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Lvc sas en


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Lvc sas en

  1. 1. LVC Management Services & Consulting LVC Management Services & Consulting
  2. 2. LVC Management Services & Consulting The Company Established by Luca V. Canepa in 2005, LVC Management Services & Consulting, directly or jointly with experienced Partners, offers management and consulting services in multiple areas: – Strategy; – Special Initiatives; – Competitiveness and Profitability; – Efficiency; – Marketing; – Public Relations and Press Office.
  3. 3. LVC Management Services & Consulting Managing Partner Profile • Senior Executive with extensive International experience in managing complex operations. • Fluently tri-lingual + understanding of other western languages. • Achievements on: – turnaround management, implementing changes and business priorities; – definition of business strategy, with gaining interest of investors; – building and development of relationships with key partners; – union relationship and negotiations; personnel management. • Exec. Board Member of IBAN, Italian Business Angel Network, partner of BAE – Business Angels Europe; • Partner at Brain International –; • Board Memberships. • Leveraging on his network, the Consultant is able to integrate his expertise with others, – involving highly qualified professional Partners, thus – offering end-to-end services to the Clients.
  4. 4. LVC Management Services & Consulting All Partners Profile Consultant and Partners: • Understand International and local cultures and speak the entrepreneurs’ language; • Have personal and direct experience in managing Companies; • Have business development track records, across all the Company functions; • Have supported Companies through restructuring and turn-around, start-up and expansion; • Are expert to operate in different cultural environments, covering both Project and Line Senior Management roles; • Within public Corporate Organizations and within private Entrepreneurial Groups.
  5. 5. LVC Management Services & Consulting Scope of Intervention- 1 Strategy • Turn-around and Change Management; • Business Model (Re-)Definition and Positioning; • Investment Management, Capital Raise, Merging and Aquisition. Special Initiatives • Generational Turnover; • Contract Definition. Competitiveness and Profitability • Sourcing and Procurement, Supply Chain Management; • Commercial: – direct v/s indirect, partnerships, – market and product channels, merchandising.
  6. 6. LVC Management Services & Consulting Scope of Intervention - 2 Efficiency • Process Auditing and Optimization; • Financial Planning; • Working Capital. Marketing • Promotion and Advertising; • Product and Service Launch, Events. Public Relations and Press Office • Press Conference Organization; • Media Agency Relations; • Houseorgan, Catalogues, Websites.
  7. 7. LVC Management Services & Consulting Luca Vittorio Canepa Tel.: +39 02 320621672 Fax: +39 02 700529405 e.mail: Contacts