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Dag vd verpleging 2014


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Dag vd verpleging 2014

  1. Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. ! Fransis van Assisi
  2. ! Lucien Engelen (@lucienengelen) ! •Director Radboud REshape & Innovation Center
 •Chief Imagineer Dutch National ICT Institute for HC •Singularity University / Exponential Medicine, Silicon Valley ! •NOT a doctor, but extremely IMpatient Not me !
  3. time performance 0 most demanding use high quality use medium quality use low quality use disruptive technologyClayton Christensen
  4. Linear à Exponential April 9, 2012 Facebook Acquires Instagram for $1B 13 employees 1996 Market cap of $28B Revenue ~$16B Employees 140,000 2012 Market cap < $100M Revenue ~$6B Employees 17,000
  5. Dorm Biotech Garage Pharma Garage Tech
  6. time performance 0 Clayton Christensen pre-gap post-gap
  7. Year Years to reach 100 Million people Months!
  8. 5th democratization Patients & Technology
  9. Design Implement Scale REshape Labs REshape PVI Spinn-out Business model MOC’s Moments of Choice Demand driven relates to strategy
  10. … when they need to be CONTINUOUS & PROACTIVE HEALTH DATA
  11. ECG made by iPhone sleeve
  12. On wardIntensive
  13. „Insideables” ! z
  14. Apple’s Healthbook
  15. $170B $60B in 2015 Democratizing Health(care) will be dominated by
  16. e-health integration (i.e. for research)
  17. Start NOW ! +7 years Graduate +15 years
 Before ANY authority Luciano’s 7+7 rule
  18. 40
  19. „Insideables” ! z
  20. Scotty beam me up !
  21. @lucienengelen