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Evolving an organisation's culture through design


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Presentation I gave at Web Directions Design 2018 in Melbourne
#design18 @webdirections

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Evolving an organisation's culture through design

  1. 1. Evolving an organisation's culture through design @luciepaterson Product manager, ACMI
  2. 2. ACMI is the national museum of film, tv, video games, digital culture and art
  3. 3. 3 galleries 2 cinemas 2 production/education studios Cafe & bar Shop 1.4m annual visitors 2014-2015
  4. 4. 2015
 new CEO + new Executive Team 2019
 new museum
  5. 5. “ … in this rapidly evolving sector ACMI must become an organisation that is constantly evolving itself. We must build an internal culture that is resilient and risk taking, active and accountable to ensure we remain relevant to our visitors and communities … stay ahead of the curve in content, process and delivery.” Katrina Sedgwick, Director CEO
  6. 6. Seb Chan
 Chief Experience Officer Me
 Product Manager Andy Serong
 Developer Shelley Matulick
 Content Producer
  7. 7. museum privileging artists and auteurs over visitors
  8. 8. the moving image is in eveyone’s pockets now
  9. 9. art is moving from content to experience
  10. 10. Not enough holistic, cross- team collaboration and problem solving
  11. 11. Low brand recognition 48% ‘unintentional’ visitors
  12. 12. Low appetite for risk – people not comfortable with experimentation and failure
  13. 13. Matching the pace of internal change to the pace of external change is hard
  14. 14. Lacking in transparency – communications, information + decision making
  15. 15. Current 'design' team is strictly graphic and motion graphics, not UX design
  16. 16. The change we need to make is ongoing and it’s never going to be finished
  17. 17. “There’s no silver bullet or magic wand for big transformation. But there is design. As designers, we break down large-scale change into a series of discrete but interconnected acts that together, over time, lead up to new behaviors and opportunities.” Diana Rhoten,, IDEO
  18. 18. Museums are an exciting space to test and experiment The value exchange is ‘time for experience’
  19. 19. Terror Nullius by Soda_Jerk trailer
  20. 20. Wonderland trailer E2jPNX9MZK8
  21. 21. prototyping + usability testing with visitors
  22. 22. working across teams on the entire visitor journey
  23. 23. apply the same UX design when designing systems + processes
  24. 24. open plan systems
  25. 25. Visitors love to help us improve our products + services Empathy and patience with staff goes a long way Change is hard, slow and it’s never finished But UX design is an excellent way to help make this transformation happen
  26. 26. spread UX design thinking to other parts of the museum
  27. 27. build up internal skills around UX design
  28. 28. get cracking on the brand new ACMI!
  29. 29. Thank you @luciepaterson Product manager |