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Webinar: Building Customer-Targeted Search with Fusion


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Customers ask questions, but often those questions are vague or incomplete. Simply showing male customers men’s shoes when they search for “shoes” is no longer enough. You now need to “know your customer” including who they are, where they are, what they’re interested in, what they looked at last time, and what similar customers looked at next. By providing a custom search experience to every user you can increase relevancy – and revenues.

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Webinar: Building Customer-Targeted Search with Fusion

  1. 1. Building Customer-Targeted Search with Fusion Andrew Oliver March 22, 2017
  2. 2. Based in San Francisco Offices in Bangalore, Bangkok, New York City, Raleigh, Munich Over 300 customers across the Fortune 1000 Fusion, a Solr-powered platform for search-driven apps Consulting and support for organizations using Solr Produces the world’s largest open source user conference dedicated to Lucene/Solr Lucidworks is the primary sponsor of the Apache Solr project Employs over 40% of the active committers on the Solr project Contributes over 70% of Solr's open source codebase 40% 70%
  3. 3. • Over 50 connectors to integrate all your data • Robust parsing framework to seamlessly ingest all your document types • Point and click Indexing configuration and iterative simulation of results for full control over your ETL process • Your security model enforced end-to-end from ingest to search across your different datasources
  4. 4. Experience
  5. 5. Operational Simplicity
  6. 6. SECURITY BUILT-IN Shards Shards Apache Solr Apache Zookeeper ZK 1 Leader Election Load Balancing Shared Config Management Worker Worker Apache Spark Cluster Manager RESTAPI Admin UI Lucidworks View LOGS FILE WEB DATABASE CLOUD HDFS(Optional) Core Services • • • ETL and Query Pipelines Recommenders/Signals NLP Machine Learning Alerting and Messaging Security Connectors Scheduling Fusion Simplifies the Deployment
  7. 7. Core Services • • • NLP Recommenders / Signals Blob Storage Pipelines Scheduling Alerting / Messaging Connectors RESTAPI Admin UI Lucidworks View LOGS FILE WEB DATABASE CLOUD • Seamless integration of your entire search & analytics platform • All capabilities exposed through secured API's, so you can use our UI or build your own. • End-to-end security policies can be applied out of the box to every aspect of your search ecosystem. • Distributed, fault-tolerant scaling and supervision of your entire search application
  8. 8. Conversational Search: “The principle behind conversational search is that a user can speak a sentence into a device, and that device can respond with a full sentence.” -Technopedia
  9. 9. A Pathway to Better Search •Better Query Parsers •Similarity •Collaborative Recommendations •Personalization
  10. 10. Dismax / Extended Dismax •Searches and scores multiple fields •Scores aren’t simply added
  11. 11. Similarity / More Like This • Fusion Pipeline Stage takes a document as an argument, returns like documents • BM25 Similarity •
  12. 12. Collaborative Recommendations • Boost results users commonly click on • Based on “Signals” - built into Fusion • - Demonstrated in last Webinar
  13. 13. Recommendations
  14. 14. Personalization •Signals on a more per-user basis •Boost things that I click on often •Boost results like the ones I’ve clicked on •More on this next time!
  15. 15. Language
  16. 16. • Easier and more accurate than Natural Language • Domain phrases PE Ratio, Stock Price, SKU • Entities: GE, IBM, etc Domain Specific Language
  17. 17. Spoken Language •Speech to text •Text-to-speech •Mainly the latter is just UI.
  18. 18. • Donald Bot • Alexa • Deep Drumpf Conversational
  19. 19. https:// thedonaldbot/
  20. 20. • deepdrumpf • http:// 2015/05/21/rnn- effectiveness/
  21. 21. Alexa Cortona Assistant Etc •Speech to text •Search Engine •UI Answers
  22. 22. • Tagging • Faceting • Domain Language (Finance) Open Calais
  23. 23. Demo
  24. 24. • Speech to Text enabled Search • Plugged into Fusion Query Pipeline • 2016/10/13/lucidworks- integrates-ibm-watson- into-fusion-enterprise- discovery-platform/ Watson
  25. 25. Demo
  26. 26. RTFMBot •Based on Chatterbot •NLTK •Train on Slack •Answer Questions generally with Fusion search results
  27. 27. RTFMBot
  28. 28. Questions? Building Customer-Targeted Search: March 15 @ 11am PT Upcoming Webinars: