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Published in: Health & Medicine, Spiritual
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  1. 2. The main characters on Scrubs are: John Dorian (Zach Braff), Elliot Reid (Sarah Chalke), Dr. Percival Cox (John McGinley), Dr. Christopher Duncan Turk (Donald Faison), Dr. Bob Kelso (Ken Jenkins), Carla Espinoza (Judy Reyes), , and the janitor (Neil Flynn ). An Emmy and Peabody Award-winning American comedy-drama created by Bill Lawrence , Scrubs is my favorite TV show.
  2. 3. Scrubs is about the life and survival of four medical students in Sacred Heart Hospital. There, they are constantly battling employers and trying to survive relationships while saving lives simultaneously.
  3. 4. John Dorian (J.D) Zach Braff plays J.D., a young attending physician and staff internist. This bright medical student is both witty and dedicated which wins him the love of all residents in the hospital- most important to him, the love of his own role model, Perry Cox.
  4. 5. Elliot Reid (Barbie) Constantly battling for everyone’s approval, Elliot Reid or Barbie (as Dr. Cox calls her), is perhaps the most well educated doctor in Sacred Heart.
  5. 6. Christopher Turk “ Turk” is the 2 nd best surgeon in Sacred Heart Hospital. He, like his best friend J.D., is loved and respected by all. J.D.’s influence on him- for example, when he told Turk to go an extra mile for patients- earned him an operation he wanted to perform, helping him to advance in both position and intelligence at Sacred Heart
  6. 7. Carla Espinoza Carla Espinoza, the wife of “Turk”, is one of the nurses at Sacred Heart. Everybody respects Carla for she is both candid and sincere, and her advice both asked for or given out anyway, always helps her person in need in the long run.
  7. 8. Dr. "Perry" Cox Dr. Cox is my favorite character on Scrubs. His sarcastic humor is one of a kind, and the way he deals with his interns and helps them to accomplish so much without them knowing is truly remarkable. Dr. Cox is/was married to Jordan Sullivan. After the birth of his son, Jack turned this bitter man kind much to his disproval.
  8. 9. The Janitor Viewed by J.D. as the evil janitor, he, in fact, keeps everything in order and clean in Sacred Heart. Always there to lend a hand to the beautiful Carla Espinoza or to stick a foot “not intentionally” to make J.D. slip and constantly be mocked by the whole hospital, the Janitor is my second favorite character.