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Manoel luciene2007doutorado

  1. 1. LUCIENE GOMES MANOEL Date Of Birth 18 May 1967 Nationality Portuguese and Brazilian Address Flat 278, Bluewater , Riverside West London SW181EA United Kingdom Tel 07713151364 Tel 0208 8704984 E-mail EDUCATION 2001.2 Masters MBA Full-Time Programme Imperial College Management School, London 1998.99 Master Business Executive - Information Technology Federal University RJ – Brazil 1985.90 BSc honours Information Technology Federal University RJ – Brazil CAREER HISTORY 2005 Task Brasil • Develop Client Database • Develop and Implement client management • Redesign web site Oct 2003 -March 2004 Project Galp Energy - Portugal • Siebel 7 project migration – solution evaluation • Project Scope – design and changes • Project overview – solution design, gap analysis and IT • Project plan – project design and definition 2002-2003 IBM UK and Imperial College alumni – Final project: CRM strategy, process and people Project objectives • Point gaps on IBM methodology and provide a guide to succeed on CRM projects • Assess of CRM methodology (strategy, process, organisation and CRM solutions) and perform benchmarks • Give recommendations for future improvements Jan/Aug 2000 Unisys Brazil CRM Project Manager and Co-ordinator Responsibilities • Establish CRM service - develop service offering and portfolio , negotiate partnership • Create and manage the CRM services department – hired and educated staff and integrated company’s structures and processes. Developed sales and marketing strategy • Coordinate a team of 9 people Achievements • Established Siebel partnership in Brazil • Created CRM Services department and portfolio in Brazil 1989.2000 IBM Brazil 1999.2000 CRM Consultant Responsibilities • Represented Brazil at a CRM assessment-methodology creation in the USA. • Co-ordinate the introduction of CRM in Brazil – develop proposal and presentation models and analyse the market and competitors
  2. 2. Achievements • Devised international CRM assessment methodologies. Defined long-term objectives and technology structures • Planned, structured and implemented sales and marketing strategies for CRM in Brazil 1998.99 Senior System Specialist Responsibilities • Manage Business Control projects and reengineer customer support centre for outsource clients including FIAT ,VARIG, ABN and MULTIBRAS • Redesign and implement customer support centre for VARIG(Airline Company) • Manage a team of 40 people using PMI methodology Achievements • Managed a team of 40 people to implement the distributed systems management processes, tools and people aspects. Project completed on time ( 2 years) and on budget. 1996-98 IT Consultant Responsibilities • Elaborate the SLA and scope Contract definition – VARIG - Outsourcing • Manage CMS and Problem management implementation. Mentor the re- engineering project and develop process design and procedures for VARIG. • Manage the implementation of system management tools for accounting • Redesign processes for customer support and change-, and problem-management, Configuration Processes for 3M Achievements • VARIG distributed systems outsource - proposal, migration and implementation on time and on budget (100 million project, 2 year transition and 10 years outsourcing). • 500 Varig’s people migrated to IBM, processes changed, systems implemented and SLA achieved • Sold proposal and gave consultant support for 3M on SAP post implementation 1989–96 Advisor Systems Specialist / Systems Analyst Responsibilities • Co-ordinated the outsource of distributed systems for MERCK • Planed the IBM Argentinean Call-Centre implementation project • Co-ordinated the IBM Call-Centre project, integration plan, process design and investment plan • Developed business case for the creation of the Distributed-Systems Business-Unit. Achievements • Merck Support Center implemented • IBM Argentinean Callcenter consolidation approved • IBM Brazil Callcenter implemented (US$ 13 million) and received ISO9002 certification and some prizes
  3. 3. ADDITIONAL SKILLS & ACHIEVEMENTS IT Skills Microsoft Project , Project Workbench, CRM packages( Corepoint and Siebel), Callcenter packages(DPU and INFO), Voice packages( Calllpath and DT2), Process design packages( ADW and ABC Flow), Tivoly, OS2, DB2/2 - SQL, and MS-Office Professional Qualification 2001- Gerenciamento – London - IBS - International Business School 2001- Marketing Direto – London - Huron University 1999- IBM US - Represented Brazil at the CRM methodology development 1997- IBM US - NY - Consulting certifying course 1996- IBM Brazil - PMI and Project Workbench 1996-1994 - IBM Sao Paulo - Residency in OS2 and DB2/2 Languages English(III),Portuguese(IV),Spanish(II),French(I) Interests Photography, cycling ,travel, gym, cinema, studying AULAS, CURSOS E PALESTRAS MINISTRADAS  Palestra de Estrategia de CRM no Forum de CRM 2000  Palestras de CRM no MBA da ESPN 1998 -2000  Redesenho de Processos do MBI do NCE da UFRJ - 1999  Palestras de DB2/2 e OS/2 na SUCESSU e INFOSUL  Cursos de OS2, Cm/2 and Db2/2 na IBM. PRODUCAO BIBLIOGRAFICA  Paper  Apostilas de Redesenho de Processos - 1999  Apostilas de OS2, Cm/2 and Db2/2 – IBM Produção em C,T & A Produção bibliográfica Produção bibliográfica Artigos completos publicados em periódicos 1. Vergara ; PINTO, M. C. S. . REferência Teórica em Análise Organizacional: UM ESTUDO SOBRE A NACIONALIDADE DOS AUTOR CITADOS PELOS PESQUISADORES BRASILEIROS. RAC. Revista de Administração Contemporânea, v. Ed Esp, p. 103-121, 2001 2. Vergara ; PINTO, M. C. S. . Cultura e Mudança Organizacional: O Caso Telerj. RAC. Revista de Administração Contemporânea, v p. 63-84, 1998. Livros publicados/organizados ou edições 1. PINTO, M. C. S. . Economia de Comunhão: Empresas para um Capitalismo Transformado. 1. ed. Rio de Janeiro: FGV, 2006. v. 0 168 p.
  4. 4. Apresentações de Trabalho 1. PINTO, M. C. S. ; LEMOS, A. H. C. . Empregabilidade dos Administradores: Quais os perfis profissionais que vêm sendo d. 2006. (Apresentação de Trabalho/Congresso). Demais tipos de produção bibliográfica 1. PINTO, M. C. S. . Gestão de Pessoas e Subjetividade - Sensualidade e Diversão nas Organizações. São Paulo: Atlas, 2001. (Tradução/Outra). 2. PINTO, M. C. S. . Handbook de Estudos Organizacionais - Ciência Normal, Paradigmas, Metáforas, Discursos e Genealogia da Análise. São Paulo: Editora Atlas, 1997. (Tradução/Outra). 3. Vergara ; PINTO, M. C. S. . Handbook de Estudos Organizacionais - Teoria Crítica e Abordagens Pós-modernas para Estudos Organizacionais. São Paulo: Atlas, 1997. (Tradução/Outra).