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Webpages to evaluate


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Webpages to evaluate

  1. 1. Evaluation of websites1)Understand and protect our home planet [online]. Retrieved August, 2011, from National HouseOrganization Web site: This page was designed by Natural House Organization, which works to help protect the Earthand its environment in different countries around the world. The content is reliable and factually correct asit has been cross-checked with other sources.Currency: The content is up-to-date.Content: The different causes that lead to environmental problems are clearly stated for students to gainknowledge on the subject matter. The colour combinations make it attractive as well.Functionality: The site works well and loads quickly2)Environmental Tips – How to go green [online]. Retrieved August, 2011, from You Tube Web site: Although the figures mentioned in the video have not been checked, they are not relevant for thecompletion of the final task. The rest of the content is reliable.Currency: The video was uploaded on April 9, 2008Content: The girl in the video speaks rather fast. Still, the visuals help the understanding of the message.Functionality: It loads quickly and the sound is very good.
  2. 2. 3)What Are The Reasons Why I Should Recycle? [online]. Retrieved August, 2011, from Clean Energy Ideas Web site: This page was designed by Clean Energy Ideas in February 2007, with the intention of providinguseful information relating to renewable energy sources and a variety of topics surrounding the environment.Currency: The website is updated and new features and areas continue to be made available to visitors on anongoing basis.Content: It is interesting and easy to navigate through the wide variety of links it includes.Functionality:The site works well.
  3. 3. 4)50 Ways to Help the Planet. [online]. Retrieved August, 2011, from Wire & Twine Web page: This page was designed by Wire & Twine, a small clothes manufacturer, committed topreserving the environment. They list 50 practical ways of helping the planet whose content is factuallycorrect.Currency: It was last updated on October 16, 2008.Content: It reads easily and we find it very useful for the completion of the final task.Functionality: The site works well.5)Let’s help the environment [online]. Retrieved August, 2011, from Socyberty Web page: The content is reliable; it has been double-checked.Currency: It has up-to-date information.Content: The pictures portray the information vividly and there are links of interest connected to the subjectmatter.Functionality:The site works well.
  4. 4. 6)Wastes – Resource Conservation – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle [online]. Retrieved August, 2011, from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Web page: Use it wisely [online]. Retrieved August, 2011, from GreenNature Web site:
  5. 5. 8)Global Warming [online]. Retrieved August, 2011, from Oracle ThinkQuest Web page: to prevent air pollution [online]. Retrieved August, 2011, from Buzzle Web page:
  6. 6. 10)Pollution [online]. Retrieved August, 2011, from Greenstudentu Web page:
  7. 7. 11)Noise pollution [online]. Retrieved August, 2011 from Geogise Web page: Accuracy: The webpage has been developed by Although the information is correct, no references can be found. Currency: The information is current. However, there is no information about the last update. Content: The webpage exhibits a wide range of information regarding the environment, ranging from environmental issues like global warming to alternative energy resources like biofuels. It also contains advertisement links. It does not include pictures except for the banner at the top of the page. Functionality: the page can be surfed smoothly and is not delayed at all.12)Land pollution [online]. Retrieved August, 2011, from Earth platform Web page: This webpages has accurate information crosschecked with a lot of references, which are listedaccording to the topic or area.Currency: Information is up to date. The webpage has been created in the year 2010Content: The webpage contains a lot of information which is subdivided in areas such as global warming,land pollution, renewable energies, and so on. Apart from this, it contains small surveys in which the surferis invited to participate. It displays a lot of pictures, making the page more attractive.Functionality: It works perfectly well.
  8. 8. 13)The top 100 Effects of Global Warming ( on line). Retrieved on August, 2011 from Center for American Progress Webpage: Information in this webpage is in the form of an article which lists the 100 most important effectsof Global warming. It is published by the Centre of American Progress a non profit organization which aimsto improve people´s lives. The information included has been crosschecked with newspapers, magazines andjournals.Currency: Issues are up to date. This article was written in 2006, but the page also includes book and journalpublications.Content: the content is organized in issues, publications, experts and events. Each section containssubsections as well. The page displays images and different type of typography which make the page moreattractive.Functionality: It can be surfed with no problems.
  9. 9. 14)Environmental Issues and news (on line) Retrieved in August, 2011 from Environmental Tips and Sustainable solutions webpage. The page was created by Global Stewardes in 1998 an organization whose aim is to createawareness and inform on methods of improving the environment. Although the information displayed isaccurate it seems not to be linked to knowledgeable resources.Currency: The information is up to date and the webpage is updated on a weekly basis.Content: It displays interesting information on how to go greener, for example recycling, using bicycles, etc.It is written in a simple style making it appropriate for students. It also contains tips and important calendarevents for the community. However, it has no pictures at all.Functionality: It runs smoothly
  10. 10. 15)Pollution (on line) Retrieved in August, 2011 from The Department of Biodiversity & Conservation Biology from the University of Western Cape This webpage has been created by the Western Cape Education Department, being this anacknowledgeable source because it belongs to an educational institution, information is reliable. The sectionon the environment is part of an on line biology textbook.Currency: The page was last updated on November,2006Content: The webpage is organized with an index on the left and text on the right which deals with biology,the environment, ecosystems, nutrient cycles, etc. It contains no pictures or graphs.Functionality: the site works very well and can be surfed with no problems.