away from the kind dedicated entirely to jazz. I hope soon to record aCD of this repertoire.When you "love" of jazz music? What was the first song you heard?The first song I heard and I was forever marked "In Your Own Sweet Way" played by Wes Montgomery. Then there was a void, you know I lived in avillage where it was not easy to find material and fans to listen to, until I arrived in Bologna where I started listening to Miles and Coltrane, WesMontgomerys records with Shearing.Who are your guitar of reference? And what is the artist with whom youd want to collaborate?I listened to all guitarists, from the great contemporary. I have already spoken of Wes Montgomery. In fact, many guitar players do not listen. WhenI listen to my attention is directed to the swing, are more interested in the music instrument. Id like to play with many musicians, a few of my idol,I was lucky enough to sound like Lee Konitz (see the about the last disc of Ferrara, Its All Right With Me, published by the Tuscia in Jazz Rec, whichis discussed below).Are you also a director of seminars Orsara Music and the festivals artistic director and conductor of workshops Tuscia in Jazz and La Spezia. Wantto talk about these experiences, these activities?The seminars were born Orsara my proposal with the crucial support of Orsara Music Festival, which organizes the longest twenty-three years inApulia. After a year as an experiment we decided to continue and together with Antonio Ciacca we brought musicians like Lee Konitz , BennyGolson, Steve Grossman, but Wes Anderson, Billy Harper and Bergonzi this year. We arrived in the eighth edition. With Tuscia in Jazz and, thisyear, with La Spezia Jazz, of which I am the director of the seminars, there is a special feeling because the atmosphere is similar to that of Orsara;with the Artistic Director Italo Leali we are perfect tune from the choice of style and art teachers and the way in which one of jazz education, suchas enhancing young talent.
  2. 2. as enhancing young talent.In your artistic life seems to have been of great importance your meeting with Antonio Ciacca: would you talk about?With Antonio we have grown musically together, listening to the same music and we started playing togethertwenty years ago. There is an interplay that is reached only after years. Antonio has always believed in meand has always supported and encouraged. As soon as there is a chance we play together with his band, alsobecause they are always fantastic. Anthony, among other qualities, has the ability to play the band as they dojust a little how did the Great Miles."Its All Right With Me" is your last record, with the participation of Lee Konitz. How did this match?Lee Konitz is one of my favorite improvisers. He plays by ear, "risk" when everything suddenly. Im going tofind almost every time I go to New York. We played together when we were in Sorrento for a concert I askedLee how do you never play a pattern or licks. And Lee said to me simply because I do not play licks littlememory, thats it!Given the excellent experience of your teacher, how would you rate the level of preparedness of young jazzmusicians?The preparation is excellent in my opinion, the level is very high. But perhaps they are too fast and skip somesteps.What tips from - or would you - to a young musician?Listening to the great masters, study, respect, humility and professionalism.And, again by virtue of your experience, what rating the current jazz scene is Italian, and European and, later, the U.S.?As I said before, preparation is high in Italy and in the U.S., Americans are professional musicians, playing deeply love, know and respect the historyof jazz. Musicians upload basses and amps in meters, starting from Brooklyn or Queens to get only a couple of songs in a jam. In Italy, manymusicians are too focused in trying to do something original at all costs, forgetting that sometimes you just do little and swing to make great music,but fortunately there are excellent musicians. Id like that in Italy there was more courage to play music that does not fill the theaters.Who are they, in your opinion, todays most interesting musicians? And why?There are so many interesting musicians in Italy and abroad, and not all are known as they should. Many Americans do not get talent in Italy. I thinkRyan or Bill Charlap Kisoro or Joe Cohn. In Italy there are good musicians, Dado Moroni , John Amato, Andrea Pozza , with whom I had the goodfortune to play occasionally, Nicola Angelucci and Luke Mannutza who have played in my last CD. If we look around I think, therefore, that the Jazznow enjoys excellent health, In my last U.S. tour I played with musicians very "interesting" like Lew Tabackin, Joe Magnarelli, Rodney Green, PaulGill, John Webber and Joe Farnsworth, Andy Farber, Ben Wolfe, along with Antonio Ciacca that was the glue and many other talents.What are your future plans?I intend to spend much more time in New York to develop and learn better the true nature of jazz. Being more and more essential, direct and notlose the love for this music with the help of festivals and clubs with the hope that they rely a bit more to quality than to the success of ticket sales.Your current playlist ...Prelude to a Kiss Strayhorn. Songs like: Ill Be Seeing You or Who Can I Turn To, Poor Butterfly. Something Monk never fails, Ligia Jobims originals ......