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Building a Simple Project Plan for WordPress Projects


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Project Management can be very overwhelming sometimes. The ability to identify which tools and methodologies we can use in our WordPress project is very important.

Here I propose, in 3 simple topics, how to build a Simple Project plan, taking in consideration most of my experience managing WordPress project.

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Building a Simple Project Plan for WordPress Projects

  1. 1. Building a Simple Project Plan for WordPress Projects #WCSTL2016
  2. 2. Lucas Lima WordPress - 6 Years Project Manager - 4 Years @BrasaDesign
  3. 3. Your Client!
  4. 4. How is my project going? I’m wondering if you could show me something? I’ll be presenting the website to some sponsors, I only want to know if we will meet the deadline? But, you told me it was going to be ready last week??? How long is this going to take?
  5. 5. I can pay... I need it by... I want...
  6. 6. I can pay... I need it by... I want... SCOPE COST TIME QUALITY
  7. 7. Structuring your scope of work and estimating: 1. Deliverables 2. Work Packages 3. Activities (estimation) 4. Tasks (estimation) How should I start?
  8. 8. 1. Beta Version 2. Purchase Order Workflow 3. Build Cart Page 4. Order Overview 4. Checkout Options 4. Cross Selling Box 3. Build Checkout Page 4. Login Pop-up 4. Billing Details 4. Shipping Details Work Breakdown Structure
  9. 9. Presents the work to be done in a calendar view... 1. Update Calendar (Holidays, Vacations...) 2. Include your structured scope 3. Identify Relationship (Dependencies)* 4. Resources Availability & Assignment * Visibility of the critical path Project Schedule
  10. 10. Project Critical Path
  11. 11. Issues: Problems, gaps, inconsistencies, conflicts... 1. Record them when they happen! 2. Keep track of the resolution (history, status…) 3. ”The sooner the better” Issues Tracker
  12. 12. Simple Project Plan! 1. Escope (Work Breakdown Structure) 2. Project Schedule 3. Issues Log
  13. 13. Make sure you keep the plan updated, reviewing it in a regular basis. 1. Watch out for huge delays; 2. Keep your client updated on the progress (“answer” before they ask) 3. Keep the Project Management triangle in your mind (manage changes!) Keep an Eye...
  14. 14. Some Tools... ● Project Schedule (w/ Gantt Chart) ○ OpenProj ○ GanttProject ○ Microsoft Project ● Issues Tracker / Task Manager ○ BaseCamp ○ LightHouse ○ Github (+ ZenHub) ○ GitLab ○ Trello
  15. 15. Sources ● Images - ● 10 Steps to Create a Project Plan - PM Times ● PM Basics - Project Insight ● Project Management - MindTools
  16. 16. Thank You! @BrasaDesign