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So lomo

  1. 1. Valentine FOLLIN-ARBELETLucie GEORGESRaphaelle LEVET
  2. 2. Use Foursquare to Catch a Pair of Jimmy Choo • What & where ?- A world-renowned footwear brand organizing a real-timetreasure hunt around London via Foursquare. It was in 2010.- One pair of Jimmy Choo trainers will check in at variouslocations and those who follow the campaign and are luckyenough to arrive at a venue before the trainers will get to pick apair in the style and size of their choosing. Contestants must beat least 16 years old.
  3. 3. • The campaign is Jimmy Choo brands first foray into social media marketing• The brand wanted to use Foursquare to engage fans both online and off. She also believes that this is "the first time Foursquare has been used to check in an object (rather than a person) at locations.“• The Jimmy Choo campaign was based on solid, but simple engagement strategy.• The goal of the campaign was to use Foursquare to generate online conversations about the Jimmy Choo sneakers and to make people buy them.
  4. 4. Here are some of the statistics:• After @CatchAChoo : sales of the sneakers in-store increased by 33%• @CatchAChoo campaign increased positive mentions about Jimmy Choo online by 40%.• @CatchAChoo was spread from Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook; followers would find them at prestigious venues that fit with brand.• 1 in 17 people in London were chasing Jimmy Choo around London!
  5. 5. • There were 111 checks in 4 weeks, 4,ooo mentions on Twitter! It amounted to 4,000 online participants across Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.• The key insight that made this campaign a success was that Choo realized that 90% of Word of Mouth conversations were happening offline.• Jimmy Choo sales saw great positive uplift from all the online and offline PR from the @CatchAChoo campaign!
  6. 6. • Increased footfall and sales.• Also built brand partnerships to reward those that missed out : creating a complete experience• Create a buzz around the campaign + long-term strategy behind it.