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ADMA Forum 2010 is an unmissable event for any ambitious marketer looking to stay ahead of the competition and better their marketing performance. It's where Australia’s best multi-channel marketers gather, learn and network.

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Adma conference book part2

  1. 1. {Day TWO Conference Programme} Wednesday 28 July {KEYNOTE}SPONSORED BY {DRIVING INNOVATION THROUGH INSIGHTS AND STRATEGY} Parkside Ballroom B, Level 1 {Keynote Chair} Regan Yan Managing Director, DIGITAL ALCHEMY Regan founded Digital Alchemy in 2003, as Australia’s first dedicated Database Marketing Service Provider. Under his leadership, Digital Alchemy has grown to become Australia’s largest provider of outsourced database marketing solutions, and is the largest Unica implementer in Asia Pacific. Prior to this, Regan was CEO of Persona Asia; an infomediary aimed at delivering permission based marketing solutions to online clients. Earlier in his career, Regan was the Managing Director of Multinet, a leading company in data mining and sophisticated database marketing. Prior to joining Multinet, Regan was responsible for Customer Analytics, customer profitability system as well as introduction of analytical marketing at Westpac. Regan is a recognised subject matter expert in the area of Analytical Database Marketing and Customer Relationship Marketing, speaking regularly at Australian and international events. TIME SESSION 8.45 am Let’s Get Social: Business Justification of Social Media Olivier Blanchard, Principal and Senior Strategist, THE BRAND BUILDER 9.25 am Engaging a Mass Audience through Innovation Insights and Strategy Meaghan K. Burdick, Direct Marketing Director, OBAMA FOR AMERICA 10.05 am Leveraging Customer Attention through Customer Response Behaviour Aaron Tellier, Director – CRM Strategy, MERRILL LYNCH Follow the Twitter backchannel #admaf 85
  2. 2. {SPEAKER PROFILE} {NOTES} LET’S GET SOCIAL: BUSINESS JUSTIFICATION OF SOCIAL MEDIA Olivier Blanchard Principal and Chief Strategist, THE BRAND BUILDERAs BrandBuilder Marketing‘s Principal and SeniorStrategist, Olivier helps companies develop, build, KEY LEARNINGS: 5 KEY LEARNINGS FROM PRESENTATION:integrate, manage and measure Social Media Programs.He also helps companies manage their reputations online 1. First, understand that R.O.I. (Return on Investment) is and offline, and establish leadership in their markets. a business measurement, not a media measurement. Olivier trains company executives and project teams in all In other words, R.O.I. doesnt change whether you arematters of social media management and measurement, looking at Social Media, capital expenditures or and then helps them build and integrate effective advertising budgetsprograms into every facet of their business, from public 2. The currency of R.O.I. is neither variable nor abstract:relations, business development and market research Whatever currency was used to calculate the to human resources and customer support. Olivier investment must be the same as the currency with has 15+ years of marketing management experience. which you calculate the return. (Typically, a monetaryBroken down into specific categories: Marketing project value.) In other words, if the investment is calculated inmanagement, social media programme management, dollars, the return cannot be calculated in strategic branding, brand management, online conversations or sentiment. It must also be calculated reputation management, product launch management, in dollarsmarketing communications management, communitydevelopment, business development, and product design 3. In order to calculate the R.O.I. of Social Media, youideation experience. He has worked in government, have to be able to tie Social Media activities to some manufacturing, energy, fashion, retail, event management type of financial outcomeand business services sectors, and just spent a year 4. There is a difference between financial outcomes and learning how to help software resellers and IT shops better non-financial outcomes. (Non-financial outcomes are engage with small and mid-sized businesses in the US. not R.O.I. Financial outcomes are.)Olivier holds an International Baccalaureate degree from 5. Non-financial outcomes (new followers,the International School of Brussels and a BA degree from click-throughs, web traffic, retweets, peer-to-peer Furman University. recommendations) often lead to financial outcomes. Each can be a step, a precursor to a transaction. They Current Chairs and Boards: help you connect the dots between investment, SmartBrief Social Media Advisory Board, Social Media activity, impact, and financial returnClub – Greenville, Linking The Upstate. 6. In order for an investment to yield results (yes, even in Social Media), it must have a specific set of objectives. Before investing into a program, know what needles Connect you want it to move for your business 7. Social Media programs are not free. They require Web qualified manpower, adequate technology, a lot of time and real focus. Businesses that overlook this always fail Twitter in this space LinkedIn 8. Take Social Media as seriously as you do any other olivierblanchard channel in your business: Hire professionals. Have a Blog www.thebrandbuilder. plan. Know what to measure and how 9. Social Media should support business objectives, not just Social Media objectives. 10. Popularity is irrelevant if it doesnt generate more business for you86 87
  3. 3. {SPEAKER PROFILE} {NOTES} ENGAGING A MASS AUDIENCE THROUGH INNOVATION INSIGHTS AND STRATEGY Meaghan K.Burdick Direct Marketing Director, OBAMA FOR AMERICAEarning respect and recognition as a marketingfundraising expert with noted experience in fast-paced KEY LEARNINGS: 5 KEY LEARNINGS FROM PRESENTATION:political environments, Meaghan Burdick served asDirector of Direct Marketing for Obama for America. In 1. Timing is everything. Make sure your materials are this capacity, Meaghan directed the organisations daily hitting their inboxes, mail boxes, phones, etc. rightdirect marketing fundraising operations and oversaw the on time. Right when the news is hot!fundraising of over $400 million. Meaghan has acquired 2. One method is the ‘not only’ method any more.extensive marketing experience on the political front as Take advantage of all of the direct marketing andevidenced by her tenure in the Democratic Congressional social media tools that are available to speak to your Campaign Committee (DCCC) as Director of Marketing customers today.and Online Services. She held responsibility for growingthe DCCC’s online program from $1 million raised in 3. Make sure the message is consistent no matter how the 2004 cycle to $6.6 million raised in the 2006 cycle. your customers are hearing it. Whatever youre sending Additionally, Meaghan has also attained leadership to your customers inboxes should be consistent to the experience in the Democratic Senatorial Campaign mail they’re reading and the text they’re receiving.Committee and EMILY’s List. Meaghan received a BA in 4. You’re building a relationship - not a one time Government from Georgetown University in 1998. transaction. Spend the time and money letting your customers get to know you and giving them the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas with you. 5. Don’t be afraid to try new things. If you don’t take the risk, you’ll never get the reward. Connect Web www.barrackobama.com88 89
  4. 4. {SPEAKER PROFILE} {NOTES} LEVERAGING CUSTOMER ATTENTION THROUGH CUSTOMER RESPONSE BEHAVIOUR Aaron Tellier Director – CRM Strategy, MERRILL LYNCHAaron Tellier is the Director of CRM Strategy and Analyticsfor Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management. In this KEY LEARNINGS: 5 KEY LEARNINGS FROM PRESENTATION:position, he is responsible for the strategy, processes,analytics and technology platform that support intelligent 1. A valuable relationship requires investmentmulti-channel customer interactions across multiple Think about your personal relationships and extendlines of business. Previously, Aaron managed the direct the same concepts to your customers. You wouldn’t marketing function for DLJdirect, and early online rush into a deep friendship, so don’t be pushy with yourbrokerage. When the company was purchased by the customers. Be truly interested in their needs, listen Bank of Montreal, Aaron’s role expanded to include to their preferences and act appropriately. Likethe customer integration strategy for online brokerage, superficial friendships, customer relationships based advisory services, retail banking and private banking for on transactions can easily dissolve.the bank’s US franchise, The Harris. Aaron is a graduate ofthe US Naval Academy and Yale School of Management. 2. It’s all about the customer AND you Of course we all WANT to be customer centric, but don’t forget that customer interactions must ultimately provide value to the organization. Too many marketing Connect and sales programs ignore this simple truth. If your program doesn’t pay off, the finance department will eventually find out and shut you down. How does Web that benefit the customer? Search hard to find win – win opportunities. LinkedIn 3. Be open to interaction Interaction is the lifeblood of social media and can 0/aaa/5b4 make or break a campaign. Don’t disable options for comments or remarks on your social media profiles if nothing else, these pointers will help to tailor postings so that they move closer to achieving social media goals. 4. Give something back Social media is community-based, and like most communities, it’s expected that you give something back. Don’t simply bombard your Twitter feeds with sales posts or your blog with marketing messages — entice and encourage repeat visitors and followers by offering something in return. The most successful companies use their social media outlets to give exclusive discount codes, special offers, or previews of new products before they hit the mainstream. 5. Network In addition to replying to questions and comments as a way of building a physical network of fans and followers, network your various social media profiles. Prospective clients are also more likely to check their own social networking pages more often than your website, so it’s a great way to keep in touch.90 91
  5. 5. {Day TWO Conference Programme} Wednesday 28 July Photography, Styling {STREAM A} & Retouching SPONSORED BY {MULTI-CHANNEL MASTeRY AND MEASUREMENT} Parkside Ballroom A, Level 1 {STREAM Chair} Creative Services Graham Plant & On-site Studios Executive General Manager, PACIFIC MICROMARKETING/PMP DIGITAL Graham is responsible for managing and driving the development, commercial performance and growth of Pacific Micromarketing, Dimension Studios and PMP Digital in Australia. Graham joined PMP Print in 2003, holding senior management positions in the Print business prior to heading up Pacific Micromarketing and PMP Digital. Graham Plant is a direct and database marketing professional having held senior management positions from a wide range of industries and businesses including IT, Telecommunications, Postal and Mailing, Logistics, Printing, Financial Services, Sales and Marketing and Creative Services. A strong business strategist, Graham is experienced in leading change and Multi-site driving business benefits through developing business strategies and innovative Catalogue & marketing solutions. Magazine Printing TIME SESSION 11.30 am The Rise of Multi-Channel Marketing in a Retail World Graham Plant, Executive General Manager, PACIFIC MICROMARKETING/PMP DIGITAL 12.05 pm Initiating a Longer Term Offline Strategy to Support and Engage Online Consumer Targeting Roger Sharp, Corporate Affairs Director – Pacific, CADBURY Mass & Targeted Jeff Richardson, Chief Executive Officer, THE ONLINE CIRCLE & Analytics Letterbox Distribution 1.30 pm Multi-Channel Insights to Maximise Success in Insurance, Retail and TravelYour customer. At the core of everything we do. Michael Kustreba, Vice President, ANZ, EPSILON INTERNATIONAL 2.05 pm Understanding and Impressing Tomorrow’s Customer in a Multi-Channel World Sean Ashby, Chief Executive Officer, AUSSIEBUMAt PMP we’re dedicated to increasing return on marketing investment for our customers. ,We’ve developed a suite of smart marketing solutions which help our clients create, target 2.40 pm Executing an Integrated Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign Mandeep Grover, Marketing Manager ANZ, JOHNSON AND JOHNSON VISION CAREand deliver effective messages to their key customers. We make it our business to continuallyleverage the finest technology to deliver customer-focused, end-to-end solutions to our clients 4.00 pm Complementing Traditional Channels with Digital: A Change Management ApproachAustralia-wide. Crispin Tristram, General Manager – Acquisition, OPTUS 4.35 pm Gaining a Connection with Generation Y through Multiple ChannelsTo find out how PMP Limited can support your marketing program, call us on 1800 032 472 Michelle Pilot, Vice President of Marketing – Australasia, MASTERCARDor visit Julie Dormond, General Manager, MERCERBELL Follow the Twitter backchannel #admaf 93
  6. 6. {SPEAKER PROFILE} {NOTES} THE RISE OF MULTI-CHANNEL MARKETING IN A RETAIL WORLD Graham Plant, Executive General Manager, PACIFIC MICROMARKETING/PMP DIGITALGraham Plant is responsible for managing and driving 3. Make sure your off-line and on-line communications the development, commercial performance and growth are aligned.of Pacific Micromarketing, Dimension Studios and The way in which your brand is represented and thePMP Digital in Australia. Graham joined PMP Print in key messages you make should be consistent across 2003, holding senior management positions in the Print the spectrum of channels available – includingbusiness prior to heading up Pacific Micromarketing and in-store. Provide a wide range of response channels PMP Digital. that are integrated and complementary to enable customers to respond easily to your offer/s.Graham Plant is a direct and database marketingprofessional having held senior management positions 4. Dont ignore social media - its part of the mix now!from a wide range of industries and businesses including Valuable customers can be found through social mediaIT, Telecommunications, Postal and Mailing, Logistics, activity such as Twitter or Facebook. Consider the Printing, Financial Services, Sales and Marketing role of social media in your marketing program andand Creative Services. the profile of customers who currently or potentially play in this space. Decide on the image you wish A strong business strategist, Graham is experienced to project and ensure that these communications in leading change and driving business benefits are consistent with your overall image and brand.through developing business strategies and innovative Most importantly, appreciate that this is a channel that marketing solutions. requires transparency, regular content and prompt response times – much like the consumers that use them.KEY LEARNINGS:5 KEY LEARNINGS FROM PRESENTATION: 5. And above all else, listen and learn all there is to know about your customer - they expect you to know them.1. Understand which channels work for each of Customers are aware of the relationship they have your customers. with your brand and you should be too. Examine how Your marketing channels are provide a platform different segments respond, what mediums they for consumers to access and relate with your brand. prefer and how an integrated multi-channel marketing Use transactional, behavioural and other customer approach can increase the effectiveness of a campaign. data available to develop an understanding of who your key customers really are – or who you want them to be. Consumer insights drive multi-channel marketing decisions and investment. Connect2. Make it easy for your customer to speak to and buy from you - let them use the channel they want. Whilst social media is the new buzzword, not all Web consumers are created equal and traditional offline methods of communication still play a critical part in your retail marketing mix. Analyse sales data and response rates to determine which mix will provide greater margin and increase average transaction value per segment.94 95
  7. 7. {SPEAKER PROFILE} {NOTES} INITIATING A LONGER TERM OFFLINE STRATEGY TO SUPPORT AND ENGAGE ONLINE Roger Sharp, Corporate Affairs Director – Pacific, CADBURY Jeff Richardson Chief Executive Officer, THE ONLINE CIRCLERoger Sharp KEY LEARNINGS: 5 KEY LEARNINGS FROM PRESENTATION:Roger has been the Corporate Affairs Director forCadbury’s Pacific Business Unit (Australia, New 1. Social Media is not going away. What it is doing is Zealand & Japan) since March 2009. In these markets changing every day. Management is not simple buthe has responsibilities for Cadbury’s External and it is possible.Internal Communications, Corporate Responsibility,Sustainability and Public Affairs work. Roger joined 2. Social Media need not be scary. Treat it like any other Cadbury from the Australian Industry Group where he was Marketing Communications opportunity; with one a Senior Public Policy Advisor, working primarily on IT, strategy, not 100 tactics.Telecommunications and Climate Change policies. He has 3. Social Media provides an excellent research also worked extensively throughout Europe, previously opportunity. Users are fast, passionate, and holding the post of Director of Public Affairs at Telefonica (generally) truthful. Monitoring is the start.Europe, with responsibilities for Government Relations Analysis and interpretation is essential.and CSR across 5 European Union markets. 4. Social Media means data. All actions leave a trail and In addition to his corporate experience, Roger has worked you can use this data for research and a senior political adviser within the British Government, 5. Getting involved in Social Media means leveraging holding the role of Special Adviser to both the Secretary the opportunities but also being ready to meetof State for Trade & Industry and the Secretary of State of the challengesCulture, Media & Sport within the Blair administration.During this role he helped lead stakeholder engagementwith the business community, and was involved in threesuccessful General Election campaigns and the London Connect2012 Olympic bid.Outside work Roger enjoys music and film; he continues to Roger Sharpmaintain a passionate interest in politics and is an avid fan Webof both the All Blacks and Manchester City Football Club TwitterJeff Richardson developed his first web site over 14 years ago and LinkedInhas been involved in Internet Marketing ever since. In late 40s, Jeff has worked in senior marketing roles forcorporations such as Telstra and United Energy. Having Jeff Richardsonrun boutique consulting and advertising agencies for near Web10 years he has consulted to organisations large and small www.theonlinecircle.comregarding their use of Internet Marketing. Notable clients LinkedInhave included Cadbury, University of Melbourne, and Victoria. Facebook Email jeff@theonlinecircle.com96 97
  8. 8. {SPEAKER PROFILE} {NOTES} MULTI-CHANNEL INSIGHTS TO MAXIMISE SUCCESS IN INSURANCE, RETAIL AND TRAVEL Michael Kustreba, Vice President, Australia and New Zealand, EPSILONBased in Sydney, Michael is responsible for the overallbusiness and operations for Australia and New Zealand KEY LEARNINGS: 5 KEY LEARNINGS FROM PRESENTATION:(ANZ). Managing a multi-disciplinary team he delivers onclient solutions that drive relevant and high-performing 1. Customer Experience Marketing: What it means for multichannel marketing programmes through the your organisation, your relationship with your intelligent use of data and analytics. He is also responsible consumers and the future of your businessfor business development in the territory. 2. Understand how consumers perceive and interact with Michael has 10 years of experience providing digital marketing communications across channelsmarketing solutions to companies in Australia and New 3. Leverage the research to help create compelling Zealand. Combined with his proven skills in delivering differentiation in your brands value propositionstrategic marketing services, he has helped manycompanies improve their marketing efficiency, strengthen 4. Understand what turns customers into advocatestheir customer relationships, and drive results and ROI for 5. Discover how relevant interactions that anticipatetheir business. Some of Australia’s household brands that and respond to consumers drive engagement and Michael has been working closely with include Virgin Blue purchases now and in the futureAirlines, Cellarmasters Wines and Dell.Michael joined Epsilon International through the 2006acquisition of DoubleClick Email Solutions where he wasBusiness Development Director. He joined DoubleClick Connectin 2001 as Senior Technical Consultant. Prior to thishe worked at Yahoo! Search Marketing and Engage, anad serving technology provider which is now part of WebMicrosoft Advertising. Twitter LinkedIn 99
  9. 9. {SPEAKER PROFILE} {NOTES} UNDERSTANDING AND IMPRESSING TOMORROW’S CUSTOMER IN A MULTI-CHANNEL WORLD Sean Ashby Chief Executive Officer, AUSSIEBUMSean Ashby has come a long way in the four years sinceusing his life savings to set up men’s swimwear and KEY LEARNINGS: 5 KEY LEARNINGS FROM PRESENTATION:clothing business aussieBum. Sean turned to the internetto promote aussieBum to a global market. It currently has 1. Being unique offline makes you relevant onlineover 200,000 consumers ordering direct via its custom 2. If you are doing something wrong, Social Mediabuilt e-commerce site and supplies many of the world’s will let you knowleading department stores. The company’s sales duringthe GFC have grown, as a direct result of its innovative 3. Be honest and relevant with your content, it willproduct developments and its marketing strategy. It’s this end up everywheresuccessful and extremely innovative marketing approach 4. Approach Social Media, not like a business, but likethat won them the Australian Export Award 2009. an individualaussieBum promotes their products in non-traditionalvenues on the internet, such as blogs, social networkingsites Facebook and MySpace. Sean will share insights atForum into the secrets of his success. Connect Web Twitter LinkedIn Blog sean_ashby_aussiebum Facebook 101
  10. 10. {SPEAKER PROFILE} {NOTES} EXECUTING AN INTEGRATED MULTI-CHANNEL MARKETING CAMPAIGN Mandeep Grover Marketing Manager ANZ, JOHNSON AND JOHNSON VISION CAREMandeep joined Johnson & Johnson in October 2004as Regional Professional Marketing Manager with the KEY LEARNINGS: 5 KEY LEARNINGS FROM PRESENTATION:responsibility of establishing the B2B marketing functionin Asia Pacific. 1. Define a clear role for each media touch pointIn September 2006, Mandeep moved to Sydney to 2. Understand and optimise the customer journeyhead marketing for JJVC Australia and New Zealand. 3. Consistency is kingIn June 2008, one of his marketing campaigns, “TheAcuvue® Wink” won the James. E. Burke award, the 4. Set the right KPIs to measure successhighest recognition for marketing excellence in J&J. This 5. Document your lessons wellcampaign won the 2008 DMA Bronze ECHO award & wasa finalist at the Cannes Lions 2008.In 2009, Mandeep and his team launched the first iPhoneapplication for Acuvue® brand contact lenses to drive Connectconsumer engagement and trial. The application brokeinto the top 30 within a week of launch and was featuredin the Sydney Morning Herald. Web Twitter LinkedIn 103
  11. 11. {SPEAKER PROFILE} {NOTES} COMPLIMENTING TRADITIONAL CHANNELS WITH DIGITAL: A CHANGE MANAGEMENT APPROACH Crispin Tristram, General Manager – Acquisition, OPTUSPrior to heading up the Consumer Online team at Optus,Crispin has worked across Consumer Acquisitions, KEY LEARNINGS: 5 KEY LEARNINGS FROM PRESENTATION:Product Marketing and Propositions across a number oftelcos including Orange, O2 and Vodafone back in the UK. 1. A digital sales and service world doesn’t meanAccountable for driving the Consumer Online strategy, he you close all your high street stores and shut downis passionate about creating real, interactive communities your call centres - Digital self serve allows yourwith his consumers and is excited by the possibilities that physical channels to offer a new fully integratedonline affords’. customer experience. 2. The build it and they will come mentality will only get you so far. Digital presence must remain consistent, relevant and appropriate to the customer journey. 3. Digital delivers more than simply low cost sales and service - It can optimise lead generation and create new two way interactions with your customer base. 4. As your self serve capability moves online so will a greater proportion of your media mix. However, understanding how to maximise offline and online to drive the right segment to the right channel becomes more vital to ongoing success. 5. Digital evolution is a lot less painful than digital revolution! Your customers and your organisation will not go digital overnight. Connect Web LinkedIn 105
  12. 12. {SPEAKER PROFILE} {NOTES} GAINING A CONNECTION WITH GENERATION Y THROUGH MULTIPLE CHANNELS Michelle Pilot, Vice President of Marketing – Australasia, MASTERCARD Julie Dormond, General Manager, MERCERBELLMichael PilotMichelle has worked with MasterCard since May 2004, KEY LEARNINGS: 5 KEY LEARNINGS FROM PRESENTATION:and from 2005 has held the position of Vice President,Marketing for Australia & New Zealand. In that role 1. With a parity product your marketing campaign can she has overall responsibility for brand marketing, work to create a real point of difference.sponsorships, customer marketing and consumer PR. 2. Time spent researching and understanding our targetMichelle’s experience spans 20 years in the advertising audience was crucial in developing a strategy that and marketing industry, including the role of Senior Vice resonated with our customers.President with McCann- Erickson New York, working onMasterCard business in Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America 3. Identifying a platform, i.e. music allowed us to engage and Japan. with our audience in a relevant, compelling andDuring her 11 years at McCann, she gained experience credible way.within the FMCG, IT, luxury goods and apparel categories. 4. Moving from one off campaigns to a longer term Prior to McCann, Michelle held Account Management engagement strategy of ‘Priceless Music Experiences’ positions at Clemenger BBDO, The Campaign Palaceand Ogilvy & Mather across a wide selection of allowed us to build momentum to continually drive business categories. persuasive brand awareness.Julie DormondJulie is a Direct and Digital marketing professional workingat MercerBell. She has been at MercerBell for 8 years, Connectstarting out as Account Director and now acting on theManagement Team as General Manager.Responsibilities include all client management and Michelle Pilotstrategy, staff retention and development as well as Webinternal agency policies. Her experience spans across industry sectors including B2B and B2C.With 15 years experience, Julie has held previous roles Julie Dormondagency side at Lowe Lintas as well as client side in theUK working for leading financial services organizations Webin roles spanning product development, launches and strategies. LinkedIn julie-dormand/1/388/848106 107
  13. 13. {Day TWO Conference Programme} Wednesday 28 July {STREAM B} SPONSORED BY {CUSTOMER GROWTH AND RELATIONSHIPS} Parkside G04, Ground Level {STREAM Chair} Chris Lowther General Manager, PORTRAIT SOFTWARE ASIA PACIFIC For over 22 years Chris has been fascinated by technology-enablers behind advances in marketing and building strong customer relationships. Combining an MBA in Marketing and International Business with experience gained across the globe with ICL (now Fujitsu), Fiserv, Misys and Portrait Software, Chris is a strong advocate of the ‘appropriate’ technology to improve the customer experience. His role in Portrait Software centres on assisting clients to apply insight and intelligent decisioning at the point of customer interaction to deliver great customer service; which in turn dramatically improves customer revenues, profitability and loyalty. TIME SESSION 11.30 am Customer Centricity Boot Camp for Marketers Paul Downes, Consultant 12.05 pm Creating a Clearer Picture of Your Online Customer Martin Bradbury, International Client Services Director, CALLCREDIT GROUP 1.30 pm A New Model for Pharmaceutical Advertising: Re-Defining ROI Marc Cheah, Senior Brand Manager – Viagra, PFIZER 2.05 pm Social Media: Making it Work for You Jill Colvin, Head of Marketing, SYDNEY FESTIVAL 2.40 pm Customer Relationship and Loyalty – A Flight to Understanding Phil Hawkins, General Manager, LOYALTY PACIFIC (FLYBUYS) 4.00 pm Moving from Monolog to Dialog: Strategies to Enhance Your Brand Jacqueline Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, THE BUZZ 4.35 pm What NFP’s Can Learn from Big Business and Visa Versa for Gaining Customers Cameron Watson, Former Head of Marketing, WORLD VISION Currently National Manager, Marketing and Channels, LANDMARK Follow the Twitter backchannel #admafVisit Portrait Software at ADMA Expo - stand 32502 9276 2728 | 109
  14. 14. {SPEAKER PROFILE} {NOTES} CUSTOMER CENTRICITY BOOT CAMP FOR MARKETERS Paul Downes, ConsultantPaul brings a unique blend of business acumen, people 3. Design and build from the outside in:insight, hands-on technology knowledge and frontline Most processes today are designed from the inside customer service experience to encourage and guide out and are aimed at ensuring intra-departmental successful corporate customer relationship initiatives. efficiencies. Turn this around; take a customer For over twenty years Paul’s matter-of-fact approach perspective, make your company easy to do business has ensured a singular focus on the customer and with by designing and building processes and your getting the fundamentals correct as a solid basis for customer capabilities from the outside in. Move customer engagement. beyond managing customers on a transaction level only, to managing the customer experience.Paul’s broad career involving research and development,human resources, technology, call centre and retail 4. Measure and Reward systems:allows Paul to understand, interpret and leverage inter- Review and upgrade what you measure and how you departmental synergies to benefit the customer. Most reward staff. For example, Average Call Handling Time recently CIO at RAC of WA overseeing the customer is a measure of how quickly staff can move through relationship initiative, Paul draws on knowledge and calls and this coupled with the Number of Sales per experience from Australian and overseas organisations at operator is a measure of staff capabilities. However, the forefront of relationship management to highlight the if you are truly to be Customer Centric you should drivers of excellent customer experience and how to avoid link staff measures to the improvement in customer ‘corporate stupids’. lifetime value, improved customer data quality or the increased propensity of a customer to purchase again as a result of the prior interaction. Do not underestimate the considerable time and negotiation KEY LEARNINGS:5 KEY LEARNINGS FROM PRESENTATION: required in order to change these measures and agree on the rewards.1. Assess your company’s desire: 5. Technology is not the driver: Make a thorough assessment of your company’s It’s called Customer Centric for a reason; - the customer preparedness to become Customer Centric. is at the centre, not the technology. Failure to observe Not doing this assessment is where most programs fail. this positioning will see your program fail. If more of Customer centricity is grounded in your business your efforts are being directed toward the technology, strategy. Your business strategy must refer to this if most of your meetings are about the technology, if centricity and your departmental business plans must technologists are leading your project then you will clearly focus on the customer. most likely be hurtling toward failure. Businesses are 2. Culture and Structure: littered with great technology solutions but in many of Becoming Customer Centric is a program of work those businesses, little if any change has occurred and is difficult to achieve without some hard decisions toward truly becoming Customer Centric. being made. If your company has a history of late or failed delivery on projects then examine why this is the case and address accordingly. Moving to a Customer Centric organization requires cultural change, total staff involvement, structural changes organized around the customer and most importantly, full, active and demonstrable support from your CEO, not just “lip service”.110 111
  15. 15. {SPEAKER PROFILE} {NOTES} CREATING A CLEARER PICTURE OF YOUR ONLINE CUSTOMERS Dr. Martin Bradbury International Client Services Director, CALLCREDIT GROUPDr. Bradbury’s present responsibilities include managingthe research, construction and implementation KEY LEARNINGS: 5 KEY LEARNINGS FROM PRESENTATION:of consumer segmentation systems and modellingsoftware for international markets, and advising 1. Learn how to maximise customer relationships, on their usage by clients from a broad range of especially important at this time of market uncertaintycommercial and governmental sectors. He retains 2. Avoid common mistakes. Embrace new technologies a close working relationship with a large number of and innovative channels with your eyes wide open!international businesses. 3. Discover how marketers can identify just who they are communicating with, exemplified with a powerful case study Connect Web www.callcreditgroup.com112 113
  16. 16. {SPEAKER PROFILE} {NOTES} A NEW MODEL FOR PHARMACEUTICAL ADVERTISING: RE-DEFINING ROI Marc Cheah, Senior Brand Manager – Viagra, PFIZERMarc Cheah has been working in marketing forover 10 years, with his career taking him across a KEY LEARNINGS: 5 KEY LEARNINGS FROM PRESENTATION:number of diverse markets and brands, some morecontroversial than others. Marc’s has worked in industries 1. Moving from a TV led to a content led modelsuch as tobacco, snacks, consumer durables, and • A person’s health is a high involvement category – pharmaceuticals, and has developed insights into the patients want to find out as much informationchallenges faced in how to interact with consumers across as possible.with varying levels of interest and involvement. • The communications role is not to build a brand but raise awareness and provide guidance. • There’s a lot of (mis)-information out there – and therefore there is a need to “control” as much Connect information as possible. • It is important to make sure all gatekeepers in the Web process are aware of your activities (e.g. GP’s, Nurses and Pharmacists). 2. Re-defining ROI • The role of public communications is for the disease state, and not just your brand. • Once prescribed, a patient may use your drug for lengthy periods of time – not just returns within the financial year. 3. Managing internal stakeholders in the new age of communication • Pharmaceutical companies are, by their nature, conservative beasts. • There are multiple stakeholders involved in the process who need to taken on the journey. • Need to paint a real-life picture of your patients and their journey. 4. Pushing the envelope while staying within the guidelines set by Medicines Australia • Pharmaceutical companies are constantly under attack from industry critics, and abide strictly to an industry code. • There’s a lot of information out there –and finding out what’s wrong isn’t often at the top of people’s agenda. • Need to evolve our communications in line with how society is moving – more people are self-diagnosing.114 115
  17. 17. {SPEAKER PROFILE} {NOTES} SOCIAL MEDIA: MAKING IT WORK FOR YOU Jill Colvin Head of Marketing, SYDNEY FESTIVALJill Colvin is Head of Marketing, Communications & 3. Our customers are changing behaviour so we needDigital Strategy at Sydney Festival, Australias largest to adaptannual arts event, with more than one million people • Growth in social media resulting in people spending taking part in the ticketed and free program each summer. more time in the social spaceJill has been part of the Festival team for 10 years, starting • Need to be where the audience is hanging out so you in the Business Development department in 2000 before can be part of that conversationmoving to Marketing the following year. • These conversations go on the public record - permanently - and can be easily found thanksFor the 2011 Festival, Jill’s role has been expanded to to Googleexplore ways of maximising the Festivals use of digitaltechnology to increase the event’s reach - both nationally 4. A good community online will give you heads upand internationally - through Marketing, Programming on issues – without paying for expensive socialand Business Development initiatives. The ongoing media toolsintegration of social media channels will play a key role • A great community of self-selecting fans can be in this. Prior to escaping to the arts, Jill worked in the your best word of mouth for when things go right – publishing and banking sectors, including five years at your advocates, your championsCitibank where she was part of the Total Quality Team • They can also be your best line of defence whenbefore a stint in Mortgage Marketing. things go wrong – your eyes and ears, your defenders 5. Give out and you will get back • Online communities are like any other – they want to share, to interact, to engageKEY LEARNINGS:5 KEY LEARNINGS FROM PRESENTATION: • Give value through your social media – share things people want to hear, pass on things that are relevant 1. Social media isn’t what the media has been hyping - and interesting to them it’s about understanding and then working to meet • Do this in a genuine way and you will be more than a customer needs brand you will be a friend • Listen to what people are saying • Respond when you need to - quickly - if only to buy you some time • Ask questions – and act in response Connect2. It’s not free - it takes a big investment of time and care but it’s worth it Web • Takes time to build up your social media profile - and a group of people who care about what you’re doing Twitter • Make sure to check various sites each day • Anything worthwhile takes time and effort but the rewards can be more personally rewarding LinkedIn • Have senior people – or empowered people – on the jill-colvin/8/37A/43B social media frontline – need people with power to act quickly Facebook Blog 117
  18. 18. {SPEAKER PROFILE} {NOTES} CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP AND LOYALTY – A FLIGHT TO UNDERSTANDING Phil Hawkins General Manager, LOYALTY PACIFIC (FLYBUYS)A recognised global practitioner in coalition loyaltyprograms, Phil Hawkins is General Manager of Loyalty KEY LEARNINGS: 5 KEY LEARNINGS FROM PRESENTATION:Pacific, which manages and operates FlyBuys, Australia’slargest shopping rewards program. Holding an Honours 1. Engage consumers with your brand by means of active degree in Mathematical Sciences and an MBA, Phil has listening and co-creationworked in the Australian loyalty and card market over 2. Align the culture of your team to deliver on the the past 16 years, and his experience is also drawn from promise - driving commitment to innovation- research, marketing and operational roles with Shell and teamwork-governanceNational Australia Bank. 3. Utilise all channels including social media - skills, leadership required 4. Differentiate between "selling" and letting the customers "buy" 5. Always measure the success of each engagement Connect Web Twitter LinkedIn 119
  19. 19. {SPEAKER PROFILE} {NOTES} MOVING FROM MONOLOG TO DIALOG: STRATEGIES TO ENHANCE YOUR BRAND Jacqueline Johnson Chief Executive Officer, THE BUZZJacki Johnson is an Executive with the Insurance AustraliaGroup one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest listed KEY LEARNINGS: 5 KEY LEARNINGS FROM PRESENTATION:insurers. Jacki is currently CEO of the newly launched online insurer, The Buzz. Jacki has been with IAG since 2001 1. Trigger marketing provides a great meansin a variety of roles including CEO Business Partnerships for transforming rich customer data intowhere she was responsible for the Workers Compensation meaningful communicationand Third Party Distribution businesses, Group Strategy 2. Coalition loyalty programs provide a cost-effective, and leading through the integration of CGU and Zurich customer embracing loyalty solutionbusinesses into IAG . Jacki has over 20 years experience infinancial services. Before joining IAG she has held senior 3. Social media provide a great means for economical, positions with Allianz Insurance, HIH Insurance and IRS low-risk marketing activityTotal Injury Management. Starting life as an Occupational 4. Explore creative means for eliciting email addresses Therapist at Westmead Hospital has meant Jacki brought rather than using simple “bribes”a different skill set and perspective to her roles within 5. Employ a robust contact strategy but closely monitor the Finance Sector. The customer experience and changing customer channel preferencesharnessing the right culture and technology to deliverthis is a key passion.Jacki has a B App Sc. (Occupational Therapy) , Grad DipSafety Science and and EMBA (AGSM) ConnectJacki is also a former director of NSW WorkcoverAuthority, Personal Injury Education Foundation, MCGI Weband a current Director of Community First Credit Union, previous member of Community First Board Auditand Risk Committee and current member of the Board LinkedInCorporate Governance Committee. jacki-johnson/a/100/a1120 121
  20. 20. {SPEAKER PROFILE} {NOTES} WHAT NFP’S CAN LEARN FROM BIG BUSINESS AND VISA VERSA FOR GAINING CUSTOMERS Cameron Watson Former Head of Marketing, WORLD VISION Currently National Manager, Marketing and Channels, LANDMARKCameron has recently moved to be the new NationalManager for Marketing and Channels at Landmark. KEY LEARNINGS: 5 KEY LEARNINGS FROM PRESENTATION:Cameron brings a wealth of experience in creativemarketing, strategic marketing analysis and development. 1. Almost every marketer should spend some time Earlier this year, Cameron was Head of Marketing at World working with an NFP to sharpen their craftVision Australia, where he lead the fundraising non profit 2. Sharp, concise call-to-action is absolute king and needs organisation in Australia. He previously worked at Telstra to be consistent across all channelsas General Manager of Strategy, Planning and Analysis;and at ANZ Banking Group as Marketing Manager of 3. If you can’t answer the ‘why me? Why now?’ questions, Corporate Ecommerce. He was also the marketing don’t bothermanager of the first ASX-listed company and has 4. Stop at nothing in reaching new places to reinforce established his own e-commerce company. your message to customers 5. Learn to use detailed channel analysis and economics to drive your business, but not a tool for beginners! Connect Web 123
  21. 21. {Day TWO Conference Programme} Wednesday 28 July {STREAM C} SPONSORED BY {DATA AND ANALYTICS} Parkside Ballroom B, Level 1 {STREAM Chair} Regan Yan Managing Director, Digital Alchemy Regan founded Digital Alchemy in 2003, as Australia’s first dedicated Database Marketing Service Provider. Under his leadership, Digital Alchemy has grown to become Australia’s largest provider of outsourced database marketing solutions, and is the largest Unica implementer in Asia Pacific. Prior to this, Regan was CEO of Persona Asia; an infomediary aimed at delivering permission based marketing solutions to online clients. Earlier in his career, Regan was the Managing Director of Multinet, a leading company in data mining and sophisticated database marketing. Prior to joining Multinet, Regan was responsible for Customer Analytics, customer profitability system as well as introduction of analytical marketing at Westpac. Regan is a recognised subject matter expert in the area of Analytical Database Marketing and Customer Relationship Marketing, speaking regularly at Australian and international events.TIME SESSION11.30 am Driving Business Outcomes: How CRM Capabilities have been Developed within GE Philip Wickenden, Vice President of CRM, GE MONEY12.05 pm Providing a Greater Understanding of a Single Customer View (SCV) Steve Nicholls, Senior Manager CK and CRM, HSBC AUSTRALIA1.30 pm Keeping in Touch With Your Customer: Should You Follow Your Instinct or Use Data to Predict, Track and Adapt to their Changing Behaviour? Julian Peterson, Marketing and Online Director, TIME OUT2.05 pm Turning Data into Strategy Ed Falconer, National Manager, Customer Loyalty and Engagement, MYER2.40 pm Delivering Multi-Channel Campaigns to Draw Customers in Drew Guttadore, Director CRM Business Capabilities, FOXTEL4.00 pm Gaining a 360 Multi-Channel View of Your Customer: A Cutting Edge Approach Karen Ganschow, Executive Director Relationship Marketing and Online, TELSTRA4.35 pm Multi-Channel Retail and what it means for Marketing Strategy and Execution Daniel Roberts, Head of Online, WOOLWORTHS Follow the Twitter backchannel #admaf 125
  22. 22. {SPEAKER PROFILE} {NOTES}DRIVING BUSINESS OUTCOMES: HOW CRMCAPABILITIES HAVE BEEN DEVELOPED WITHIN GEPhilip WickendenVice President of CRM, GE MONEYPhil first joined GE in 1996 as the Database MarketingLeader. In 1998 Risk & DBM where combined into ConnectPortfolio Management where Philip was PortfolioManager for Cards responsibility for both the Risk & CRM. WebPhilip left GE for 3 years in 1999 to ANZ Bank. At ANZ he their Customer Management function & played aleadership role in strategic CRM based project called CVM(Customer Value Management).Philip re-joining GE in 2002 as Senior Portfolio Managerfor GE Money Direct business responsible for bothLoans & Mortgages businesses. In 2005 Philip’s currentrole of Vice President CRM was created which includesCRM analytics across GE Money, plus Risk & CRM Infra(including Scorecard development). Since this time therole has evolved to cover all the GE Capital business,and drive a range of strategic CRM, BI & Channel Infrainitiatives for GE Capital.Prior to joining GE Philip worked for Experian, PacificMicro Marketer in Australia & AA in the UK, in variousanalytics & client management roles. Philip holds aBachelor of Science (Hons) from Sheffield Universitymajoring in Systems Modeling and is green beltcertified. He is married to Dallas and has son Aidanand daughter Freya.126 127
  23. 23. {SPEAKER PROFILE} {NOTES} PROVIDING A GREATER UNDERSTANDING OF A SINGLE CUSTOMER VIEW (SCV) Steve Nicholls Senior Manager CK and CRM, HSBC AUSTRALIASteve Nicholls has worked with HSBC Banking Group fortwenty years. Roles have included Sale, Credit, Technology KEY LEARNINGS: 5 KEY LEARNINGS FROM PRESENTATION:and Marketing in the UK, Canada, the Asia Pacific regionand in Australia for the last six years. His current role 1. Find out everything you can about your customers is Senior Manager, Customer Knowledge and CRM behaviour and make sure you develop a singleresponsible for customer research and analytics for customer view.HSBC Australia. 2. Integrate a range of sources of data and information to optimise customer knowledge 3. Leverage this information to optimise your marketing strategies and activities 4. Use integrated information to maximise channel interaction with the customers Connect Web LinkedIn steve-nicholls/3/71B/B50128 129
  24. 24. {SPEAKER PROFILE} {NOTES} KEEPING IN TOUCH WITH YOUR CUSTOMER: SHOULD YOU FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCT OR USE DATA TO PREDICT, TRACK AND ADAPT TO THEIR CHANGING BEHAVIOUR? Julian Peterson Marketing and Online Director, TIME OUTJulian is Marketing and Online Director at Time OutSydney – Sydney’s most respected arts, entertainment, Connectnightlife and food website and magazine.Time Out Sydney has recently achieved a Google WebPageRank of 7 through implementing strategy and practice, site traffic is up 300% in 2009, a weekly Twitternewsletter is sent to 30,000 people with a click through of over 50% plus paid subscriptions to the printed LinkedInmagazine are up 400% since Julian’s arrival. Time Out is one of the first Time Out’s to start feedingcontent to Nokia’s Ovi maps and is currently producingwhat will be Sydney’s most popular entertainmentiPhone app.Before moving to Sydney, Julian spent 2 years in Singaporeas Marketing and Online Development Director at TimeOut Singapore as part of the launch team. Julian hadresponsibility for all online, in store, street level, eventand partnership marketing and the launch of Time Out’swebsite and quick growth to 135,000 users per month.Julian’s earlier career included more than 50 appearancesbefore committees and at Court including representingclients in contested hearings.130 131
  25. 25. {SPEAKER PROFILE} {NOTES} TURNING DATA INTO STRATEGY Ed Falconer, National Manager, Customer Loyalty and Engagement, MYEREd is the Head of Loyalty, responsible for Myer’s loyaltyprogram – MYER one - which has over 3.5 million KEY LEARNINGS: 5 KEY LEARNINGS FROM PRESENTATION:members and is recognised as the leading loyaltyprogram in Australia. Ed has 18 years experience in the 1. Always have an objective and a plan - analysis fordevelopment of customer loyalty through CRM activity the sake of analysis is pointlessand database marketing. 2. Marry your research goals with your database analysis goals - knowing why someone is behaving in a particular way will help you respond better to their needs 3. Have metrics of success - both short and long term - measurement is the key to understanding whether you are having impact 4. Dont be afraid to fail - knowing what doesnt work is as important as knowing what does 5. Its not rocket science - better to have a simple analysis that delivers insight than complex analysis that delivers confusion. Connect Web Twitter 133
  26. 26. {SPEAKER PROFILE} {NOTES} DELIVERING MULTI-CHANNEL CAMPAIGNS TO DRAW CUSTOMERS IN Drew Guttadore Director of CRM Business Capabilities, FOXTELDrew Guttadore is currently the Director of CRM& Business Intelligence Capabilities at Foxtel and KEY LEARNINGS: 5 KEY LEARNINGS FROM PRESENTATION:is leading initiatives that create/improve BusinessAnalytics, Channel Functionality, Data Quality, and 1. CRM/Business Intelligence is a journey and we all have related processes. Previously he has held similar roles to crawl before we walkat Telstra and in Europe and the US implementing 2. The Analytical process has to be top notch beforeBusiness Intelligence and Multi-Channel Marketing the operational process can beginprojects in multiple companies and industries. Hisfondest achievement was convincing 6 companies in 5 3. Customer Contact Strategy and Channel countries in 4 languages to adopt one common campaign Development starts with Campaign Management management tool within 3 months. System Implementation 4. Don’t feel bad, Real Time Sales Interactions is the Holy Grail, and very few actually do it, let alone well! 5. Develop your network to include practitioners in all areas so that you can help each other along the way Connect Web Facebook LinkedIn andrew-guttadore/0/580/504134 135
  27. 27. {SPEAKER PROFILE} {NOTES} GAINING A 360 MULTI-CHANNEL VIEW OF YOUR CUSTOMER: A CUTTING EDGE APPROACH Christian Bartens Managing Director, DATALICIOUS Karen Ganschow Executive Director Relationship Marketing and Online, TELSTRAChristian Bartens KEY LEARNINGS: 5 KEY LEARNINGS FROM PRESENTATION:Christian Bartens is passionate about the power of dataand how it can help shape effective marketing strategies. 1. Use online insights to drive offline campaignsAfter having worked in digital marketing in Australia andoverseas for many years, he established Datalicious in 2. Profile customers and prospects across the line2007, a new breed of agency that strives to make data 3. Identify and communicate with influencersaccessible to non-analysts and provides actionableinsights to marketers. 4. Develop a targeting matrix and communication dialogue 5. Establish the true impact of online advertisingAs a data evangelist and pioneer in digital marketingand web analytics, Christian is chairing the ADMAData & Analytics Council and has spoken at variousconferences about the power of data in optimisingmarketing communications including ADMA Data Day. ConnectHe works closely with leading industry bodies and solutionproviders and regularly gets invited to industry councils, Christian Bartenscustomer advisory boards and beta testing programs to Webhelp shape industry best practice. TwitterKaren Ganschow has been with Telstra for over six years. She is LinkedInresponsible for Customer Relationship, Digital and Marketing managing Retention and Growth Blogprograms across Home Phone, Mobile, Internet and Pay with a customer base of over 10 million customers.Karen is also lecturing in the Master of Business andMarketing program at the Macquarie Graduate School of Karen GanschowManagement. In 2007, she was recognised as the ADMA WebDirect Marketer of the year and is now Vice Chairman of Board of the Australian Direct Marketing Association. Twitter has a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and holds aMaster in Business Administration. LinkedIn is married with two boys and two dogs and enjoysplaying in a Mum’s soccer team.136 137