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  1. 1. The Future has ArrivedDesign ©2010 Tahir Hussain. All rights reserved. Smart Media
  2. 2. The CompanySmart Media was launched after many years of researchand development in August 2009.Smart Media CEO, David Martin has worked well over adecade with his own team of elite programmers anddesigners creating security software for internationalbanking industry. Smart Medias registered office in USA 123 W. Nye Lane, Carson City, Nevada 89706 Smart Media
  3. 3. The CompanyA company with a proven track record Smart Media
  4. 4. Certificate of IncorporationThe above certificates can be viewed and downloaded under Company Tab Smart Media
  5. 5. People use Internet everyday and now they will get paid!Example of person with a Firefox browser and a Google home page They have added Home Page Pays to their browserReps Branding Advertiser’s information FREE resources & features Banner within the Dynamic Bar. Bar
  6. 6. How can we afford to give away so much for free and pay our Reps when Free Members use it?Exactly the same way the largest sites on the Internet like Google, Yahoo,YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have been doing for years...By tapping into the same powerful advertising revenue that has generatedbillions of dollars in profits for these companies. However, we SHARE 75% of the advertising revenue! Free Members & Repsreceive a treasure trove Paid Reps of valuable free gifts, earn from chances to win prizes, the Internet cash & Smart Points! use of others 6
  7. 7. Watch the 2-minute video and click the “Register Now For Free” button Get your own Home Page Pays website for free Advertiser’s Cursor over icons for more information Banner 7
  8. 8. Complete the simple registration form and click “Submit” Advertiser’s Banner 8
  9. 9. Click the button to install the Browser Add-on Advertiser’s Banner 9
  10. 10. YOU WIN Every Day by clicking on each prize box!Click on Daily Prize to Click on Weekly Prize & Monthly Prize Win Smart Points to win entries in those draws! 10
  11. 11. We are the only social community in the world that gives its Members aconstant stream of “Smart Points” for doing what they already do on theInternet every day. Never required to spend money to earn “Smart Points”.You can receive Smart Points: By going to your Home Page Pays home page and clicking on the Daily Prize box While you are using any feature on Home Page Pays (Coming Soon) While you are surfing the Internet through Home Page Pays or you have the HPP add-on installed (Coming Soon) Introducing new Free Members Variety of bonus point give away Playing Smart Media Interactive games Free Members receive 25 Smart Points whenever they refer another Free Member 11
  12. 12. Advertiser’s Banner 12
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  15. 15. Our ever expanding Smart Library with over 300 Exclusive videos is whereanyone from basic to advanced users can learn about the hottest topicsrelated to Computers, Social Networks, Internet Marketing, Digital Devices. Includes a “how to” series in Web Mastering and Internet Marketing,along with our socialmedia training serieson Facebook, Twitter,Linkedin, YouTube & much more. 15
  16. 16. Now learn from over 30 different topics, 200 short coursesthat are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With over300 courses currently under production and more. Topics Courses Topics Courses Topics Courses Digital Twitter 11 Photography 1 Pidgin 2 Microsoft Facebook 10 GIMP 4 Power point 7 Microsoft MySpace 6 Audacity 2 Word 2010 3 Microsoft Excel Windows 7 19 Gmail 16 2010 6 Kids Safe Windows Vista 5 Google Apps 2 1 Internet 2 Google Outlook 2007 10 Chrome 1 Avast 1 Open Office Mozilla Writer 4 Thunderbird 6 CDex 1 Malware Bytes 1 Filezilla 1 Space Monger 3 Deep Burner 1 Skype 2 KeePass 1 Word Press 24 MW Snap 3 EBay 1 Smart Media
  17. 17. Smart Library gives you an innovative learning that noother company does. Experience high quality videosperfectly incorporated with the best audio. A magnificentin house production by the company. Smart Media
  18. 18. Smart Media
  19. 19. Consists of more than 2,200 videos on numerous subjects, from gradeschool to university level, including our Yale and Stanford University series. YOU are paid for each class YOU attend. 19
  20. 20. Now learn from over 30 different topics, over 2,200 academic coursesavailable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the comfort of your home. Topics Courses Topics Courses Topics Courses Algebra 1 Algebra 68 examples 108 Organic 46 Chemistry Algebra examples 185 Credit Crisis 13 Paulson Bailout 14 Current Arithmetic 35 Economics 10 Physics 128 Developmental Banking & Money 24 Math 114 Pre Algebra 23 Differential Biology 59 Equations 45 Pre Calculus 33 Brain Teasers 9 Finance 76 Probability 25 Calculus 146 Geithner Plan 6 Statistics 28 California Std Test1 Algebra 16 Geometry 24 Trigonometry 32 California Std Test2 Algebra 19 History 12 Valuation 12 &Investing California Std Test Geometry 18 Linear Algebra 138 Capital Venture & 9 Capital Market Chemistry 97 MTEL Pre Algebra 11 Smart Media
  21. 21. Action Games - Sports Games - Educational Games 21
  22. 22. Safe & Secure - No Viruses - No Adware - No Spyware - No Malware Thoroughly testedRecommendedby our experts Convenientlyall in one place Saves Time Saves Money Find great software you didnt know existed! 22
  23. 23. High speed shopping tool that finds the best bargains on anything. Saves You TIME & Saves You MONEY! 23
  24. 24. Designed to offer our members the very best of the Internet in an instant…The best websites are stored in one simple place, making them easy to find. Members will find fantastic sites they never knew existed!Includes:News/MediaGamesHealthFitnessMisc.ScienceBusinessMarketingShopping Advertiser’sTravel BannerEntertainmentWeb & Hosting 24
  25. 25. 25
  26. 26. You can also set up Home Page Pay$ as your home page.Multiple search engines all conveniently located under one roof. 26
  27. 27. Home Page Pays 2.0 is at the head of the 3 biggest Internet trends! 27
  28. 28.  Skill-Based Auctions Puzzle Games Role-Playing Games Pet Games Arcade Games • Arkanoid/Pong Clone • OutrunClone • Klax Clone • Bubble Bubble Clone Board Games • Chinese Checkers • Tick-Tack-Toe • Lock 5 • English Draughts (Checkers) Quiz Games Educational Games • Simon Says & memory games • Brain Age Clone - Hangman Pinball And Much More! 28
  29. 29. Virtual Smart Smart SmartHome Chirp Chat Mail Smart Chirp 29
  30. 30. 30
  31. 31. With more than eight basic models for FemalesWith Five Basic models for males
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  38. 38. Instant Message Service1 2 1. Edit Profile 2. Sound 3 4 Settings 3. Add New 4. Make MemberOnline a GroupStatus Send text and/or video messages to one person or a group. 38
  39. 39. Smart Mail 5 Send Smart Mail to:  one person  multiple people 5. Smart Mail  a group 6 7  multiple groups  or everyone Beyond Email 100% Guaranteed delivery No spam 6. Upload Images 7. Upload Videos 39
  40. 40. 3 Series of Smart Media Games – Bronze Age, Silver Age, Gold Age Bronze Age Games – Play against the computer Silver Age Games – Play against other members My Games Smart Media Games Play Games & Win Prizes! We will be continually developing new games 40
  41. 41. Smart Media has 4 valuable products within the HPP system Free Member Reps receive the rights to give away unlimited Reward Program rewards programs & when your Free Members use the system they see your branding Super Advertiser’s Branding BannerBasic Branding 41
  42. 42. Imagine having your own tutor 24/7 who can take yourskills far beyond what you learn from the videos. A tutorwho will train you on any subject available within ourSmart Library. Stuck on a subject? Need answers? Call your tutor for a 1 on 1 Training. Smart Media
  43. 43. Smart Media
  44. 44. Imagine! having your own personal computer assistant 24/7.Don’t spend hours pulling your hair on how to do things… Get our helpers. Virus & Spyware Removal Wireless Network/ Cell phone Vista Basic Internet Security Email Setup Printer Help Create your Windows 7 Advanced Own blog Email troubleshooting Speed up Software Install Your computer & Setup Email Video Setup Blogging Windows 7 Basic Microsoft Office Facebook Editing your Networking / Troubleshooting Home Movies Secure Troubleshooting Mastery My PC Add a device to Create your existing network Own videos Backup Solution Vista Advanced MySpace Mastery Smart Media
  45. 45. We are a one stop shop to all your computer problems. Child Safe Setup Email Internet Marketing Laptop Travel Campaigns Safety SystemFamily PhotoCatalogue & Printing Laptop Travel Introduction to Safety System Social Networking Travel Deals Spam Free Email Marketing Create Website Superior File/ Folder Navigation Work with GoDaddy Password Downloading Create Blog Protect YouTube Folders Videos Secure My PC Video Conferencing Audio EBay Uploading Blogging YouTube Videos Smart Media
  46. 46. Smart Media
  47. 47. One Time Payment
  48. 48. Pay Per Click/Impression (PPC/I) Could YOU introduce 1 Free Member Per Day? After 30 days = 30 FREE Members 30 FREE Members introduce only 10 FREE members That is 300 FREE Members Total FREE Members now = 330 FREE Members Imagine if you can earn $2 monthly on each free member! That is $660 monthly on 330 FREE Members internet use Disclaimer: There are no guarantees of income. All income will be derived from your personal effort. No commissions are earned from sponsoring or recruiting people. All commissions are earned through the sale of Smart Media products or services. Full details of our Income Streams are in the sub-menu of the Opportunity Page of the website. Smart Media
  49. 49. Direct Bonus$125 member is paid $25 commission.$200 member is paid $50 commission.$400 member is paid $150 commission. There is no limit to the number of people that can be directly sponsored. Smart Media
  50. 50. 2xInfinity Team CommissionAll Reps are placed in the 2xInfinity TreePaid to unlimited depth no matter who does the sale in your teamOnly two teams to build You A B Left Team Right Team Personally sponsor two Reps one in each team and get qualified. Smart Media
  51. 51. 2xInfinity Team CommissionPoints are accumulated through the following sources: All new $125 & $200 Reps = 100 points All new $400 Reps = 200 points.Any upgrades from $125 or $200 Rep to $400 Rep = 100 points. You Monthly Subscriptions $30 = 30 Points. A B Left Team Right Team 900 Points* = 1 Cycle 1 Cycle = 600 pts Left – 300 pts Right $125 & $200 Rep = $25 1 Cycle = 300 pts Left – 600 pts Right $400 Rep = $50 * Points never flush for exempted countries Smart Media
  52. 52. 2xInfinity Team CommissionThere are 3 different ways on how you can build your team: 1) Your Direct Referrals 2) Your Spillovers 3) Your indirect referrals It’s all about TEAM work Smart Media
  53. 53. 3 Level Matching BonusMatching Bonuses are paid on the 2xInfinity TeamCommissions of every $125, $200 & $400 Reps directlysponsored by you up to 3 Levels deep as long as you are aSuper Rep ($400 member). Become a Super Rep. (SR)Level 1 Total 6 Personal SRs – (2/4 or 3/3)Level 2 Total 12 Personal SRs – (3/9, 4/8, 5/7 or 6/6)Level 3 Total 14 Personal SRs – (4/10, 5/9, 6/8 or 7/7) Smart Media
  54. 54. Star & Diamond BonusesBecome a Super Rep and earn from all Star/Diamond Bonuses Active Team Subscriptions - Number of people Mega Bonus is one time who do their monthly subscription. payment . Smart Media
  55. 55. The Power of Duplication Month New Total 2xInfinity People Team Income 1 2 2 $0 2 4 6 $0 3 8 14 $150 4 16 30 $300 5 32 62 $650 6 64 126 $1,400 7 128 254 $2,800 8 256 510 $5,650 9 512 1,022 $11,350 10 1,024 2,046 $22,700 11 2,048 4,094 $45,450 12 4,096 8,190 $91,000Disclaimer: There are no guarantees of income. All income will be derived from your personal effort. No commissions are earned from sponsoring or recruiting people. All commissions are earned through the sale of Smart Media products or services. Full details of our Income Streams are in the sub-menu of the Opportunity Page of the website. Smart Media
  56. 56. Roll Up BonusRoll Up Bonus is paid out from within $100.When a Basic Rep sells a $400 Package, they receive $25 and a$75 Roll-up-Bonus is paid to the first Super Rep. in the line of sponsorship.When a Standard Rep sells a $400 Package, they receive $50 and a$50 Roll-up-Bonus is paid to the first Super Rep. in the line of sponsorship. $400 You $75 Roll Up Bonus $400 You $50 Roll Up Bonus (Super Rep) (Super Rep) sponsor sponsor $125 Tim $25 Direct Bonus $200 Tim $50 Direct Bonus (Basic Rep) (Std Rep) sponsors sponsors $400 Ann $400 Ann Smart Media
  57. 57. Advertising Bonus25% of the advertising revenue is paid out to the sponsorof the advertiser. 25%25% keeps on flowing to the sponsor each time anadvertiser renews their marketing budget. Smart Media
  58. 58. Commission Payment / E Wallet Mon Sun Mon 9am * Internal E Wallet 7 Days 15 DaysSales Commissions are paid out weekly.E Wallet is a Free online account set up for every member.Transfer money into your bank account through International WireTransfer.Checks can be delivered directly to your home address.Gift Vouchers can be issued from your back office for new signups or forupgrades. * Monday 9am Pacific Standard Time Smart Media
  59. 59. Smart Media Technologies ( A part of Automatic Geek Group of Companies)Are you ready to get connected to your future? “It’s in your moments of decision, your destiny is shaped.” Tony Robbins Smart Media