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Cebu rehabilitation after earthquake


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The Atillo family operated affordable housing since 1960s. Lourdes Apartment V was shut down due to the 2013 earthquake. Spearheaded by Lucilito "Etong" Atillo along with the AADC (Ang Atillo Dev. Corp) board and crew, Apartment V in Punta Princesa is rehabilitated. Inspired by the 2012 movie "The Exotic Marigold Hotel," Cebu City is also up the speed of being a considered place for retirement for outsourced golden years to enjoy.

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Cebu rehabilitation after earthquake

  1. 1. Before repair and after repair Earthquake damage photos Lourdes Apartment V Cebu City
  2. 2. Lourdes V shutdown due to earthquake 2013
  3. 3. After repair • Kudos to “Engr.” Lucilito Atillo, CPA and the entire Ang Atillo Development Corporation (AADC) Board of Directors and crew.
  4. 4. After repair • Kudos to “Engr.” Lucilito Atillo, CPA
  5. 5. Lourdes V Punta Princesa, Cebu City, Philippines
  6. 6. Affordable living and retirement • Inspired by the movie The Exotic Marigold Hotel, enjoy comfortable and affordable living at Villa Lourdes, Cebu City, Philippines. Family operated since 1960. • Contact