Asx and Social media - The What, Why and How


Published on presentation about Social Media monitoring for public listed companies. The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) is the primary stock exchange in Australia. ASX's final release of Guidance Note 8 mandates social media monitoring for compliance. More on

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Asx and Social media - The What, Why and How

  1. 1. www.theonlinecircle.comSocial Media MonitoringThe what, why and how public companiesshould monitor digitalMay 2013ASX Compliance
  2. 2. www.theonlinecircle.comAs of 1st May 2013, theAustralian Securities Exchangeexpects ASX listed companies tomonitor Social Media platformsin which postings of the entityare known to been made.- extraction from ASX Guidance Note 8, released 13th March 2013
  3. 3. www.theonlinecircle.comCompetitorsEven if your company does not engage inSocial Media, these people/groups do:Employees Investors SuppliersActivistsNewsNetworksEx-EmployeesCustomersUnionsCommunity
  4. 4. www.theonlinecircle.comWithin the ASX200 Companies, there are431 Social Media Business Accounts*:14%41% 81%39%41%?How many employee accounts arethere in addition to this??These are just figures for Officialaccounts, there are also ‘pirate’ &dormant accounts.*Figures as per 2012 by BRR Media
  5. 5. www.theonlinecircle.comOf 50 Business & Financial Journalistssurveyed*, 6 in 7 use Social Media for work:*Data as per 2013 by Australian Business & FinancialJournalists Social Media 2013 Report FTI Consulting
  6. 6. www.theonlinecircle.comIt is imperative that companieskeep a close eye on conversationsand news that breaks on socialmedia which relates to theircompany and industry.
  7. 7.“Some companies avoid socialmedia like the plague, but oncethe plague hits, social media isthe 1st place they turn to forengagement and that onlymagnifies the disaster.”- Journalist quote from the Australian Business & Financial Journalists Social Media Survey 2013by FTI Consulting
  8. 8. www.theonlinecircle.comThe risks of not monitoring Social Media:• The Spread of Rumours• Twitter and Facebook Hacks• Trade Secrets• Counterfeit• Market Manipulation• Presentation of False Markets• Organisation & Brand Reputation Exposure• Class Action Lawsuits
  9. 9. www.theonlinecircle.comQuestions Directors & Company Secretariesshould be asking:• Is Social Media being monitored 24/7?• Who is monitoring Social Media?•Are they qualified to do so?•What department does this?•Which agency carries this out?• What is being monitored? Keywords, topics, platforms, people/influencers?• Is there a risk escalation plan in place?• Is there a Social Media policy in place?• Who governs the use of Social Media?• Have staff been trained on Social Media usage? Are they aware of what canand can not be said in the public sphere?
  10. 10. www.theonlinecircle.comSimilar to traditional media, in SocialMedia, the next steps are:PREPARE PROTECT PROMOTEUnderstand the newcompliance expectations& responsibilities.Ascertain the ‘who’, ‘where’& ‘what’ of monitoring.Review yourorganisation’s SocialMedia policies &escalation plan.Establish processes,inform & train thoseinvolved.Monitor what others aresaying about yourorganisation.Manage your brand andreputation for risk.Understand thecommunity, competition,and industry.Gain businessintelligence via insightsfrom the analysis tosharpen your strategy &execution.Engage with youraudience and buildstronger, more enduringrelationships.Integrate your contentacross your channels fora 360° touch pointapproach.Control theconversation anddisplay your brand’sstrength, resilience, andadaptability.
  11. 11. www.theonlinecircle.comSocial Media TrainingSocial Media PolicyPlanning & GuidelinesSocial Media CorporateGovernance StructuringIssues & Crisis RiskPlanning & ManagementSocial MediaMonitoring & AnalysisBusiness Intelligence Reportingvia Analytics & InsightsForecasting & PredictiveRisk ManagementInternet ForensicsDigital Channel &Content IntegrationSocial MediaClean-Up & AggregationSocial Media Audit1. Understand the Landscape2. Prepare & Protect3. Intelligence & Insights 4. Promotion & Engagement 5. Investigation of IssuesWhat organisations need to do: The ProcessSocial MediaEngagement
  12. 12. www.theonlinecircle.comAbout Online Circle Digital:We live in the now.Online Circle is a digital agency that understands the power of technology, itsimpact on peoples’ lives and the opportunities this rich relationship creates.The traditional space as we know it no longer exists and has been entirelypenetrated by digital.And if you take a look around, you’ll find the best organisations and brands areoften social, because humans are exactly that.We are:• Data & Strategy driven• Technologically inventive• Creatively astute• Humanity obsessed
  13. 13. www.theonlinecircle.comAbout Online Circle Digital:We provide a Securities Social Media Solution.Online Circle provides a 360° approach to your corporate needs.In addition to taking your organisation through each step of ‘The Process’ asstated before, we use tools such as Online 1984, our proprietary monitoringsystem in addition to other methods to deliver thorough monitoring.At present, Online Circle conducts monitoring of investor forums and thelike across the ASX, NASDAQ, DAX and TSE for clients in the followingindustries – Financials, Banks, Real Estate, Retailing, Automotive and FoodBeverage & Tobacco.
  14. 14. www.theonlinecircle.comOur Clients | Who we work with:
  15. 15. www.theonlinecircle.comOur Tools | Online 1984Monitor Brands and CompetitorsJust as how business risks are present in the offline world, the same appliesonline. Online Circle’s modus operandi is prepare, protect & promote – and wedo this for your organisation and brand 24/7.Online 1984 is our own powerful online tracking tool that empowersorganisations and individuals by capturing and manually reviewing, by ouronline analysts, all mentions within a community, by an individual, of abrand, product, subject, trend or competitor.Our methodology is one based on acknowledging that human aspects likephrasal nuances, slangs and colloquialisms cannot be automated, which iswhy we provide real human analysis and insights of your online presence soyou are fully informed to make the best decisions about your online
  16. 16. www.theonlinecircle.comOur Tools | Social PulseTrack Performance & ROISocial Pulse is Online Circle’s proprietary tool and response to the noisy andcluttered social media measurement world. For years companies have beenengaging time and money in social media, but they haven’t been able tocalculate the return on their investments.Social Pulse simplifies the process by translating big data and giving youwhat you need to determine your performance and ROI in social mediamarketing.Whether utilised for business strategy, investment management, contenttactics, or competitor analysis, Social Pulse is in constant evolution and builtin response and anticipation of our digital age and its development.We believe that information is beautiful; it is also business
  17. 17. www.theonlinecircle.comOnline Circle | Service Offerings
  18. 18. www.theonlinecircle.comOnline Circle | Service Offerings
  19. 19. www.theonlinecircle.comContact UsFor more information, a general chat or to receive Online Circle’s credentials,please call (+61) 3 9696 9176 or contact:RACHEL FANGAccount Director+61 406 071 509rachel.fang@theonlinecircle.comJEFF RICHARDSONCEO+61 423 694