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Rosies final presentation


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Rosies final presentation

  1. 1. I left home 8 months ago!
  2. 2. Since I left home....
  3. 3. I flew from California to Rome to dig
  4. 4. When the dig was over... I came to Lebrija!
  5. 5. Here I met many lovely people!!!
  6. 6. I ran a race against breast cancer!
  7. 7. Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
  8. 8. For Christmas I went to Nicola’s House!!!
  9. 9. For New Years I went to visit my friend in Edinburgh!
  10. 10. Then I moved to Seville...
  11. 11. With two lovely Spanish girls!
  12. 12. Later I visited Barcelona!!!
  13. 13. For my Birthday I went to see my friend in Lyon, France!
  14. 14. Most recently I went to Tenerife!
  15. 15. But EVEN more recently... Mr. Sanchez’s dog, Chico, got a girlfriend...Que Heavy!
  16. 16. Soon I will be going back to California!