Roadtrip forever TAC Victoria MArketingCampaign interview


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Online Circle Digital goes behind the scenes with Angus Stevens, Creative Director at SCA, in a exclusive interview about TAC Victoria Campaign - Roadtrip Forever.

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Roadtrip forever TAC Victoria MArketingCampaign interview

  1. 1. & ASouthern Cross Austereo &Online Circle Digitalon the social media campaign“Roadtrip Forever”
  2. 2. Online Circle Digitalgoes behind the scenes with AngusStevens, Creative Director Vision Salesat SCA, in an exclusive interview aboutRoadtrip Forever.READ HOW IT WENT DOWN
  3. 3. Online Circle:STOPONLYAngus Stevens:TAC were looking for new and innovative ways to reach youngadults. We saw a huge opportunity to reach this core group byintegrating their personal data into the narrative of the film, tomaximise the impact of the key message.1. Why did you decide to use social media for this campaign?We wanted to create a genuine conversation where our targetdemo directly bought into the idea, related to the story andunprompted, chose to share it with their friends.
  4. 4. Online Circle:Angus Stevens:It’s had a positive response. The social media strategy ofdiscovery, word of mouth referral and unpaid celeb Twittersupport, was combined to drive traffic to the site.This approach has resulted in over 60% of users arriving viareferrals, the site duration averaging over four minutes per userand the conversations on Twitter and Facebook driven by thetarget demo reflecting the road safety message that is the coreobjective of the campaign.2. How has it performed so far?This social media campaign from@SCrossAustereo is innovative andbrilliant. Watch. roadtripforever.comMia Freedman@MiaFreedman
  5. 5. Online Circle:Angus Stevens:The inspiration behind the campaign was twofold. Firstly the painof reading RIP messages left on the Facebook wall of friendswho’d passed away. How do you capture that moment in amanner that would be genuine and relatable for our audience…without feeling heavy handed or alienating your audience?Secondly borne out of TAC’s research which highlighted thatyoung adults would rather die than hurt or kill their best friend.Using these insights we created a realistic scenario that broughtto life their worst fears.3. What was your inspiration behind this campaign?
  6. 6. Online Circle:STOPONLYAngus Stevens:It’s unique to TAC as it’s not a traditional TVC that is presentedto the audience through traditional media. Instead it’s aconversation with the audience – where the user is an activeparticipant in the creation of the content that they view. In turnthey become an advocate of the message through the ease withwhich they can share the message with their own social mediacommunity.4. How do you think this differs from all other TAC campaigns?
  7. 7. Online Circle:STOPONLYAngus Stevens:5. What were your objectives for this campaign?The core objective of this campaign is to change the drivingbehaviour of Victorians aged 18-24. Distraction is an importantroad safety issue that needed to be addressed for young women,particularly the use of mobile phones whilst driving. For men it’smore about speeding.The two webfilms produced for Roadtrip Forever and the roadsafety message embedded within these clips incorporatesFacebook data to personalize and heighten this message, therebycreating a lasting impression on the user and hopefully altertheir driving behaviour.
  8. 8. Online Circle:STOPONLYAngus Stevens:From the initial concept being pitched through to going live onthe site this was 14 months in the making.6. How long did this campaign take to execute?
  9. 9. Online Circle:STOPONLYAngus Stevens:Based on the insight that the TAC were looking for new ways toreach young adults, Roadtrip Forever was created.7. What was the original brief from TAC?
  10. 10. Online Circle:STOPONLYAngus Stevens:As of today (22 March), seven people aged between 18-25years have died on Victorian roads this year.In terms of comparative road fatality statistics between theAustralian states, this website has a database to generate stats,but it only has year-on-year stats, not year-to-date.8. What is the current death toll for young drivers? In which state is the death toll for young drivers highest?
  11. 11. Online Circle:STOPONLYAngus Stevens:At a minimum it will be available for the remainder of 2013.9. Is Roadtrip Forever a permanent social media application? If not, how long will it be available for?
  12. 12. Online Circle:STOPONLYAngus Stevens:Since launch we’ve had an incredible response for RoadtripForever as evidenced by the social traction and the commentswe’ve seen. The quality of the experience for each individualuser is also uniquely high with an average duration of over fourminutes per user. With over 30,000 views in the initial word-of-mouth phase we couldn’t be happier with the results thus far.10. How many people have used it so far?
  13. 13. Online Circle:STOPONLYAngus Stevens:Give yourself time. Time to plan, time to nail production, timeto test, and time to observe the users’ response so you canensure that their conversations and reactions are visible to asmany people as possible.11. What is the greatest tip you can impart to social media managers based on your learnings from this project?
  14. 14. View the full campaign