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SOA Suite 12c - Service Bus new features summary


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This presentation discusses (and demonstrates) some of the details on Service Bus in SOA Suite 12c. It is no longer called OSB, it does not use Eclipse as its IDE (but JDeveloper instead), it integrates [a little] with MDS, it can use the XSL Mapper. It has easier access to JCA Adapters. And most of all: through the new concept of Service Bus Pipelines - it has become much easier to create and manage complex message flows. Pipelines can be based on templates - which makes it easy to reuse functionality.

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SOA Suite 12c - Service Bus new features summary

  1. 1. Service Bus new Features and Updates Lucas Jellema, 17-07-2014 SOA Suite 12c Deep-Dive
  2. 2. Overview • Service Bus integration into ‘the rest of SOA Suite’ • Demonstration of – Design Time MDS – JCA (File) Adapter in JDeveloper/SB – Pipeline – Disable/Enable Activities – Run (&Debug) Pipeline from IDE – XSLT Mapper in SB development – Native Format Translation (JSON => XML) – Proxy Service (new style) fronting the Pipeline – Enterprise Manager FMW Control – Pipeline Alerts & Message Reports – Pipeline Template – Chained Pipeline – Service Bus Console – configuration, test, development – Second Proxy on top of same Pipeline Chain – REST-ful interface (JSON speaking)
  3. 3. OSB => SB • OSB rest in peace • Service Bus integrated into – JDeveloper (design time) – Enterprise Manager FMW Control (run time) – Also: run time Service Bus Console for configuration & development • Service Bus not [yet] integrated in many areas – Does not support SCA, Fault Policies, EDN, Composite Sensors, (detailed) Flow Trace, run time MDS, SCA Composite deployment plan • Full support for XSLT (Mapper), JCA Adapters, Domain Value Maps, Xref functions • Use EM FMW Control for monitoring Message Reports & SLA/Pipeline Alerts • Share custom XPath functions • Note: calling SB from SCA and vice versa: – Preferred is HTTP; use SOA-DIRECT [only] to propagate transaction or security
  4. 4. Objective • Implement a Service that returns the allowable values in a domain – Through both a SOAP/XML and a REST/JSON interface • The source is a document (domains_repositories.txt):
  5. 5. 5 DomainValuesPipeline
  6. 6. 6