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Toluna Overview


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Toluna Overview

  1. 1. Get in touch with theToluna Community
  2. 2. What does Toluna do? Sample Polls Proprietary Panelists QuickSurveys Advanced Surveys Sponsored Polls Online Ad Measurement User-Generated Polls SAAS Consultancy Community Custom Panel Builds Management Professional Services Survey Scripting Panel Mgmt /
  3. 3. Introducing Toluna Asia Pacific Headquartered now in Hong Kong, with offices in India, Japan and Australia, Toluna Asia Pacific delivers products and services you would expect from a global company whilst providing a specialised team of local experts to understand and enable all of your sample provision and technology needs. Unlike other panel providers, Toluna has developed a unique online community approach to the management of its panels. Through the use of web 2.0-based technology we created the world’s first social voting community site, focusing on maximising panellist engagement to offer increased survey responsiveness and data reliability to our clients. Opinions that really matter That’s why we are the world’s no.1 online research sample and technology provider! /
  4. 4. Enabling companies to ask 1-100 questionsto anyone, anytime, anywhere Anyone Toluna’s in-depth profiling of its panellists and our specialised consumer, b2b and healthcare panels enable clients to reach niche segments and hard to reach audiences quickly and cost effectively. Anytime Toluna provides 24/7 global project management support and continually develops innovative technology such as QuickSurveys and PanelPortal to enable organisations to gain real-time customer insight easily and cost effectively. Anywhere Using Toluna’s 36 proprietary panels worldwide and our network of global partners we can provide organisations with access to survey respondents from all over the world. / 4
  5. 5. The World’s first Online Panel CommunityEveryone has an opinion...we have over 1 million a dayA unique panellist experience that offersmuch more than just a financial reward!Our focus on creating socially relevant andengaging panel communities means we arecommunicating with our panellists on amuch deeper level than other panelcompanies.The ‘social’ reward of interacting with otherpanellists and contributing towards debatesis an extremely powerful mechanism tostimulate repeat visits… “From 10,000 members in 1 country in 2003 to 4 million members in 36 countries in 2011” /
  6. 6. enables members to… Create a personal profile page Create polls for the community Post polls on their own social media sites Create and contribute towards debates Gain ‘authority’ ratings for their opinions Participate in product tests and reviews Enter into competitions enables clients to... Undertake initial pitch based research Establish incidence rates before field Identify hard to reach target groups Match responses to pre-profiled data Get real-time information FAST / 6
  7. 7. 4 million active panellists - 34 countries Europe and Russia Americas Worldwide Asia Pacific /
  8. 8. Opinions from your target audienceToluna strives to continually helpresearch professionals conductreliable online market research andhas pioneered the development of 16specialist sub-panels.Toluna collects up to 1,700 currentattributes through a number ofspecialist screeners, plus anadditional large number of datapoints are collected by posting ‘Polls’and ‘QuickVotes’ live on thecommunity site. Toluna’s specialist panel profiling enables researchers to quickly target the nicheGet insight from the people that segments they need and enjoy maximumreally influence your business response rates, shorter project completion times and increased data reliability. /
  9. 9. Data QualityAt Toluna, we understand the importance of data quality, and our approach to define dataquality is always evolving, to ensure we are providing our client with the highest qualitydata possible.Quality is not a point of competitive differentiation, we believe that it is standardoperating procedure. We define quality as both the quality client experience and dataquality initiatives we undertake to provide high-quality data to clients.Keeping our data safe and our clients happy!Protecting the things that matter to you / 9
  10. 10. SampleSafe™We’ve outlined the quality processes we have put in place in SampleSafe™ as we felt it wasimportant to provide our clients with assurance that we have our own standard operatingprocedures in place to ensure data quality.The program is focused on three major areas to ensure quality Actual: Validated by third party databases—Verity™. Melissa and GeoIP Behaving: Providing thoughtful response to your surveys. Eliminating speeders and more. De-duplicated: Respondents are prevented from participating more than once—DRD, RelevantID™.As an online data collection company, we are very process and project oriented. The product thatwe deliver to our clients is data; and each time we engage with a client it is a new project. Weleverage SampleSafe™ to ensure that the data we provide is of the highest quality, and haveinstilled Six Sigma principles to ensure that we measure the client experience and deliversatisfactory results. / 10
  11. 11. More than just a sample provider Toluna Full Service Toluna software Project Management to enable a fast to run surveys for you snapshot of consumer opinion Toluna Technology for you to run your own surveys /
  12. 12. Full ServiceWith leading industry operations, Tolunaprovides over 400 full time employees in Advanced surveyAsia Pacific servicing all aspects of designs to suit anyOnline panel delivery. type of study With over 150 Survey programmers, 100 Project Managers and a dedicated Quality Assurance team of over 50 staff; Toluna provides an unrivalled solution to your needs domestically, regionally and globally. Embracing the internet to create fun and engaging surveys /
  13. 13. From ready made to ‘just for you’We leverage a proprietarymethodology to ensure conceptsecurity, SafeView™.SafeView™ is a superior conceptprotection program that prohibitsrespondents from downloadingimages, or saving them locally –ensuring the confidentiality ofyour audio, video and images.With SafeView™ applied to yoursurvey, we ensure theconfidentiality of your surveyconcepts.Impress your survey respondents with 3D! / 13
  14. 14. Research when you need it • You create your questions • Target by demographics •Media enabled at the click of a mouse • Flexible payment optionsAsk: •4m members worldwide • Your own crowd for FREE •Social - share your resultsNo wait, no hassle • 100-2,000 responses in 24 hours • Great-looking real-time reports • ‘Ask the Nation’ census weighting - immediately! / 14
  15. 15. Embrace the speed, ease and cost advantages ofconducting research onlinePanelPortal™ is an extremelypowerful yet easy to use platformwhich enables marketing andresearch professionals to managecustom branded onlinecommunities in-house. Improved engagement, loyalty and advocacyUsing your existing customerdatabase PanePortal allows you to Greater ability to respond swiftlyquickly and cost effectively conductonline surveys and qualitative Gain deeper insightdiscussions to gain honest, accurateand valuable feedback. Extend your reach to 4 million consumers Increased brand visibility Sharper new product development Share insights internally Reduce research costs and boost response rates / 15
  16. 16. BrandSpectorOnline advertising effectiveness research What is BrandSpector? Joint venture between Toluna and nurago Measures how many people are exposed to an online execution Provides detailed demographic reports on who was exposed Enables follow-up surveys (awareness, U&A) amongst exposed / non-exposed How effective are your online campaigns? Track targeted members of the / Toluna Community to find out
  17. 17. An online platform for qualitative research Online bulletin boards – Ask respondents toparticipate over a period of days, weeks or evenmonths about virtually any topic. We’ll manageparticipation, incentives and more for you. Online focus groups - Eliminate the time andexpense of travelling to focus group facilities.Online groups are easy to initiate, require a shorterlead time, and provide rich insight from a broader Other online qualitative servicesgeography of respondents than possible via offline QualMeeting – live video focus groupsgroups. via webcams QualAnywhere – text based mobile Real-time chat - TolunaChat enables companies researchto gather rich insights from survey respondents inreal-time. Our easy-to-use technology enablescompanies to intercept survey respondents and askthem more in-depth questions /