The Corporate Country - A possible view on the future of Capitalism


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The corporate state (Corporate Country) is transversal to nation states.
In the first stage large corporate multinationals ensure the provision of some social services to
families of their employees (all nationalities): education, safety, legal defense, health. The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming less and less abstract, through a growing process of effective action. This phase has already begun.

In the second phase are formed agglomerations of Corporates (including partnership), the fight goes toward competitive levels for the practice of CSR, which is increasingly becoming a competitive factor , and above all is the ability to "spoil" the talents and ensure maximum safety to families of employees who become distinctive competence in the management of human resources. In this phase, the robot began to be produced in large scale.

The third stage coincides with the maturity of the next industrial revolution (energy + biotechnology +
obotics+ nanotechnology), where the effects on social relations will be huge, given the plethora of "normal" uman beings (and poor) which will determine. At this stage all Senior classes of the world's population will be little cyborg, and the others will be a problem to manage. From whom?

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The Corporate Country - A possible view on the future of Capitalism

  1. 1. The semantics of innovation: the art of doing business in the new millennium
  2. 2. Index I: the genesis of the document II: opportunities for strategic development of very long period III: From “International Business Machines” to“Innovation Business Machine”
  3. 3. Sometimes ideas are created by frustration ... I bought (and paid) for the past four months a good performance PC with integrated Pinnacle two cards (one for TV and another for satellite TV), which must be connected to a monitor 19 "and a video projector. The system must also work to listen to music. The PC has had problems installing cards Pinnacle, and still lies at the provider (which should be a "friend" of the family). The system as well as entertainment for the family is in need of Studio (audiovisual realization for communication tourism). I have almost finished to implement the furniture and equipment to enjoy everything but ... I still use the notebook So I dream a physical place where I go to see the Material convergence between ICT systems and lighting and entertainment, and where nice professionals me explain effectively and with the "right time" the way to satisfy my needs: work, passion, curiosity, entertainment .. To be a man of present, projected into the future. The integration of scientific and technical knowledge, provided by men historically integrated, to organizations that beyond excellence The IBM network CAP I: The genesis of the document
  4. 4. II: Opportunities for strategical development of very long period
  5. 5. OPPORTUNITIES OF A STRATEGICAL DEVELOPMENT Phase I: DEFINITION OF THE logical diagram : specification of the categories complex that influence the opportunities Economistic trends ANALYSIS OFTHE IBM COMPETENCES The future ethical-moral System ECOLOGY THE EARTH SYSTEM THE POPULATION THE EARTH THE INDIVIDUAL THE SOCIETY THE POLICY Lobby geopolitic evolution Territorial Governance Economy Technologiy World Production population growth Current ethical-moral System THE INDIVIDUAL THE SOCIETY THE POLICY COMPANIES Exogenous factors Natural climatic changes
  6. 6. Current ethical-moral System INDIVIDUAL SOCIETY POLICY The future ethical-moral System Exogen factors Environmental crisis Demographic crisis wars Phase II: definition of intermediate categories Social conflicts Healthy crisis TERRA Opportunities of a strategic development Economic and criminal Lobby INDIVIDUAL taste values expectations Consistency SOCIETY taste Values expectations Consistency Leadership values expectations capabilities POLICY Tendenze economicistiche Geopolitic evolution Territorial Governance Economy Technology Nanotechnologies water Energy ICT Aerospace Biotechnologies Robotics and Cibernetics Turism building agrofood Transport Free time Education To live To wear Produzione mondiale Communicate Services Security and war industry Energy healthy Culture vices …… Ecology Natural climatic changes population growth THE EARTH SYSTEM POPULATION THE EARTH Pollution Climatic changes companies CSR Salute OGM Finance War industry Criminal organization Copy-right Clergy Energy others Social security migratory flows Sistemic competencies Technic competencies Mission Image Leadership Partnership IBM man CSR property
  7. 7. Current ethical-moral system Future ethical-moral system EXOGEN FACTORS Phase III: Specification of the intermediate categories Economic and criminal Lobby INDIVIDUAL SOCIETY POLITIC ECONOMIC TRENDS Terrestrial ecology Earth system Economy The manufacturing will be revolutionized as a result of the maturity of new technologies. Nanotechnology and biotechnology will transform the field of Health. In the field of construction there will be full implementation of home automation and green building (energy saving). The automotive sector is already in turmoil. In tourism and in education will have a major use of virtual reality. In summary the strategic ICT systems will be in each area. terrestrial Governance The &quot;best&quot; systems of governance will be awarded to approach the human talent and organizational (companies). World production Output growth will lead to pressure on land resources and the ecology (greenhouse effect, ozone hole, pollution). Geopolitic evolution Potential changes in the geopolitical sector could have adverse effects on the world, leads to higher uncertainty. Lobbies The question is whether the current distribution of power lobbying remain unchanged, with the lobby and the war at the height of his powers. A major question concerns the use of economic power by large criminal organizations. Environmental and health crisis The possibility of non-rare environmental crisis (the intensity of typhoon Katrina in the U.S. and the Tsunami in Asia) and health (style: bird flu and mad cow disease), the need to provide adequate services. This in addition to a potential business, is a reference to the CSR. War and social turbulence The competition in the division of the world to governments, organizations and groups, will continue to determine the use of war. For the same reason increase the social turbulence (crime and terrorism) in those areas where local territorial governance is incapable of responding effectively. <ul><li>Society </li></ul><ul><li>ideologic crisis. Money as value </li></ul><ul><li>family crisis </li></ul><ul><li>increasing attention to children </li></ul><ul><li>vary high Individualism-corporativism </li></ul><ul><li>Social fragmentation, with some fringes of the senior classes attentive to environmental and social problems </li></ul><ul><li>Politic </li></ul><ul><li>Shortage of large Leader </li></ul><ul><li>inconsistency and condradictory ethical moral </li></ul><ul><li>scarce skills </li></ul><ul><li>low capabilities </li></ul><ul><li>commingling with lobby </li></ul><ul><li>attention to the represented corporate interests </li></ul><ul><li>reduction of authonomy from the real economy (public debts due to the limit of growth) </li></ul><ul><li>Individual </li></ul><ul><li>money and fame as ambition </li></ul><ul><li>inconsistency and condradictory ethical moral </li></ul><ul><li>low professionlity </li></ul><ul><li>low consistency with the adopted moral </li></ul><ul><li>lack of humility (selfcritic) </li></ul><ul><li>approval </li></ul><ul><li>Companies </li></ul><ul><li>scarce innovative capability in traditional sectors and of energy </li></ul><ul><li>Unclear meaning of CSR </li></ul><ul><li>scarce capability to affirm the ethic of professionism as value </li></ul><ul><li>Not defined meaning of professionality </li></ul><ul><li>Recent perception of a new sense of business (to search) </li></ul><ul><li>Big dependence on banks and poor ability to create innovative financial formulas </li></ul><ul><li>higher attention to the environment </li></ul><ul><li>Society </li></ul><ul><li>social security need </li></ul><ul><li>growing uncertainty </li></ul><ul><li>Migratory pressure on the richest territories </li></ul><ul><li>Earth </li></ul><ul><li>difficult climate change prediction. Likely increase in temperature, with the decrease in the areas affected by the Gulf Stream . </li></ul><ul><li>Increasing levels of pollution </li></ul>? CYBORG ROBOT Opportunities of strategic development ICT applications are used in all productive sectors. The competition among states and organizations will be based on ICT systems. The centrality of ICT sector in the economic system (economics, politics, society) of the future, compared with an increase of entropy of the Earth and the epochal changes induced by the next industrial revolution (and social), requires careful attention to the real meaning of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) of the company. In the time period in question (15-20 years) the competitive advantages can be acquired in the market to show the practice of their CSR. Technology The maturity of new technologies will lead to a technological revolution, which also will have a social effect for the start of the spread of the robot. Population By 2025 the world population will prowling about 8 billion people, concentrated mainly in poor areas of the planet.
  8. 8. The ICT central systems in the economy of the new millennium Economistic trends Ecology The Earth system economic Lobby A company like IBM expresses its CSR attempting to forge the ethic-moral system of the future, acquiring specific weight in the power of the international lobbystic system and interving to act on the causes of exogenous factors and of the growth of the power of criminal and teroorist orgnizations. IBM Current ethical-moral System Criminal and terrorist organizations Exogenous factors Sistema Etico-Morale futuro Specification of the objectives
  9. 9. III: From“International Business Machines” to“Innovation Business Machine”
  10. 10. The state-business: a probable scenario for the long term development The state company (Corporate Country) is transversal to nation states. In the first stage large corporate multinationals ensure the provision of some social services to families of their employees (all nationalities): education, safety, legal defense, health. The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming less and less abstract, through a growing process of effective action. This phase has already begun. In the second phase are formed agglomerations of Corporates (including partnership), the fight goes toward competitive levels for the practice of CSR, which is increasingly becoming a competitive factor , and above all is the ability to &quot;spoil&quot; the talents and ensure maximum safety to families of employees who become distinctive competence in the management of human resources. In this phase, the robot began to be produced in large scale. The third stage coincides with the maturity of the next industrial revolution (energy + biotechnology + robotics+ nanotechnology), where the effects on social relations will be huge, given the plethora of &quot;normal&quot; human beings (and poor) which will determine. At this stage all Senior classesof the world's population will be a little cyborg, and the others will be a problem to manage. From whom?
  11. 11. <ul><li>Giving impetus to the development of new technologies and be prepared to the age of robots and cyborg </li></ul><ul><li>Creating an IBM style, both in relation to human being which organizations (economic, social and political) </li></ul><ul><li>Verify the feasibility of state-holding. </li></ul>Articulation of the IBM network in physical places and media system (Web, TV and radio) that directly reaches the entire human community. IBM as the center of a network of businesses that operates in all productive sectors of the economy which are considered strategic for the new millennium (Network IBM, called IBM: Business Innovation Machine) The IBM net as partner of the territorial governance Research and innovation as engines of development food and wine sectors, tourism, fashion and entertainment, as tactics to expand the network and have daily contact with the community. The entertainment sector as the engine of the penetration of new technologies in households, and videogames (with applications of virtual reality) as a training tool of IBM. Art and artistic creativity as tactics for communicating more effectively and efficiently, and to include in the budget the infrastructure investments of the IBM network. Man as the central element of the network, and education as a determining factor. From opportunities to definition of strategic environment Purposes Strategies Operative Strategies Tactics OPPORTUNITAIES OF A STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT ICT applications are used in all productive sectors. The competition among states and organizations will be based on ICT systems. The centrality of ICT sector in the economicsystem (economics, politics, society) of the future, compared with an increase of entropy of the Earth and the epochal changes induced by the next industrial revolution (and social), requires careful attention to the real meaning of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) of the company. In 15-20 years the competitive advantages can be acquired in the market to show the practice of their CSR.
  12. 12. Governance construction and town planning Ecology Free time Art and Design Sport Food sector Galassia dei possibili settori strategici Tourism Culture Health Mobility New technologies ICT Cinema And Music Finance Media …… Management Innovation R&S Education Human Research Program Technology Research Programs
  13. 13. Methodology for the identification of the strategic sectors humans as social being to discover and make intelligible THE INNOVATION MANAGEMENT The human being as the central element of the network The research and innovation as engines of the development Find a logical economic application of the innovation in the sphere of network The network of skills to offer integrated services Human Research Program Technology Research Programs Starting from the human being in his individual aspect, it is possible to make it intelligible in its social aspects. The links between the human needs as social being and the economy determine the list of the strategic sectors We define the technologies &quot;most revolutionary&quot; and search an order of significance between them We must find a common denominator between the human being and the future technology development. Concept of artificial biosphere Management Innovation R&S Education Human Research Program Technology Research Programs
  14. 14. Human Research Program (What) It is a complex and organic research program on human being, seen in its physical, ethical and moral aspects, in order to codify logics and methods for a continuous improvement. It is the basis for Human Development IBM and of the culture of the new millennium. (Why) It is the operating way to put people in the core of the world system (economy, society, culture). This is a necessary condition for the development of innovation in every sector, recognition world IBM, and for the creation of a more harmonious cultural model (in social and ecological relations ): In this sense it is important to adjust the social mechanisms in future space stations. It is the basis of the development of intelligent and sensory cyborgs and robots. (Who) Because it is the most important factor in the strategy, it is implemented by a group of interdisciplinary work in which the responsible are directly linked to the High direction of IBM. (Where) The program is managed on the Internet and connects every single point of the IBM network system . It is a kind of laboratory planetarium, in which even the archaic cultures have their meaning. (When) it is the first program to plan and develop, because it is important also for the creation of the network and the choice of human skills necessary to develop it. (How) The method is always based on the continuous improvement (wheel Deming): you can build a philosophic model that represents the human being (which belongs to a historically determined species), and then go to experience the same model in practical and simple applications (e.g. form for the curriculum vitae) or more complex ones (robotics and Cybernetics), and then check the results and finally receive the information for the adjustment to the model and procedures for experimentation. >>> Directions for a strategic development The complexity of the program must be reduced, isolating those categories that are more decisive for the psycho-physical balance , for the development of capacity, and the importance that they have for shaping the culture of the new millennium and, above all, the leader of the future. It is important to understand what are the ethical and moral rules that are on the basis of a social not &quot;entropic“ conduct , and the corresponding values connected. Human Research Program
  15. 15. Human being Sfera Economicistica di Riferimento WORLD SYSTEM Society Economy Family Culture Culture Technology Art The single human being is a complex system that is inserted in an equally complex environment . Economic environment of the territory in which he lived determines the &quot;past&quot; (which can be encoded as experience); that in which it lives determines the present. Economic environment of reference is in turn influenced from those that are the dynamic world economic system. Thanks to the Internet and to the media, culture and technology that belong to the patrimony of the human specie , can directly influence the individual; it can also release the ideolgy (ethic-moral-religious system) of the environment in which it lives, in order to hug other values. So that the human future can be released from local logics and it can conscientiousness go towards an universal process of growth, focusing on a continue improvement, based on a benchmark of the entire planet and the entire history. Man of 2000 and the relations with external environment Ideology Ideology Human Research Program >>>
  16. 16. The homo sapiens man system MIND the mind &quot;should&quot; be the rudder of individual life. “ PARAMIND” It represents both the real experience and what is on the basis of the improvement. CAPACITY The action leads to a change in capacity practices, mental and sensitive. CONSCIENCE CAPACITY BEHAVIOUR MIND “ PARAMIND” SOCIAL RECOGNITION AWARENESS SENSITIVITY PSYCHE BEHAVIOUR It represents the action in its different social and individual spheres. SOCIAL RECOGNITION It gives the image that the society has created about the individulal. CONSCIENCE It is the ethical-moral. system It contains the dreams, the values, and the specular vices (which are not generally negative). SENSITIVITY It is the most ethreal human world, the DNA of capacity and passion. PSYCHE It is the black hole of the human being. It is the aspect that must be espressed. AWARENESS It is the sensitive and rational projection of the acquired experience. Human Research Program >>>
  17. 17. CONSCIENCE “ PARAMIND” SOCIAL RECOGNITION CONSCIOUSNESS SENSITIVITY Network of knowledge PSYCHE Relationship with the death Frustrations fears Self-esteem CAPACITY respect BEHAVIOUR Class and style creativity Capacity to communicate order To practise a sport diet Religiousness MIND logic and method Capacity of planning Decision-making ability family Violent charge wisdom disappointments consistency Ethic-moral sense values expectations job money Sexual intercourse friends Love for a partner To sleep children Motherhood/fatherhood sexuality strangers to travel To inquire To Study Reading novels and comics To ponder To confront To Observe The categories of the homo sapiens System the idea of the psyche (state of knowledge) To Discuss self-confidence alcohol and drugs To relax Partecipate to events concentration Paranormal capacity Intuition Prudence Fame dreams ambitions Professionality State of unsatisfaction Ethic Moral Passions Interests Aggressiveness Individual limits Doubts Pain and trauma Problem solving Lucidità Professional position Inibitions humility Vicious amazement Human Research Program anxiety respect honesty >>> Self-critism
  18. 18. The evolution towards the super-man CONSCIENCE “ PARAMIND” SOCIAL RECOGNITION CONSCIOUSNESS SENSITIVITY’ PSYCHE ABILITY’ BEHAVIOUR MIND Human Research Program Phase I: Passage towards the scientific rationalism Thanks to the power of the rational Method and logic, to the Umility and the Coherence, a sufficient “State of Knowledge of the Psyche” is reached, so that the mind becomes a central point in the process of the continous improvement. COSCIENCE “ PARAMIND” SOCIAL RECOGNITION CONSCIOUSNESS SENSITIVITY’ PSYCHE ABILITY’ BEHAVIOUR MIND COSCIENCE “ PARAMIND” SOCIAL RECOGNITION CONSCIOUSNESS SENSITIVITY ’ ABILITY’ BEHAVIOUR MIND Phase II: Coherent behaviour with the scientific rationalism Trough the improvement process (Deming weehl) abilities improve, knowing the sphere of the Psyche (wich becomes Consciousness), the Conscience is defined, and the sphere of Sensitivity is kept under observation. PHASE III: passage towards the winsdom The mind humbles it and the behaviour is lead by Consciuosness. Consciousness is clearly defined and the sphere of sensitivity begins to be more clear. The sphere of the social recognition becomes indifferent. Phase IV: Passage twards the super-man: the leader of changes Consciousness fuses togheter with sensitivity and becomes sensitive consciousness. The individual consciousness becomes the society ideology. >>>
  19. 19. the vital individual needs : a basic typical-Ideal representation Human Research Program play philanthropy Art Communicate sexuality job Sleep It is the first need of the phisycal. It implies the concept of to inhabit. Diet After the rest, you are hungry. Healthy “ the Healthy is the first thing”. Concept of family’s healthy Children The happyness and the education of your children is important. Sexuality The sex is a taboo, a perversion, a need, a joy, a communicative factor. To Communicate Socializing, working and expressing your artistic creativity, are forms of communication, that qualified not only the mere need, but the humanity of the human being too. sleep children diet healthy Religion Religion The religion faces the fear of death To play It expresses the need to play with fun, in the habits, in the socialization, in the work, with the violence, depending on the events. Job Job not as a tool of socialisation or as a play, but as professionality and ethic, and as social achievement. Philanthropy To show himself or others your abilities, magnanimity and humanity. Art It expresses the ability to be a man (to love, to live). The capacity as the art of do it all . The sequence of the several categories can be slightly different, depending on gender, age, or on deviant behaviour. The depth of the several spheres can be different depending on the different typic-ideal representsations (concept of the sociologist E. Durkheim ). To travel this expresses the wish to discover, the spirit of adventure. travel >>>
  20. 20. Passage towards the scientific rationalism Human Research Program The IBM-Man understands the concept of art and makes all in an artistic way; he can strike a balance, that is a dinamic concept, in which success and failure flow in an harmonic way, in an endless process of continous improvement, until its limit (represented by abilities, and by the death). IBM MAN Methodological Benchmarking The concept of art as the highest ability derives from Gandhi’ thought (“the Art to live”) and E. Fromm (“the Art to love”) Play Philanthropy Art Communicate Sexuality Job Sleep Children Diet Healthy Religion travel >>> COSCIENCE “ PARAMIND” SOCIAL RECOGNITION CONSCIOUSNESS SENSITIVITY ’ ABILITY’ BEHAVIOUR MIND
  21. 21. The dynamic perfection of the individual: activating the process of the continous improvement Human Research Program IBM MAN Play Philanthropy Art Comunicate Sexuality Job Sleep Children Diet Healthy Religion Travel COSCIENCE “ PARAMIND” CONSCIOUSNESS SENSITIVITY ABILITY’ BEHAVIOUR Phase III: Passage towards the state of winsdom The mind humbles it and the behaviour is lead by Consciuosness. Consciousness is clearly defined and the sphere of sensitivity begins to be more clear. The sphere of the social recognition becomes indifferent. Phase IV: Passage twards the super-man: the leader of changes Consciousness fuses togheter with sensitivity and becomes sensitive consciousness. The individual consciousness becomes the society ideology. IDEOLOGY “ PARAMIND” SENSITIVE CONSCIOUSNESS ABILITY’ BEHAVIOUR >>>
  22. 22. The individuation of the strategic research areas, to spark off the evolutionary mechanism Play Philanthropy Arte Comunicate Sexuality Job Sleep Children Diet healthy Religion Travel Ethic-moral area Human Research Program Mental-sensitive abilities Psycho-phisycal abilities Educational factors (Paramind) Strategic directions of development Reducing the whole complexity and isolating those categories, which are most crucial for the psycho-physical balance, for the development of certain abilities (mental and sensitive), and for the importance that they have to shape the culture of the new millennium and overall the leaders of the future. First of all it is important to understand what are the ethic-moral rules, which lie at the bottom of a social not-entropic behaviour, and the corresponding linked values. >>> PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION
  23. 23. Human Research Program Psycho-physical Area Diet The diet is the most important factor for life and concentration, but it influences the sleep and the mood too. Benchmarking: Dr Kusmine from Swiss has developed a method to treat patholgies, and serious pathologies as wel, based on diet. Sleep It bears on productivity and mood. Sleeping less can authomatically extend the life. To practice a sport It is important to establish a connection between sport and healthy, or sport and psycho and between sport and the development of abilities. Abilities Area Mental abilities Mental abilities are as an universe in which you must recognize each of them, and establish a connection among them and with the psycho-physical area, how the mechanisms of development operate as regards the development tools (Paramind), and those which represent obstacles for their development. Sensitive abilities These are skills that can be developed, or are innate in the individual, and therefore involve research genetics. Would be interesting to change the angle of observation of the research, moving the beginning of individual life at the moment of conception, and not that of leakage from uterus. The way it was conceived as a (sexual) could affect the so-called innate abilities. The frontier of research is telepathy, and so may be useful studies on animal behavior (ethology). Ethic-moral Area Are to understand the processes that lead to the development of ethical and moral system of the individual, the values that are part of the sense of respect (of self, neighbor and the Environment) and tolerance (respect for diversity), Dream linked the affirmation of values. Important is to understand how the defects are formed and how they can be compatible with the balance. An important area of investigation is that the world of prisons, which should be an important laboratory for human and social analysis. Educational factors (Paramind) Are the instruments upon which the process of evolution of knowledge and substantiate the educational methods and training. At the root it must seek the best formula, based on what is the teaching of history: the question as to render it intelligible why in antiquity (Greece, Rome, etc.) there have been great men who thirty years were already dead, and a twenty-year-old of today is at best a technical training, if not a capricious or a flawed frustrated unconscious. .
  24. 24. New technologies Strategic values to plan a coherent and complementary system The world of research and technological innovation (including process management) is of course crucial for the development of IBM. It is important to develop the method to define the programs: we start from the perfect knowledge of the subject (which in this case it is not), to understand the direction and timing of development. <ul><li>security </li></ul><ul><li>Information technologies </li></ul><ul><li>Privatt </li></ul><ul><li>Social </li></ul><ul><li>National (armament industry) </li></ul>Technology Research Programs <ul><li>Building and city planning </li></ul><ul><li>Bioarchitecture e biobuilding </li></ul><ul><li>Domotics </li></ul><ul><li>territory management </li></ul>Food processing Arte Lavoro <ul><li>Environment and ecology </li></ul><ul><li>artificial biosphere </li></ul><ul><li>management of waste </li></ul><ul><li>management of water </li></ul><ul><li>management of territory </li></ul><ul><li>Mobility </li></ul><ul><li>Aerospace </li></ul><ul><li>Road transport </li></ul><ul><li>marine transport </li></ul><ul><li>air transport </li></ul><ul><li>mobility management </li></ul>Technology Research Programs <ul><li>New technologies </li></ul><ul><li>Biotechnolies and bioinformatic </li></ul><ul><li>Energy </li></ul><ul><li>Nanotechnologies </li></ul><ul><li>Robotic and Cybernetic </li></ul>ICT and virtuale Reality Health service and pharmaceutics The ICT compartment is central in each sector, and new technologies will be the changing driving force ICT Food processing Health service and pharmaceutics security Environment and ecology Mobility Building and city planning Technology Research Programs >>>
  25. 25. Innovation management The world of research and technological innovation is crucial for the development of IBM. At the operational level must be an organization capable of continuously generating innovations. A system to be connected to local communities in order to enlarge the number of &quot;researchers&quot;. For relations that are established between basic research and innovations, the way these are applied in different economic spheres, and interconnection established between the system of R & D and the world of education and vocational training, one must speak of a single process which is the management. The dialectic between the two research programs must necessarily start with the identification of relations that bind the technological needs of man as social being, historically determined and given in its evolutionary process . New technologies Arte Lavoro ICT Food processing Health service and pharmaceutics security Environment and ecology Mobility Building and city planning Technology Research Programs Ethic-moral area Mental-sensitie abilities Psycho-physical abilities Educational factors (Paramind) Human Research Program >>> Human Research Program innovation management Technology Research Programs
  26. 26. Food processing Building and city planning Professional education The identification of strategic areas of research and relations with the existing economic sectors play Filantropia Art communicate sexuality job Sleep Children Diet Healthy Religion travel Health service and pharmaceutics Industry of fun and vicious Industry of sex Free time, Cinema, Media, Music, publishing Mobility “ Industry of children” Industry of solidarity Industry of culture Industry of religiosity Economic sectors related to man as a social being The detection of these is useful to understand the importance they have in relation to the needs, and to focus those who have economic interests and groups (clergy, criminal organizations, economic lobbies), which must be taken into account in strategic planning and operational (IBM Innovation Programs). Energy compartment Videogames, gambling, drugs, alcohol, smoking Turism Social security Education Security IT Organizzazioni criminali Food, medicines and Parapharmacy, toys, books, movies, TV, etc.. Lobby of Copyright Armed forces, police, war industry Home security Immigration Criminal organizations Criminal organizations Lobby of health service Lobby of OGM Lobby of clergy Criminal organizations Energy lobby >>> Lobby of Tobacco Finance compartment Finance lobby Human Research Program innovation management Technology Research Programs
  27. 27. Finance and Insurance Security Norms and rules Food processing New technologies ICT compartment Health service and pharmaceutics Human Research Program Building and city planning Mobility Environment and ecology Education and ttraining Turism Videogames IBM Innovation System Program A complex system that starts by connecting to each sub-area considered strategic, to be governed by a system of laws and rules (the ethical-moral, ISO, regulations, etc.). The rules must be respected and therefore, safety must be ensured. The whole content in what a financial and insurance forming the accelerator complex in the mechanism of the Management of Innovation. Industry of children Free time Industry of “ vice“ Human Research Program innovation management Technology Research Programs
  28. 28. One criterion for determining the priorities and constraints: the artificial Biosphere within the many fields of research to give a rule of thumb for the purposes sought is important . The mental experiment is to build a space station on the Moon. Related challenges are technological, organizational, human, social and security. &quot; The technical aspects are the most simple, not considering the original problem of the atmosphere. Related challenges of greater complexity are those related to social harmony, and then at the individual as social being. Another aspect is linked to the (simulated) interest to frustrate the program by organized groups. In defining the system of IBM Innovation Programs must take into account the existing organized interests (lobbyists, terrorists and criminal organizations, clergy), and provide strategies and tactics for co-opted into their system or simply destroy them (to tend to zero, the &quot;lifeblood&quot; that sustains them). Hence >>> As a single common denominator that binds the whole system of new technologies with the system, is identified in the concept of Artificial BIOSPHERE. Human Research Program innovation management Technology Research Programs
  29. 29. The Biosphere Research Program (What) It is the more complex program (in the sense of complex category) under which consist of all other programs, up to that related to humans. It is the centre of the theoretical connections that can be created between all the &quot;less complex&quot; . (Why) It has the operational reach of developing skills for the construction of space stations. It is methodologically strategic because it gives a logical order to the large number of potential innovation programs which can be seen as interesting and priorities. (Where) The physical container of the program is the IBM Space Center, which is basically a city built from scratch in a desert area. In the first phase, the artificial air problem is less important of other technical, human and social aspects. That is a real experiment in artificial atmosphere will be deployed in small and then gradually enlarge. (How) It begins as most experiments in city neighborhoods or intelligent urban zones (domotics, green building, sustainable mobility). Gradually adding variables such as social (leisure) and moral (standards). While in the developed technologies needed, and designed the implementation of IBM Space Center. Human Research Program innovation management Technology Research Programs
  30. 30. Innovation management IBM School Governance Culture and business IBM Center IBM Corner IBM Store IBM Research Center IBM Innovation Corner Ecology IBM Development Center IBM Reusing Center Healthy WEB-TV-RADIO SYSTEM IBM g overnance Center IBM Hospitals IBM Health Program Web Health Program IBM Art School Sport IBM Sport Contest Food processing IBM Campus IBM Future Farm IBM Food Center Human Research Program Technology Research Programs IBM Point Physical-media system of the &quot;Business Innovation Machine&quot; Turismo IBM University . IBM Space Center IBM Future Farm IBM Moon Resort IBM Sporting Center IBM Moon Resort Gli IBM Hotel IBM Health Resort
  31. 31. IBM Schools IBM School (kindergarten schools to those above) have the strategic aim of forging the early ones that should be the necessary development of the IBM network, and to prepare the leaders of the future. The operational objectives are to develop teaching methods based on ICT systems (including virtual reality) and to develop a universal logical language. IBM Schools may also be a brand that IBM recognizes a school for the teaching method used. IBM University The teaching modules are provided primarily on-line, to reach the entire globe. You use the skills of the most prestigious universities in the world, according to the logic of partnership. The seat is included in 'IBM Space Center. Students may pay fees by working in different centers, where they also learn how the professional skills. IBM University must be able to prepare leaders, men are able to be active players in the history of the new millennium. Tracks should be to experience in the IBM Development Center, where you must confront the centrifugal impulses of people, organizations and cultural patterns. IBM Campus Every year students experience a campus of one-two months in addition to the use of modules is by the physical body (sports and martial arts) and psyche (yoga and various techniques of concentration). The training modules ensure the development of logic, creativity and innovation. The campus is organized in Spartan conditions, and the daily needs of the stay will the students themselves (in a team). The Campus can be arranged even in the IBM Future Farm, where students provide arms, as well as minds. >>> IBM Art School Promote art and creativity has a threefold strategic, operational and tactical. Strategically is crucial for creating local support in the community, and convey the image of IBM. At the operational level is one way to train talents to be used in marketing and communications strategic and operational, as well as being instrumental to the development of specific business areas (such as hi-teach fashion and design). A tactical level is a way to reduce the costs of marketing and communications. Are divided into different areas of exploration (from the classic to the media), and connect to any IBM Innovation Program. Eg. to establish a relationship with IBM Hospitals in relation to the activities you can do with patients, to ease tensions and facilitate the process of healing, or effect of music on human health and the workplace (including those of agricultural production ). Preparing the technical and creative people who manage the development of the Web system, and the schedule of TV and Radio, as well as developing the design of the IBM-Center-Corner Point. The students are used in campus and in the Future Farm IBM to entertain guests Human Research Program innovation management Technology Research Programs
  32. 32. IBM Innovation Corner The style of IBM Corner (described later) are designed to serve students, and therefore positioned in the vicinity of universities and some high schools. In addition to selling services of high technologc value, it is anticipated the administration food and beverages (with menus and useful products to increase capacity psycho-attitudinal), which is connected to the Food Research Program. Within them, students perform activities that support research and innovation of the IBM network, both technological and human. An IBM intern coordinates the group.  It is a tactic to create a new mentality in young people and to exploit the potential to now not used. IBM Research Center In this center a basic research is done and innovative solutions are developed, in all sectors considered strategic, in a complementary perspective. They coordinate the various IBM Innovation Programs, and therefore are hubs of innovation to the network. Continued professional training   The experiences with the entire organizational network IBM, qualifies the IBM man in a light of continous professional training in the spirit of continuous improvement . IBM Innovation Center Coordinates the various IBM Innovation Programs, and so it is the sorting of innovations to the whole network. It is a sort of electronic brains of IBM, and is therefore conceived as a laboratory for experimental research on an electronic brain.  The company has its seat in 'IBM Space Center. Human Research Program innovation management Technology Research Programs
  33. 33. The net of IBM Center The IBM Center are to conceive as social spaces that cause emotions, designed using the principles of green building and home automation (according to IBM Biosphere Program), and inspired by art objects. Can be built from scratch, or can value not exploited or abandoned wealth (like the Roman wall in Rome): can be made also on the water. Everything on a communicative and artistic logic, which is complementary and integrated.  In the center visitors can enjoy cultural and artistic contents (and other shows) to play and entertain the kids, buy items and services for the home and person, explore worlds and dimensions through virtual reality, it could buy all that is necessary in daily life (IBM Store concept developed below).  In the center will be restaurants, fast-food, bar (according to the Human Nutrition Research Program).  The soul of the center will be given by a community of artists who live within the Center.  The location of the IBM Center will be the &quot;city of the world.&quot; The net of IBM Corner IBM Corner are showrooms where is projected the image of IBM services for local communities, and where are the proposed solutions for businesses (including micro), and for families (education, entertainment, home automation systems). A store space (more or less large) dedicated to food and wine products, a few heads of fashion hi-teach, and care of the person (it follows the logic of the health and welfare). Media boxes give the opportunity to listen to music and watch movies synthesis to create CDs and DVDs. Ergonomics of virtual reality allow to live in virtual tour packages on offer (buy online). The staff (with uniform made with natural fiber materials with high technological content (antibacterial yarn, thermally insulated) is a consultant in the selection, rather than a seller.  To be held at regular art exhibitions and cultural events (in line with the culture IBM) or information on ICT systems.  IBM Corner developed into franchising. Strategic and operational objectives  The actions have the strategic objective of promoting the image and the distinctive competence of IBM, to expand the business and to have a continuous dialogue with local communities. The operational objective is to generate significant cash flow through direct sales to individuals. Culture and business >>>
  34. 34. The proposed image the IBM corner furniture is to integrate modernity (collected on the wall displays, multimedia, etc..), made of materials that are environmentally friendly and based on the non-linearity of life (on the Austrian architect Hundertwasser style), and objects of art and creativity (plaster casts). To this end, the best material is the &quot;cellular cement&quot; (also known as &quot;gas beton), which has the advantage of being easily assembled into desired shapes (we saw, planer it, paste) and then be colored as desired : strength is its low cost. Another advantage that you can create light sources of all kinds.  These systems integrate modern lighting (fiber optic, LED lamps) to be treated according to the techniques of the Lighting Designer and Lighting dell'Architectural. So a team of artists, technicians and workers are able to &quot;assemble&quot; the Corner in two to three weeks. Alongside are some photos of a show room created by the writer, which may give the idea of the type of furniture proposed (even if it represents a very rough phase of what is possible). . Culture and business The IBM Store Buying is seen today by many as an experience. Using the service of the buyed object (and thus also the &quot;products&quot; are in reality services) is also considered by someone as an experience.  Consumption generates waste (or pollution charges), which must be managed. So the benefit of the service is a cultural model that has to be sought and reported.  The generalist space store (the type of GDO, the large organized distribution), where you will find almost everything you need is a cultural construct and communicate. So the products will be selected and &quot;certified&quot; by IBM for their ethical and environmental, that nanotechnology will be easily demonstrated what is written on the labels (for food and wine industry today is a mixture of lies and falsehood).  In all the products contained the actual practice of IBM CSR, because the eco-consciousness and class of a man is also when &quot;goes to the bathroom, so it is crucial to the choice of toilet paper that incorporates less CO2 equivalent (which is a measure of pollution load can be put on the label) and the number of bits used .
  35. 35. Strategic and operational objectives   The strategic aim is to intervene directly on the processes of territorial governance, so as to give real meaning to CSR Network IBM. The operational objective is the development of ICT territorial systems of governance, which are efficient and effective. IBM Governance IBM Governance Center Aims to develop the &quot;integrated development plan&quot; (socio-economic analysis, SWOT analysis, plan development and communication plan), in the spirit of shared development. It is not a physical center, but uses the other available physical space, or simply spread within a university in the area. With various analysis tools (forums, competitions) are made to compile the plan. The bulk of the work will be done by university students.  Should be provided for a series of training modules for administrators and managers of the various local authorities.  The objectives must be related to the ability of directors, the interests of corporate executives, and the power of local lobby: as appropriate, you can aspire to excellence, development, or just starting to emerge from underdevelopment (which can be simply cultural and political) . It is intolerable and ridiculous that politicians do not benefit from specialist training and who are released from any process of continuous improvement. IBM Point Are designed along the lines of IBM Corner, but are to be developed in rural areas.  May be related to a project of governance, and thus act as a lever of development, may also arise where there is strategic communication ethics IBM (as in the mountain, so crucial to the ecological balance, and the historical tendency to deterioration that is going through for years).
  36. 36. Ecologia Terrestre IBM Development Center Are designed in the spirit of IBM Governance Center, with the particularity of being incorporated into social and political contexts in which the lobby (economic and criminal) and private interests are very strong.  Are conceived as the physical spaces in which we try to achieve the objectives of IBM Governance Center, with a goal of education and training to young people.  It is important to conceive them as cognitive and physical space for children where they can simply play, learn or have fun with new technologies. Children are the most important target.  It is important to provide training for women on basic health issues (hygiene and prevention).  Well is to emphasize the importance of cultural diversity, in which their culture is important for the formation of the ideology of the new millennium.  It is a kind of larger reusing Corner IBM . IBM Reusing Corner Are physical spaces, like the objectives of the IBM Innovation Corner, adapted to different local realities.  Are designed in a venture philantropy model, which creates income for those who work there.  Are furnished in what we can express the local artistic creativity, and then using easy-to-find materials or waste materials. The technological equipment has to come from an international circuit of reuse: the hardware and electronics can be repaired in the IBM Development Center, and be so ready to be installed. Corner the same Corner can be teaching, assembly and repair. Strategic and operational objectives   The strategic aim is to intervene on the entropy acting on the section on human organizations. It consists in direct actions to aid the development of areas of the &quot;Non-developed&quot; world, or on the side of governance than the mitigation of the digital divide.
  37. 37. IBM Future Farm They represent the projection of city life in the agricultural world, and so are the synthesis between the resorts (Club Mediterranée style) with the farm and with the social and cultural moments of their city.  Are preferably located in areas with a strong vocation for tourism (nature tourism), and therefore offer tourist services of the highest level. Part of the farms are the transformation of artisan workshops, where agricultural products are processed into food and wine products. These are in line with the vocations of the territory, and thus assume a &quot;territorial&quot; and then sold the products carry the reality of these territories, and so play action to promote tourism.  The productions are different in different locations on the network, in a complementary and necessary network of IBM and Innovation Corner Store. Production methods are based on techniques of organic farming, or &quot;permacoltura&quot; (technical farming Japanese).  For the development and management of the farms are used, students, and are also used for the conduct of the Campus.  Each farm is considered as the progressive approximation to the artificial biosphere, and thus is part of IBM Biosphere Program. Agrofood IBM Food Farm Are designed according to the maximization of output, with the minimization of environmental impacts (integrated, organic farming). The production is highly mechanized and automated. Should ensure large quantities of essential goods (eg cereals, legumes), with a good quality.  In some of them are experienced and produce agricultural products with the application of biotechnology. These centers are in close relations with that 'IBM Research Center on biotechnology and nanotechnology (traceability). Strategic, operational and tactical values The industry has its tactical value in making the IBM Center-Corner, which are frequented by customers each day in order to continually communicate with local communities.  At the operational level is reflected in the production of goods sold in the IBM Store, which would increase the profitability for the Network  A strategic level, the sector is important for the connections it has with the function of the Health (Food as preventive medicine), and the implications it has with the sector of tourism, and the realization of Campus.  Finally it all depends on the development programs at Govenance Planning and Development Center of IBM. L’ IBM Food Program E’ in relazione stretta con il Web Health Program che si focalizza sugli effetti dell’alimentazione sulla salute, e con l’attività dell’ IBM Space Center, in riguardo all’uso alimentare dei prodotti ottenuti con le biotecnologie. In sostanza l’attività dell’ IBM Food Program è finalizzata ad ottenere tecnologie per la produzione di alimenti ad alto valore nutritivo, e diete a basso potere calorico, utili per poter sviluppare in futuro le stazioni spaziali, oltre che essere utili a contrastare le Crisi esogene (calamità naturali, crisi sanitarie).
  38. 38. Agroalimentare IBM Smoke Farm Places agricultural plants that grow where they are used for the production of cigarettes. The type of plants must ensure the minimization of adverse effects on health. Of course, the techniques of production are those of organic farming.  In the production of cigarettes must understand how to use the card, which contributes much to make smoking a habit that kills. L’ IBM Smoke Program E’ parte del programma di ricerca sul Vizio (parte dell ’ Human Research Program). Ad oggi fumare fa male, ma è un piacere-bisogno a cui non tutti sono disposti a rinunciare. Se il fumo fa male è dovuto alla nicotina (che crea assuefazione e dipendenza psico-fisica), e ad una serie di particelle contenute; forse anche per i metodi di produzione agricola utilizzati. Quindi se nelle sigarette fossero contenute sostanze meno dannose (utilizzando piante diverse dal tabacco), allora si potrebbe evitare di rinunciare ad un vizio come il fumo: l’uomo IBM deve avere necessariamente dei vizi, ed essere libero di coltivarli nel rispetto del prossimo. Se solo le grandi multinazionali del tabacco pensassero che già il marchio di agricoltura biologica potrebbe essere un fattore di scelta per i fumatori che hanno a cuore la propria salute …
  39. 39. Tourism Strategic, operational and tactical values Tourism has a high strategic significance, for connections with different areas of the IBM. In addition to being operationally a way to increase profitability, can be used in what the training of human resources for the education of children and young people, for the formation of ethical and moral consciousness.  It 'also a way to boost the aerospace industry, with the development of space tourism (already started).  At the tactical level, touristic offers are designed to regenerate the psycho-physical balance of IBM, or as a module to learn new knowledge-ability, depending on the needs of individuals: it aims to increase the concentration and productivity (maximum satisfaction). . IBM Moon Resort It is conceptually progressive to the development of “space tourism. &quot; It is a real tourist center which is located on the moon, and offers package tours for billionaires in search of excitement.  The center must also be used for teaching and training men for IBM. IBM Future Farm Great space for walking and equestrian sports, in addition to the evening to socialize . IBM Tourism Travel A caravan of motor homes with high-tech companies along the routes of all types, in every corner of the Earth. The trip becomes a discovery, an encounter with different cultures, a way to collect images of faces and landscapes, a chance for the development of other IBM Innovation Program (such as that related to mobility, or linked to agrifood development network of IBM Future Farm). IBM Hotel Are designed and implemented in line with the program on the biosphere. Are located near the business centers, or in areas with a strong vocation for tourism (cultural tourism). IBM Health Resort Are centers of wellness where guests can relax the spirit, heal your body, learn healthy lifestyles. IBM Educational Tourism Tourism as a factor of experience and education. In the old Soviet Union to the best students were given as a prize trip. All students must be allowed to travel, but the best one for more.  It is part of the Human Research Program .
  40. 40. Healthy Strategic and operational objectives The strategic aim is to search for cultural patterns in which individual health is a practice of individual and social life, in order to be used in the Network IBM community, and from IBM Corner -Center business offers. The operational objective is to develop ICT systems to be sold at market . IBM Hospitals From the perspective of training is complementary test ICT systems in hospitals for their improvement, with the objective of providing efficient and effective health services. The network of IBM Hospitals will be part of a telemedicine program in the Web Health Program. The Web Health Program In addition to searching the formulas of telemedicine, in the spirit of Western medicine, should be sought integration with the so-called alternative medicine, in that health is first and foremost an individual fact, a practice of life, a style of food. For this purpose it is necessary to develop experimental programs in which the effects on the health of individual life styles are directly observed. The Health Research Program Experience to explore the capabilities of the human body associated with different lifestyles, but also in relation to those which are the application of nanotechnology and biotechnology on the human body. In relation to the first aspect can be used in all nodes of the network (including the IBM Schools), and the second relates to the activities of 'IBM Space Center, related to the development of mass of the robot and cyborg.
  41. 41. Sport IBM Sport Contest A major sporting event held annually in different parts of the Earth. It aims to channel the competition among individuals in constructive formulas.  The sports that are identified as &quot;constructive&quot; for the development of individual skills and the ethical and moral cohesion.  Disciplines such as rallies are useful for people who have a passion for cars (or bikes), as well as having a return to that image in the territories are concerned. This is also a tactic to strengthen its partnership with industry partners.  Disciplines such as paragliding, parachute and light aviation are helpful in strengthening the capacity of leadership.  In short every single-sport competition must be designed with respect to the function that plays in relation to IBM and in relation to the spread of the network . Strategic and operational values The strategic aim is to find models of sport that has benevolent effects on individual health and on mental and sensitive capacities, and as a factor in ethical and moral cohesion.  At the operational level organized events must have a return in terms of image and communication. IBM Sporting Center They are sport centre at the service of IBM mankind for the sport, in relation to the devolpment of capabilities.   The formulas developed can be used for a chain of sports franchises.
  42. 42. THE MEDIA SYSTEM (WEB-TV-RADIO) The media system is the single container throughout the IBM network. It supports and connects everything with everything, and the complexity of the network with the single man. It is the space of IBM Virtual Innovation System Programs, and can provide real services to the community (eg telemedicine)  As this is a system, and therefore consists of different TV-radio  portals. The language is unique, both in the classic sense of the language (English) and the logic (which minimizes the time of disclosure &quot;).  It should be the seed of a new way of conceiving the concept of citizenship. Business opportunities  One community of millions of sensitive minds, scattered throughout the world, can be used to give a soul to any specific search engine, which goes beyond the possible developments that can be achieved with algorithms or software intelligent. The possibility that it is the man to check the contents of a site and give a qualitative assessment can be something that greatly shortens the search of the inside, especially on those issues on which the data are stored on thousands of sites. A sort of certification that the IBM Network gives individual sites: the certificate of course has its cost. A system of TV channels is to serve the community of the IBM network and connects to the world, besides being the engine of multimedia arts A system of radio this is the engine of development of the musical arts, as well as being a training tool: just think the time is spent unnecessarily by car. Time Management A B2B portal offers an integrated service to clients, public and private, that aspires to excellence. The integration of the service is complete in the sense that it is provided &quot;turnkey&quot; the investment in the customer needs (planning, design, research funds, research suppliers, research sources of funding, insurance and legal).