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Magnets & magnetic fields


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Magnets & magnetic fields

  1. 1. Magnets & Magnetic Fields Priscy Laraury & Lucy Artigas
  2. 2. Magnetic Force• Force a magnet exerts on anothermagnet, on Iron, similar metals or on moveing charges• Varies in distance.• The 2 Magnetic Ploes are the strongest regions. ( North & South)• Opposite poles attract and Like magnetic poles repel.
  3. 3. Magnitic fields• The surraounding of a magnet and can exerts magnetic force.• It will either attract or repel another magnet that enters the field.Iron FieldsRevel the field lines
  4. 4. Magnetosphere• The compass aligns with Earth’s magnetic fields.• Geographic North Pole: 90ºMagnetic North Pole: 81º• Magnetic declination is the angel between the direction to true north direction & magnetic .• Varies with location on Earth