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MeetNN ICT netwerk Nijmegen. NovioTechCampus


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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MeetNN ICT netwerk Nijmegen. NovioTechCampus

  1. Yep  beamer  werkt  ;-­‐)
  2. Lucien Engelen (@lucienengelen) Director Radboud REshape & Innovation Center Head Regional Emergency Network Advisory to the Executive Committee Faculty Singularity University / FutureMed Silicon Valley NOT a doctor, but extremely IMpatient & a ‘bit’ of a rebel ;-) 360 and Above Not me !
  3. HTML (text) Video Social Profiles Location Quantified Self Data Health Data Sensor Networks Internet of Things nieuwe informatie lagen Crowd Sourced Info
  4. Linear to Exponential April 9, 2012 Facebook Acquires Instagram for $1B 13 employees 1996 Market cap of $28B Revenue ~$16B Employees 140,000 2012 Market cap < $100M Revenue ~$6B Employees 17,000
  5. Slide 11 Infrared(Thermometer( Photoplethysmograph( (PPG(Sensor)( Electrocardiograph(( (ECG(Sensor( Nega=ve(Electrode)( Piezo-ceramic Stethoscope Electrocardiograph(( (ECG(Sensor( Posi=ve(Electrode)( Diamond Concept Device 60 mm
  6. Records Exams Labs Vaccines Rx Drugs History Environment Vitals
  7. We’ll  subscribe  to  patients’  data health(care)  will  be  a  data-­‐science
  8. 15
  11. PHR COMMUNITY E-HEALTH initiative of
  12. e-health integration (i.e. for research)
  13. it needs a working network: -via Cell phone -via WiFi -via Bluetooth Has 12 Gb internal memory Battery lasts 3 hours, extra USB battery works great
  14. Concept study REshape/HAN
  15. Passed 250.000 downloads 18.500 AED’s in Database Soon blind spots and geo-send to dispatch Run by UMC, in-dependent non-commercial Worldwide coverage
  16. Prototype CPR/AED Glass
  17. Augmented reality
  18. OB/Gyn Simulation education
  19. Stanford use @ consultation AbrahamVerghese
  20. However there is NO : 1. recording continuous of photo 2. recording continuous of video 3. facial recognition 4. needs a voice command or a gesture to operate and shows enlightend display and sound
  21. CaLiCo California Life Company
  22. 114.648 followers @lucienengelen