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Trip to Bs As


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This is the general vision of the trip to the Buenos Aires city

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Trip to Bs As

  1. 1. Viaje a Buenos Aires Report of the 2º day, Congreso, Plaza deMayo, Casa Rosada, Teatro Colon, Catedral y Recoleta
  2. 2. Report of the 2º day
  3. 3. On the 2º day of the trip, we went to the Congreso, Casa Rosada, TeatroColon, Plaza de Mayo, Catedral and Recoleta.We woke up at 8 o`clock to have breakfast with my room mates. Then wego to the bus to start the travel to Plaza de Mayo.When we arrived to Plaza de Mayo, we realised that many places there arecloser than we thought, so, we shouldnt walk a lot for luck.Well, to continue with this presentation, we give you some information forsome places that we had visited in the trip to Buenos Aires.
  4. 4. CongresoThe Congress of the Argentine Nation (Spanish: Congreso dela Nación Argentina) is the legislative branch of the governmentof Argentina. Its composition is bicameral, constituted by a 72-seat Senate and a 257-seat Chamber of Deputies.The Congress building is located in Buenos Aires, at thewestern end of Avenida de Mayo (at the other end of which islocated the Casa Rosada). The Kilometre Zero for all ArgentineNational Highways is marked on a milestone atthe Congressional Plaza, next to the building.
  5. 5. Plaza de mayoThe Plaza de Mayo (Spanish pronunciation: English: May Square)is the main square in the Monserrat neighborhood of centralBuenos Aires, Argentina. It is flanked by Hipólito Yrigoyen,Balcarce, Rivadavia and Bolívar streets.Since being the scene of the 25 May 1810 revolution that led toindependence, the plaza has been a hub of political life inArgentina.
  6. 6. La Casa Rosada (English: The PinkCasa Rosada House) is the executive mansion and office of the President of Argentina. The palatial mansion is known officially as Casa de Gobierno, which means "House of Government" or "Government House" in English language. Normally, the President lives at the Quinta de Olivos, the official residence of the President of Argentina, which is located in Olivos, Buenos Aires Province. The characteristic color of the Casa Rosada is baby pink, and is considered one of the most emblematic buildings in Buenos Aires. The Casa Rosada also has a museum, which contains objects relating to former presidents of Argentina. The Casa Rosada has been declared a National Historic Monument of Argentina.
  7. 7. Teatro ColonThe Teatro Colón (Spanish) is the main operahouse in Buenos Aires, Argentina, acousticallyconsidered to be amongst the five best concertvenues in the world.
  8. 8. Catedral The Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral is the main Catholic church in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is located in the city center, overlooking Plaza de Mayo, on the corner of San Martín and Rivadavia streets, in the San Nicolás neighbourhood. It is the mother church of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires.
  9. 9. RecoletaRecoleta is adowntownresidential neighborhood in the cityof Autonomous City ofBuenosAires, Argentina; it isan area of greathistorical andarchitectural interest,principally becausethe RecoletaCemetery is locatedthere. It is also animportant touristdestination andcultural center of thecity.