Gipson powerpoint final


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Gipson powerpoint final

  1. 1. Phillip Gipson
  2. 2. • CPUs• Book Checkout• CDs/DVDs/Multimedia• Online Databases
  3. 3. • Our 14 CPU terminals located on the main floor are always available for public use.• Laptop computers can also be checked out at the front desk. • Laptops are not to leave library premises, and are single-use checkout items.• A variety of computer accessories re also available, as well as audio/video eqpt.
  4. 4. • Books, including those 6 in our fiction, non- 5 fiction, and reference 4 sections, are available to be checked out for 3 Fiction two week periods. 2 Nonfiction• At the graph to the 1 Reference right, you can see 0 comparative amounts of book rentals by type from our 4 locations.
  5. 5. • Compact Discs and DVDs are available at the far end of the main floor. Any visitors to the library who desire assistance finding any titles, can find help at the main desk. They are also listed alphabetically in the library’s primary catalog.• A projector and sound system are mounted in our multi-purpose multimedia room as well. Use of this room can be scheduled with the main desk, but library staff will have to approve any public presentations.
  6. 6. • Online databases are available on the library computer system. - Our Inter-Library Loan Program allows you to rent out materials from other libraries (even ones out of state), so if any materials are needed that we don’t have immediately available, these can be ordered. - Need materials for an educational course? You can find them in our Warpville Central Library Search. If you’re an active librarymember, these materials can be heldon reserve for you if currently available.
  7. 7. • Many library materials have been digitally archived over the years and can be accessed on our library computers. These include: • Magazine articles • Newspaper articles • Digital photographs • Slides Our work digitally archiving materials is an ongoing process. Thousands of items are currently archived, but our archives are always growing. If any assistance is needed in locating archived materials, please let us know!
  8. 8. • Quiet Study Zones and Computer Labs are located on the top floor. It’s important to remain courteous of other library members when in these areas. Remember the 3 rules of conduct: • 1) No loud talking! This is not a chatting area. • 2) No food or drinks allowed. Food smells can be distracting for both those studying. • 3) Turn off all personal electronic devices. Ringing and buzzing telephones are distracting as well.
  9. 9. • Warpville City Library 72 Richwood Lane Warpville, MD 90210 (700) 458-9627 Mon – Thurs. : 9AM – 9PM Fri. : 11AM – 8PM Sat. : 11AM – 3PM
  10. 10. • Mr. Phillip K. Gipson, Head Librarian & Technology SpecialistMon. & Thurs. 5PM - 7PM*by appt. onlySchedule a Technology and your Library classtoday!We can be reached during business hours at:(700) 458-9627
  11. 11. • The Warpville Public Library engages with the local visual arts community by displaying many pieces from local artists. • The piece featured at right is entitled “Race of the Seahorse Kings,” a production by local artist T.H. Williams. It can now be seen on the patio behind Warpville Public Library.