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DocSF Berlin


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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DocSF Berlin

  1. 1
  2. 2 In the comfort of your livingroom
  3. Photo courtesy of Christian Lüthen Radboud University Medical center Founding Director REshape Center until 31/12/18 Edge Fellow Center for the Edge/ Global Strategist Digital Health as of 1/1/2019 Core Faculty Exponential Medicine Singularity University SiliconValley as of 2011
  4. Part of inaugural group @Washington Post Part of 100 initial Linkedin Influencer 825.000+ followers Blog of own company
  5. © 2019 Deloitte The Netherlands Identifying the edge(s) of an organisation, by putting topics on the agenda of the CEO that are not there yet, but should be. Next bringing tomorrows problems & opportunities to today, to execute on the identified edge. The Edge Fellow Program of the Deloitte Center for the Edge. The Edge Fellows program provides transformational support to Deloitte top clients with a unique selection of visionaries who collaborate across disciplines to create positive change across Europe and Globally. We believe that with the subject matter expertise of Edge Fellows and execution power of Deloitte, we can create a positive change at our clients. Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau Lucien Engelen Thomas Rau Marieke Bax Aimee van Wynsberghe The Edge Fellows (work in progress)
  6. Slides will be available
  7. The solution for the future of healthcare = health We need to find a segway from healthcare > health with the use of technology, education, and partnering cross industry to increase prevention and self empowerment. With doubling healthcare demand, shortage of skilled personnel, increasing burn-out rates, decreasing budgets and patients becoming empowered, there is no way this is sustainable. Healthcare will implode! ©lucienengelen 2019
  8. ©lucienengelen HEALTHCARE
  9. ©lucienengelen HEALTH
  10. ©lucienengelen ‘personalized’ Health Value Based HEALTH
  11. ©lucienengelen
  12. ©lucienengelen
  13. Also our future workforce
  14. Also our future workforce
  15. 16
  16. ©lucienengelen Live vitals in clinical patients From three times daily to 24/7 continuous monitoring … when they need to be Continuous & Proactive Health data now Live vitals of patients Triple A Anytime,Anywhere,Always Spot-measurement
  17. ©lucienengelen 5
  18. ©lucienengelen
  19. ©lucienengelen Alivecor Patiënt:: Lucien Engelen, 02-07-1962 (57jaar) Geregistreerd: woensdag 6 november 2019 om 16:24:48 Hartfrequentie: 85 BPM Duur: 30s Directe analyse: Normaal *Directe analyse wordt uitgevoerd bij afleiding I. Standaardfilter, Netfrequentie: 60Hz Schaal: 25mm/s, 10mm/mV (c) Copyright 2012-2018, AliveCor Inc, Kardia v5.7.2.1603, UUID: 135dbf35-cdd7-45da-917a-6cc0cd498c10 Pagina 1 van 4 I II III aVR aVL aVF Kardia
  20. ©lucienengelen VIOME
  21. Source: Mobihealth News (2019) Started 2015: “AI-assisted medical system” June 2019: • 300M registered, 57M active monthly users • 1,200 in-house docs; 5,200 outside docs • 3K hospitals, 15K pharmacies • 47K virtual clinics, 1.3K GP clinics, 1.2K dental • 1.9K other institutions • 1 hr drug delivery service >70 cities • Subscription: $40-$100 Cdn / year @ZaynaKhayat
  22. ©lucienengelen Otto Group, Axel Springer, Bitburger, and Oetker
  23. ©lucienengelen New data segway? Digitizing Digital Transition Digital Transformation HISTORIC DATA RECENT DATA REAL TIME DATA PREDICTALITICS PRESCRIPTALITICSSTATIC DATA
  24. Healthcare will become a software branch? ©lucienengelen
  25. ©lucienengelen Healthcare will become a software branch. has
  26. 4CAST : ’remote’ monitoring
  27. Virtual Institutions Telemedicine & Telehealthcenter ©lucienengelen implementation order
  28. ©lucienengelen
  29. ©lucienengelen ©lucienengelen
  30. XR
  31. ©lucienengelen Time Progress Opportunity GAP
  32. Digital strategy is not translating what you do now, digitally. It is completely rethinking your model grounds-up ©lucienengelen
  33. ©lucienengelen Digital Health m-health e-health i-health
  34. ©lucienengelen
  35. ©lucienengelen • Teleconsultations becoming the norm • Prescribing apps • Validation boost • Reimbursement • Interoperability connected mandatory
  36. ©lucienengelen • Clear goal setting • Monitoring • Supporting pilots • Standardisation • Interoperability mandatory • Show & tell
  37. ©lucienengelen • Pilots • Validation boost • Monitor progress • Citizen portal • Interoperability mandatory
  38. fór wíth by Innovation shift Patients Included PatientsIncludedisaTrademarkoftheREshape&InnovationCenter ™ ©lucienengelen
  39. ©lucienengelen
  40. From patients’ perspective: Healthcare is 80% blunt logistics ©lucienengelen
  41. from ‘Hospital’ to ‘Home’ from ‘Hospital’ to ‘Phone’ ©lucienengelen
  42. The Innovation Imperative: 3 Forces (Radical) Unsustainability Consumer Awakening Technology (now) available I II III Are we ready ?
  43. 10.000 ft of primary care, laboratory tests, X-rays and diagnostics, counseling, dental, optical, hearing, health insurance information and community health education ©lucienengelen
  44. ©lucienengelen
  45. ©lucienengelen Health(care) When people talk about us when we’re not at the table : we are on the menu
  46. We need to find a segway from healthcare > health with the use of technology, education, and partnering cross industry to increase prevention and self empowerment. ©lucienengelen 2019
  47. Processes & Technology Strategy Culture Leadership The need The will ©lucienengelen 2017 The End of the beginning image bulb: Demolition-team
  48. Redefining strategy in times that defies prediction ZOOM-OUT / ZOOM-IN STRATEGY Consider What will the market likely look like and what role will you play to fulfil unmet customer needs 10+ YEARS Address the next Which 2 to 3 business initiatives will have greatest potential to accelerate movement 6-12 MONTHS Zoom inZoom out Diverge Converge Envision the future ① Envision Focus on what will be required for success Define high-impact initiatives Mobilise resources to take action ② Focus ③ Define ④ Mobilise Our approach Delivered in 4 labs
  49. ©lucienengelen Scout / Concept Vision / Design Enroll Scale Radboudumc Labs Spinn-out Business model MOC’s Moments of Choice Demand driven relates to strategy REshape iLAB PVI Example of structure innovation funnel
  50. Concept to prototype Ideas from: Patients, HCP & Network Innovations with significant impact on health(care) Implement Moment of Choice : pursuit, on hold or terminated Test and Evaluate Chance of success Idea to concept (MoC) (MoC) (MoC) (MoC) ©lucienengelen iLab Scaling (PVI)REshape Center iBoard Chair Board Radboudumc
  51. Top down & Bottom-up©graphic :
  52. Top down & Bottom-up©graphic :
  53. 57 • From hardware to software • From quality to experience (as Q is no discriminator anymore) • From silo to network (mobilizing) • From centralised to distributed • From eGo to eCo approach part of a platform economy • From ’proposition’ to co-creation • New players Shift is happening… ©lucienengelen
  54. Delocalized Democratized Digital Dollars ©lucienengelen
  56. What is YOUR edge?
  57. 61 Wishing you all a soft landing into the future
  58. ©lucienengelen ©lucienengelen
  59. @lucienengelen 831.214 followers