Independence day


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Independence day

  1. 1. Lucia Artigas #19°-215/9/12 Independence Day
  2. 2. Before• Invasion of Madrid in 1808 by French troops, had strong repercussions in various Spanish colonies because the Spanish kings Charles IV and Ferdinand VII abdicated in favor of Napoleon Bonaparte, who in turn left the crown of Spain in hands his brother Joseph Bonaparte. 2• Conspiracy to make war against the Spanish. The most important was on Queretaro, were the Corregidor and His wife Josefa Ortis de Dominguez supported the independence movement. In the Movement participate Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon, Miguel Hidlago y Costilla & The Military Allende. 3
  3. 3. El Grito de Dolores• On September 16th 1810, Hidalgo took to the pulpit in the town of Dolores and made a shocking announcement: he was taking up arms against the Spanish government and all were invited to join him. This famous speech became known as el Grito de Dolores.• Hidalgo, assisted by military man Ignacio Allende & Aldama led his army towards Mexico City 1
  4. 4. After 1,2,3• 1811- Hidalgo is defeated at the Battle of Calderon Bridge near Gudalajara and fusilladed by the Spanish.• His fight for freedom was continued by Morelos ; 1815- Morelos die in hands of the realistic army [The Spanish]• 1913 - Agustin de Iturbide [a realistic military that was tired of war and poverty] along with Vicente Guerrero, ended the war of independence proclaiming El plan de Iguala or De Las Trees Garantias (Three Guarantees) on February 24 in 1821.• Ended on September 27, 1821 with the entry of the Army Trigarante to Mexico City.• The last Viceroy Juan ODonoju recognized the independence of Mexico and cedes the government to Iturbide who is elected Emperor of Mexico. Las Trees Garantias BanderaTigarante Religion, Independence & Union 3
  5. 5. Acta de Independencia del Imperio Mexicano . "La Nación Mexicana, que por trescientos años ni ha tenido voluntad propia, ni libre uso de la voz, sale hoy de la opresión en que ha vivido. Los heroicos esfuerzos de sus hijos han sido coronados y está consumada la empresa enteramente memorable, que un genio superior a toda admiración y elogio, amor y gloria de su Patria, principió en Iguala, prosiguió y llevó a cabo arrollando obstáculos insuperables.“ - Agustín de Iturbide Emperor of MexicoAct of Independence of the Mexican Empire. The Mexican nation, which for three hundred years or had their own volition, or free use of voice, out today from oppression in which he lived. Heroic efforts of their children have been crowned and is accomplished entirely memorable company, which a genius above all admiration and praise, love and glory of their country, began in Iguala, continued and 1 conducted rolling insurmountable obstacles. "
  6. 6. El Bicentenario• In 2010 Mexico fulfilled 200 years of freedom from the Spanish. At Lincoln We normaly have… Flag Salute Dramas about the independence People uses hats and mustaches They usually bring Mariachi Folkloric dancing And buñuelos
  7. 7. Celebrating the Independence day• My parents and I for the bridge over the 16 septimbre we like to go ...• To publitos where we enjoy of the tipical customs.• The 16 is the birthday of my aunt, So we visit her bring a varity of tipical dishes, eat cake and share the time with the family.• Also we go to fairs that are placed around the city with friends to give the shout .But what we Always do no matter what Is eat typical food And Get Yelled so loudly VIVA MEXICO!
  8. 8. Sites1. Artigas Ramis- Independence of Mexico – 15/9/12