Is social media a fixture or fad in latin american politics


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Entrevista realizada por The Inter American Dialogue´s sobre nuevos medios en política latinomaericana.

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Is social media a fixture or fad in latin american politics

  1. 1. Monday, May 10, 2010 FEATURED Q&A BOARD OF ADVISORS Is Social Media a Fixture or Fad in Latin American Politics? Diego Arria Jon Huenemann Venezuelan President Hugo Q Director, Principal, What we are seeing in Venezuela confirms Columbus Group International Chávez last week launched a social media's mainstream significance. Department, Twitter account, with one close While in several cases 'underdog' groups Genaro Arriagada Miller & Chevalier Board Member, Banco ally saying the president's fol- have successfully used social media to del Estado de Chile James R. Jones lowers planned to 'take over by assault' increase cause awareness or voice dissent, Co-chair, social media sites like Twitter and mainstream parties and governments are Joyce Chang Manatt Jones Global Head of Facebook, which have been employed now realizing that they must also treat Global Strategies LLC Emerging Markets more actively by Chávez opponents. What social media as an important political Research, JPMorgan John Maisto role do you see social media sites like channel. An increasing number of today's Chase & Co. Director, these playing in Latin America's political youth are growing up 'online.' They are US Education Finance W. Bowman Cutter scene in the coming years? Will they familiar and comfortable with social media Group Former Partner, become a fixture, or are they merely a interactions from an early age, and there- E.M. Warburg Nicolás Mariscal passing fad? How important are these fore will be more likely to become involved Pincus Chairman, technologies to engaging Latin America's Continued on page 2 Grupo Marhnos Alejandro Delgado youth in the political process? Economist for Latin Thomas F. America, Africa, the McLarty III Alberto Arebalos, director of A Middle East & Mexico, President, General Motors McLarty Associates corporate communications and public affairs for Latin America Dirk Donath Carlos Paz-Soldan at Google: "In recent years, we've Managing Director, Partner, Eton Park Capital seen social media usage and influence DTB Associates, LLP Management exploding, to the extent that it can no Beatrice Rangel longer be dismissed in any sphere. More Jane Eddy Director, than 72 percent of Latin American Internet Managing Director, AMLA Consulting LLC Corporate & Govt. users are connected to at least one social Ratings Group, José Antonio Ríos network, and people are spending more Standard & Poor's Chief Executive Officer, and more time interacting and accessing Chinchilla Sworn in as Costa Vadium Technology Inc. content of all kinds via social media sites. Rica's First Female President Marlene Fernández Former Bolivian Andrés Rozental Politically, we've already seen in Colombia, Congresswoman President, the United States and elsewhere that social Laura Chinchilla, 51, was inaugurated and Ambassador Rozental & Asociados media has a widespread and powerful Saturday as Costa Rica's first female and Senior Fellow, Jason Hafemeister Brookings Institution impact that cannot be ignored. Present president. Among Chinchilla's first offi- Vice President, indications are that social media is a grow- cial acts was a decree prohibiting new Allen F. Johnson & Everett Santos ing trend, not a passing fad; individual sites gold mining projects in the Central Associates President, may burst onto the scene and later wane in American country. See story on page 2. DALEC LLC Peter Hakim popularity, but they are replaced by newer Photo: Chinchilla Campaign. President Emeritus, Shelly Shetty or more innovative social media sites. Inter-American Senior Director, Latin Dialogue American Sovereign Ratings, Fitch Inc. Inside This Issue Donna Hrinak Senior Director of Latin FEATURED Q&A: Is Social Media a ING Seeking 15 Percent Sales America Government Fixture or Fad in Latin American Politics? .........1 Growth in Latin America .......................................3 Affairs, PepsiCo Chinchilla Inaugurated as Costa Bancolombia Posts $169 Million Rica's First Female President...............................2 Net Profit for First Quarter....................................3 Chávez Opponent Sentenced to Subscriber Notice: A Conversation Nearly Eight Years in Prison .................................3 With the Mayor of Lima.........................................3 Copyright © 2010, Inter-American Dialogue Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. Inter-American Dialogue’s Latin America Advisor Monday, May 10, 2010 NEWS BRIEFS Political News orities. Chinchilla, a graduate of Georgetown University, is a social conser- Mexico Extradites Former vative, opposing same-sex marriage and Governor to U.S. on Drug Charges Chinchilla Inaugurated as abortion. The presidents of Mexico, Mexico has extradited a former gov- Costa Rica's First Female President Colombia, Ecuador and Georgia attended ernor of Quintana Roo state to the her inauguration in San José. Just hours Laura Chinchilla on Saturday was sworn after taking office, Chinchilla signed a United States to face drug charges, in as Costa Rica's first female president, decree prohibiting new gold mining proj- the Associated Press reported succeeding Nobel laureate Óscar Arias. ects in Costa Rica, Reuters reported. The Sunday. Mario Villanueva, who was Chinchilla, 51, vowed to govern with order will have no effect on the country's governor from 1993 to 1999, stands "humility, honesty and firmness" and largest gold mining project, Crucitas, said charged in federal court with help- added she will pursue economic policies Carlos Roverssi, a spokesman for ing the Juárez drug cartel smuggle similar to those of Arias, which brought Chinchilla. He added the Crucitas mine, Colombian cocaine to the United the Central American country into a trade owned by Canada's Infinito Gold, has States. Villanueva served six years in agreement with the United States and already obtained a government permit. a Mexican prison after being con- increased trade with China, the Environmentalists have called on victed of money laundering. He was Associated Press reported. Chinchilla has Chinchilla, who was elected in February, released in 2007 and rearrested on also promised to push for new ecological to restrict mining. "[Gold mining] is not the U.S. extradition request. protections for Costa Rica's parks and profitable enough to sacrifice the envi- reserves. "We're teaming up for a safer ronmental aspect," Roverssi told Reuters. Venezuela's Chávez Says Soaring Costa Rica," said Chinchilla, who added Construction of the Crucitas mine has Inflation Politically Motivated that education, health care, good housing been stalled due to environmental groups' and caring for senior citizens and children complaints that it would harm plants and Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez are also among her administration's pri- animals. on Saturday accused the private sec- tor and opposition forces of con- Featured Q&A spiring to raise prices for political Continued from page 1 gains ahead of legislative elections in September. "I have no doubts there's in politics via social media than any helping to convince Latin American a high speculative and political com- other type of forum. Social media use by politicians to stop ignoring these new ponent," Chávez said at a cabinet established governments and parties interactive channels and incorporate meeting, state news agency ABN need not weaken its potential to create them into their campaigns, communica- reported. Prices rose 5.2 percent in positive change or to make the opinions tions and relationships with the elec- April, the highest monthly increase of the populace heard—but the debate torate. Social networks and Web 2.0 are will be as complex and multi-voiced as definitely not a passing fad. The new in years, bringing the 12-month Latin America itself." generations are immersed in a multime- inflation to 30 percent, Dow Jones dia context that is revolving more and reported. Lucas Lanza, director of A more around social networks, in new Moody's: Mexican Telco Axtel on ePolitics Consulting in ways of communication such as text Review for Possible Downgrade Argentina and president of the messages and social networking tools Information Society of the that are proliferating throughout the Moody's Investors Service said Americas Foundation: "So far, we haven't Web every day. These new generations Friday it was considering downgrad- seen any foundational moments that are having a growing impact on the elec- ing the corporate debt rating of would define the beginning of a new way torate. Young people have always been an Mexican telecom Axtel from "Baa3" of doing politics in the region using these attractive constituency for politicians; due to the company's poor first- new media. It's quite paradoxical that the therefore, now more than ever it's key to quarter results. The ratings agency one who has invaded this new digital understand this phenomenon, not just said Axtel's earnings report showed space is none other than Venezuelan by learning the new code of communica- "weaknesses in its businesses, President Hugo Chávez—together with tions, but also by managing these new his guerrilla communications army—in channels where information, conversa- including traditionally positive seg- order to strengthen communication and tion and influence circulate freely. Social ments such as data services and links to citizens (both locally and global- media is already becoming an important integrated telecom services." It ly). Paradoxical or not, Chávez's move part of the 'media mix,' of convergence added that Axtel should increase its has gotten tongues wagging, and it is strategies in political campaigns and of income and EBITDA to finance cap- ital expenditures internally. Continued on page 4 Copyright © 2010, Inter-American Dialogue Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. Inter-American Dialogue’s Latin America Advisor Monday, May 10, 2010 Chávez Opponent Sentenced to Nearly Eight Years in Prison Subscriber Notice Retired Gen. Raúl Baduel, an outspoken critic of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, was sentenced Friday to seven The Inter-American Dialogue hosts years and 11 months in prison after being convicted of abuse of power and A Conversation With the Mayor of Lima embezzlement, the Associated Press reported. The sen- tence also bars with Baduel from running for public office. Luis Castañeda Lossio, Baduel was a close Mayor of Peru's Capital ally of Chávez and and potential presidential candidate had served as his defense minister. Tuesday, May 11 However, he later 8:30 – 10:00 a.m. Baduel became a Chávez critic after the presi- Inter-American Dialogue File Photo: Venezuelan Government. dent fired him from 1211 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite 510 the defense minister Washington, DC post in 2007. Baduel opposed a referen- dum to eliminate presidential term lim- RSVP to its in 2007. The referendum failed, but a similar referendum passed last year, Please include your name and affiliation. allowing Chávez to run for re-election. This meeting will be conducted in Spanish. Baduel was convicted on charges that 40 million bolivars, then equivalent to U.S. $18.6 million at the official exchange rate, disappeared while he was defense Company News because of the size of its market, followed minister and wound up in bank accounts by Chile and Mexico," Muriel told of Baduel's family members. Baduel has Bloomberg News. "We want to consoli- denied the accusations and maintains ING Seeking 15 Percent Sales date our operations in those countries that they are politically motivated. "He Growth in Latin America where we already operate. We aren't look- was tried without any evidence," one of ing to enter new countries." Baduel's daughters, Andreina Baduel, Dutch financial services company ING told the AP. "My father has been an hon- Groep is seeking a 15 percent increase in Bancolombia Posts $169 Million est man and he always will be." Chávez sales this year from Latin America, a com- Net Profit for First Quarter has denied using the courts to crack pany official told Bloomberg News in an down on his opponents, but several of interview published Friday. Carlos Bancolombia, Colombia's largest bank, them have faced charges. Manuel Muriel, head of the company's insurance on Friday reported a net profit of 341 bil- Rosales, who ran against Chávez in 2006, and pension unit, said Brazil, Mexico and lion Colombian pesos ($U.S. 169 million) was charged last year with corruption, Chile will fuel growth in the region. Last for the year's first quarter, a 10 percent which he denies, and has since fled to month, the International Monetary Fund year-on-year increase, Dow Jones report- Peru. Leopoldo López, another opposi- boosted its growth forecasts for 2010 for ed. The bank said the increase was due to tion politician, was briefly imprisoned the region and its two biggest economies, banking fees and other noninterest oper- on corruption charges and was barred Brazil and Mexico. In Brazil, the IMF is ating revenue, which increased 14 percent from running for office. In March, oppo- expecting 5.5 percent growth this year, in the quarter to 564 billion pesos. The sition politician Oswaldo Álvarez Paz, a after an 0.2 percent contraction last year. bank also was able to reduce provisions former governor of Zulia state, was ING, which also operates in Peru, by half as the ratio of past-due loans arrested after saying the government Colombia and Uruguay, will concentrate declined. For 2009, Bancolombia had enables drug trafficking. The opposition on organic growth rather than through reported 1.23 trillion pesos in net profit. politicians have denied involvement in acquiring other companies, said Muriel. In New York, Bancolombia shares fell 1.7 any wrongdoing. "The motor of growth will be Brazil percent Friday to close at $43.03. Copyright © 2010, Inter-American Dialogue Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. Inter-American Dialogue’s Latin America Advisor Monday, May 10, 2010 Featured Q&A Latin America Advisor Continued from page 2 is published every business day by the government communication. The ques- ties for political participation by home- Inter-American Dialogue, Copyright © 2010 tion for open debate is whether these new bound senior citizens, busy parents and Erik Brand technologies will increase citizen partici- full-time workers who are otherwise General Manager, Publishing pation, make governments more open unable to attend political events. and contribute to an improvement in However, these types of forums also pro- Gene Kuleta democracy in Latin America." vide an opportunity for tech-savvy, polit- Editor ically motivated interest groups to Daniel Castro and Scott Andes, Matthew Schewel A advance their agenda disproportionately senior analyst and research to the size of their membership. Large- Reporter, Assistant Editor analyst at the Information scale social media projects work well for Technology and Innovation the dispassionate crowd, but not as well Foundation: "As businesses and politi- for the passionate mob—the loudest Inter-American Dialogue: cians alike have found, social media Web voice is not always the one government sites like Facebook and Twitter provide should be listening to. But if actions like Michael Shifter, President an unprecedented opportunity to gain this lead to more openness, participation, Peter Hakim, President Emeritus real-time, unfiltered access to the public. and civic engagement, this will have a Katherine Anderson, V.P., Finance & Administration The most effective use of social media positive impact on politics in Latin involves a two-way conversation, and not America. It is also important to remem- Genaro Arriagada, Senior Fellow just a means of getting out a message. ber that Twitter is only one of the many Joan Caivano, Director, Special Projects Time will tell whether President Hugo Web 2.0 tools available to government Dan Erikson, Senior Associate, U.S. Policy Chávez will use the medium to truly officials to reach citizens. By employing Paul Isbell, Visiting Senior Fellow engage with citizens and whether they Web 2.0 applications such as blogs, online Claudio Loser, Senior Fellow will listen. However, the early signs are videos and forums many governments impressive—if the reported figures are have taken e-government to a new level. " Nora Lustig, Senior Fellow correct, after just two days he had more Áurea Moltó, Fellow than 100,000 followers on Twitter and Manuel Orozco, Director, Remittances after one week he had more than 200,000. The Advisor welcomes reactions to the and Development Program Engaging in online forums like this Q&A above. Readers can write editor Tamara Ortega Goodspeed, Senior allows more people to participate in the Gene Kuleta at Associate, Education political process. Without these types of with comments. Marifeli Pérez-Stable, Senior Fellow online forums, there are few opportuni- Jeffrey Puryear, Vice President, Social Policy Viron Vaky, Senior Fellow Energy Latin America Advisor is published every business day, except for major U.S. holidays, by the Inter-American Dialogue at: Upgrade your subscription with the 1211 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 510 Washington, DC 20036 Inter-American Dialogue's weekly Energy Advisor. Phone: 202-822-9002 Fax: 202-822-9553 Subscription Inquiries are welcomed at The opinions expressed by the members of the Board of Advisors and by guest commentators do not necessarily represent those of the publisher. The analysis is the sole view of each Advisor and does not The answers to questions that informed necessarily represent the views of their respective employers or firms. The information in this report executives are asking ... every week. has been obtained from reliable sources, but neither its accuracy and completeness, nor the opinions based thereon, are guaranteed. If you have any ques- tions relating to the contents of this publication, Send an email to today. contact the editorial offices of the Inter-American Dialogue. Contents of this report may not be repro- duced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted without prior written permission from the publisher. Copyright © 2010, Inter-American Dialogue Page 4 of 4