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I.        Read the text and accomplish the post-reading tasks.                                      Effective Career-Plann...
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III. Civilization topic. Tourism is becoming increasingly important as a source of A              A     revenue to many co...
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L engleza test


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L engleza test

  1. 1. Numele Prenumele MINISTERUL EDUCAŢIEI Patronimicul AL REPUBLICII MOLDOVA Instituţia de învăţămînt Localitatea Raionul LIMBA ENGLEZĂ PRETESTARE EXAMEN DE BACALAUREAT Profilurile real, umanist, arte, sport, tehnologic 29 martie 2012 Timp alocat: 180 de minute.Rechizite şi materiale permise: pix de culoare albastră.Instrucţiuni pentru candidat: - Citeşte cu atenţie fiecare item şi efectuează operaţiile solicitate. - Lucrează independent. Îţi dorim mult succes! Scor total acumulat _________
  2. 2. I. Read the text and accomplish the post-reading tasks. Effective Career-Planning 1. One of the pursuits the humans waste major part of their life on is career. Career planning isnot an activity that should be done once, in high school or college and then left behind as we moveforward in our jobs. It is not a hard activity, not something to be dreaded or put off, but rather anactivity that should be liberating and fulfilling, providing goals to achieve in your current career orplans for beginning a transition to a new career. Career planning should be a rewarding and positiveexperience. 2. A successful career cannot be achieved overnight. Every fresh graduate will have to gothrough a lot of sacrifices just to make sure the career path is according to plans. In essence thecareer success depends on the competence which is a combination of knowledge, skills andattitudes. Before one embarks on the long journey of a working career there’s a strong need toacquire knowledge and education. The objective of the career path is to seek progress and growthwhich brings satisfaction and widen the professional horizon by adopting new skills to deal withchanging situations. 3. Of paramount importance is building a personal brand that means how others perceive you.The most important thing is to build your reputation and the trust of others in you. Your brand ismore than your job title, it is about how you get things done and also the way you carry yourselfand interact with others. Moreover, building a circle of influence is essential for the career growthand success. It is good to learn from others and share knowledge for mutual benefits. Additionally,an attitude of open-mindedness is the right way to sustain the career planning. A major componentof it is setting short-term and long-term job goals. Once this process is initiated the career planningbecomes reviewing and adjusting to the social changes and trends. Having information about careertrends is vital to long-term career planning success. 4. The key to an effective career planning is exploration of new education and trainingopportunities. Information really does lead to power and success so one should never pass upchances to learn and grow more as a person and as a worker. Therefore, part of career planning isgoing beyond passive acceptance of training opportunities to finding new ones that will helpenhance further professional evolution. So, be conscious about setting goals. A career goal helpsyou to stay focused and motivated. It must be flexible since there will also be disappointments andthings out of your control. Your career goals will change with alterations in your environment andpersonality. Reevaluate your goals every two years and make adjustments as needed. If you donthave any future plans, it means you are drifting and will miss many opportunities along the way tobe the best you can be. Your career will always have a learning curve. Make the most of it andwhen you find that you are not satisfied anymore, sit down and reevaluate your position and careergoals.Nr Items Results1. Answer the question. A A How should people understand career planning? 0 0 1 1 2 2 3 32. Find in the text the antonyms for the words given below and make up two A A sentences using these words: 0 0 1 1 Minor 2 2 To find 3 3 4 4
  3. 3. 1. 6 6 2.3. Circle the correct variant (True/False). Justify your choice. A A a) Setting goals is not an important part of career planning. T F 0 0 1 1 2 2 3 3 b) A successful career depends on your abilities and education. T F 4 4 6 64. Entitle the paragraphs: A A Paragraph 3. 0 0 3 3 Paragraph 4. 6 65. Express the following sentence in your own words: A A Your career goals will change with alterations in your environment and personality. 0 0 3 3 5 5 7 7 9 9II. Grammar. Underline the correct variant using the words in bold, insert the articles and prepositions where necessary. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form. Arrange the adjectives in the right order. 1. The first television broadcast (to make)____________________________in April, A A 1939. Since then it (to become)___________________________one of the most 0 0 important facts of modern life. Its effect (to feel)___________________________all 1 1 over the world at present. 2 2 2. Not long ago I saw an/a Buddhist /seated/gold/impressive statue. 3 3 _____________________________________________________________________ 4 4 3. In _________ ordinary English town there is usually __________High Street, 5 5 which is _________ principal street of many towns. 6 6 4. I apologize _________ not writing _________ you sooner, but a week ________ 7 7 bed _________flu didnt let me do it. 8 8 5. ____________________ (long) I live, ____________________(good) I feel about 9 9 life itself. 10 10 6. We _________________________(have) the contracts ______________________ 11 11 (prepare) by a lawyer next week. 12 12 7. If only she ___________________________ (not, lie) to me then. 13 13 8. Father suggested __________________________ (to leave) the hotel later but the 14 14 children were anxious __________________________ (to get) home as soon as 15 15 possible. 16 16 9. Tom _____________________ (free/freely) admitted that he had not worked 17 17 ______________________ (hard/hardly) so far. 18 18 19 19 20 20
  4. 4. III. Civilization topic. Tourism is becoming increasingly important as a source of A A revenue to many countries but its disadvantages shouldn’t be overlooked. Use specific 0 0 reasons and examples to support your answer. (approximately 15 lines) 4 4 8 8 12 12 16 16 20 20IV. Outline in writing your opinion on the subject: A A The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others. ( approximately 20 lines) 0 0 4 4 8 8 12 12 16 16 20 20 24 24 26 26 28 28 29 29 30 30