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Downtown SF Lucene/Solr Meetup: Developing Scalable User Search for PlayStation 4

Presented at the Downtown SF Lucene/Solr Meetup by Ai Sasho, Sony Interactive Entertainment

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Downtown SF Lucene/Solr Meetup: Developing Scalable User Search for PlayStation 4

  1. 1. Developing Scalable User Search for PlayStation 4 Ai  Sasho   Sr.  So/ware  Engineer   Sony  Interac6ve  Entertainment    
  2. 2. ©2016  Sony  Interac6ve  Entertainment     About My Team §  Developing  social  features  for  PS4  to  improve  social  gaming  experiences.     §  Worked  on  User  Search  and  Players  You  May  know  recommenda6on   features.   §  Server  side:  Isaias,  Marlon,  Pavan,  Chris,  Janhavi,  Xifan,  Venkat   §  Client  side:  Tomas,  Nythya,  Max,  Yukio,  Katsuya,  Eric,  Tong     Sony  Interac8ve  Entertainment   =  Sony  Network  Entertainment  Intn’l   +  Sony  Computer  Entertainment   =  Greatness  Awaits!    
  3. 3. ©2016  Sony  Interac6ve  Entertainment    
  4. 4. ©2016  Sony  Interac6ve  Entertainment     Outline §  User Search Feature Overview §  SolrCloud Setup §  Personalized Search: Lucene + SolrCloud §  Challenges §  Solr4.8 to 5.4 Upgrade
  5. 5. ©2016  Sony  Interac6ve  Entertainment     User Search
  6. 6. ©2016  Sony  Interac6ve  Entertainment     User Search
  7. 7. §  Fast •  query should return < 100 ms §  Reliable / Fault Tolerant §  Scalable •  SolrCloud cluster need to handle: o  Up to 1000 RPS query requests o  Up to 250 RPS indexing requests •  Appr. 300 millions documents §  Ranking search results by friendship. •  Up to n degrees of separation. •  Friends, 2nd degree fiends (friends of friends), etc. ©2016  Sony  Interac6ve  Entertainment     User Search: Requirements
  8. 8. ©2016  Sony  Interac6ve  Entertainment     SolrCloud: System Architecture ZooKeeper   SolrCloud  cluster   Leader   a   Replica   Leader   a   Replica   Leader   a   Replica   Leader   a   Replica   ELB   Applica6on   Servers   Database  
  9. 9. §  SolrCloud 5.4 §  Documents •  User data (~ 1.5 kb per user) •  ID, Online ID, Name (First, Middle, Last), Privacy, User Type, etc.. •  ~ 300 million documents §  Shards •  4 shards + many replicas. •  # shards determined experimentally. •  Most of the docs on each shard fit in the memory. §  Cache •  Query Result Cache, Document Cache, Filter Cache, etc .. §  Commit •  SoftAutoComit: 5 secs •  AutoCommit: 15 mins (OpenSearcher=false) ©2016  Sony  Interac6ve  Entertainment     SolrCloud: Configurations
  10. 10. §  Tokenizers •  Whitespace Tokenizer §  Filters §  Ascii Folding Filter o  Stored and queried with equivalent English alphabets. o  Joan Miró -> Joan Miro §  N-Gram Filter o  abc -> a, b, c, ab, bc, abc o  Takes up more space, but faster than wildcard (*) when queried. §  Lower Case Filter ©2016  Sony  Interac6ve  Entertainment     SolrCloud: Configurations
  11. 11. §  People search users they know or they kind of know... §  Search results should be ranked by the friendship between the searcher and the searched (users). ©2016  Sony  Interac6ve  Entertainment     Personalized Search: Overview User  A    <-­‐  Friend  (1st  degree  of  separa6on)   User  B    <-­‐  Friend  (1st  degree  of  separa6on)   User  C    <-­‐  Friend  of  Friend  (2nd  degree  of  separa6on)   ...     User  Y  <-­‐  Not  associated.   User  Z  <-­‐  Not  associated.    
  12. 12. ©2016  Sony  Interac6ve  Entertainment     Personalized Search: Ideas q=ps4king& bf=friends:(ID1 or ID2 or ID3 or …)^500& bf=friends2nd:(ID4 or ID5 or ID6 or …)^50& bf=friends3rd:(ID7or ID8 or ID9 or …)^5& … Possible  Solu8on  1  :  Query  SolrCloud  with  the  list  of  friend  IDs.     Problems   •  The  list  of  friends  can  be  very  long  (poten6ally  thousands).   •  Increases  the  query  latency.   Giving  a  higher  boost  for  users  who  are  closer  to  the  caller.  
  13. 13. Possible Solution 2: Index the friendship in SolrCloud. Add “friends“ fields, if the caller is in one of the “friends” fields, boost the document. Problems: o  Too many requests to Solr. o  Maintaining friendship in Solr in addition to our database might be overkill. o  Requires a large disk space. ©2016  Sony  Interac6ve  Entertainment     Personalized Search: Ideas
  14. 14. ©2016  Sony  Interac6ve  Entertainment     Personalized Search: Our Solution +   Personalized  Index     Stores  people  close  to  the  caller  (friends,   friends  of  friends,  up  to  n  degrees  of   separa6on).     §  Also  used  in  friend  recommenda6on   system.   §  Other  team  already  uses  Lucene  index  for   user  owned  games.     Global  Index     Includes  all  the  users.    
  15. 15. ©2016  Sony  Interac6ve  Entertainment     Personalized Search: Lucene + SolrCloud Online  ID   First   Name   ….   Degree  of   Separa6on   ps4Queen   Marge   …   1   ps4King   Homer   ...   1   ps4aweso me   Bart   …   2   …   …   …   …   Lucene  Index  (simplified)   Applica6on   Server   Friendship   Data   §  Lucene  index  created  on-­‐ demand  for  the  caller     §  Cached  temporarily   +  
  16. 16. §  Hard to increase the performance using two index systems. (Lucene + SolrCloud) •  Tuned SolrCloud a lot (cache size, query optimization, soft/auto commit settings, GC settings, etc.) §  Not a problem anymore, but SolrCloud had been unstable for a while. •  Entire cluster would have gone down a couple of times a month. ©2016  Sony  Interac6ve  Entertainment     Challenges
  17. 17. §  Increased the number of replicas •  When leader goes in recovery, need to have enough replicas to handle all the requests. §  Reconfigured GC settings with CMS (concurrent mark sweep). §  Decreased the size of the document query cache. o  Cache warm-up time was longer than the soft auto commit duration -> was always warming the cache. ©2016  Sony  Interac6ve  Entertainment     Challenges: Instability Solutions
  18. 18. ©2016  Sony  Interac6ve  Entertainment     SolrCloud Upgrade §  Motivations •  Originally Solr 4.8 was used, but due to the instability issues, upgraded to Solr 5.4. §  Challeges •  Tried to data stream from a Solr 4.8 node to Solr 5.4 by joining a node, but did not work. •  Some data types have been deprecated. o  IntegerType, LongType -> TrieInteger, TrieLong o  schema.xml needed to be updated with the new data types. o  Decided to full index the 300 million documents in Solr 5.4 cluster.
  19. 19. §  First, query out 300M docs and then full indexing. §  Deep paging (specifying start index and limit) is too slow •  Solr needs to cache documents up to the starting index. §  The logical cursor cusorMark is solution to the deep paging problem. The cursorMark returns the next cursor as part of the response. §  cursorMark is not perfect. Sometimes the cursor stops before the end of the documents. Could use filter query to query the certain range of documents by ids. ©2016  Sony  Interac6ve  Entertainment     SolrCloud Upgrade: Full Indexing ...&rows=10&sort=id+asc&cursorMark=AoEjR0JQ  
  20. 20. Q  &  A   Any  Ques6ons?