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Geeks in the Woods Accelerator


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Geeks In The Woods is a startup accelerator focused on propelling the software ideas of Alaskan entrepreneurs into scalable web-based businesses.

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Geeks in the Woods Accelerator

  1. 1. 1. Double-trouble Twin Brothers - software and business 2. Babson College - #1 for Entrepreneurship 3. First $1M in revenue while juniors in college dorm room 4. Founded current software company 10 years ago 5. $70M annual revenue with 250+ employees 6. Want to help build tech companies in Alaska
  2. 2. Alaskans migrate most to States in PNW Yearly gross migration with Alaska by state, 2000 to 2016
  3. 3. Lee and Lucas moved to Alaska two years ago in an effort to explore new ways of working with a higher quality of life and a regained sense of community.
  4. 4. Geeks In The Woods is a startup accelerator focused on propelling the software ideas of Alaskan entrepreneurs into scalable web-based businesses
  5. 5. Invest and Accelerate ● Focus on investing in and building Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses. ● Accelerator approach allows each business the opportunity to grow or fail independently. ● Unique bootstrapped approach enables entrepreneurs to bring their SaaS businesses from 0 (idea) to 1 (product/market fit). ● Lead by example, harnessing the Founder’s mentality.
  6. 6. Unique Bootstrapped Approach 1. Software framework to bootstrap SaaS web applications. ○ Already implemented in two SaaS businesses. ○ Continuous development of framework - will be implemented on in each business. ○ Integrated with key business components for SaaS companies. i. Intercom for marketing and CRM ii. Stripe for billing 2. Mentoring to build Tech internally. ○ Provide strategic leadership (CTO, Engineering, Product). ○ Invest internally in growing tech talent. ○ Increased value when People and Tech are together.
  7. 7. GOlang SaaS Framework for Web Applications
  8. 8. Founder's Mentality ● Typical accelerators provide seed funding to an entrepreneur in order for them to hire talent and turn their idea into a scalable business. ● Since resources are constrained in Alaska, our team partners with the entrepreneur to help build out the opportunity from an idea into a scaling insurgent ● The Geeks In The Woods team consists of three startup professionals with vast experience in both software engineering and entrepreneurship.
  9. 9. Entrepreneurs Own the Future They Create ● After the business idea is validated, it spins out into its own corporation. ● Entrepreneurs retain ownership of their company. ● Employee’s direct ownership of independent corporations provides greater upside opportunity and ability to realize rewards of their success independently.
  10. 10. Leverage success of GITW portfolio companies to attract: ○ Entrepreneurs to build tech companies in Alaska; and ○ Other Creative Workers to relocate here and fuel the growth of more tech companies. Growing Tech Ecosystem in Alaska
  11. 11. Our vision will be part of a larger trend of Creative Workers being attracted to Alaska and this trend driving the future of diversified economic growth
  12. 12. Creative Workers will fuel future Growth in Alaska
  13. 13. To attract these creative workers and build the “creative class”, communities must cultivate the three Ts: ● Talent - a highly talented/educated/skilled population ● Tolerance - a diverse community, which has a 'live and let live' ethos ● Technology - the technological infrastructure necessary to fuel an entrepreneurial culture
  14. 14. Alaska does have Tolerance and Technology
  15. 15. While AK is investing in STEM education for the future workforce, this alone will not allow Alaska to catch up and develop a thriving tech ecosystem driven by creative workers.
  16. 16. Alaska needs mentors for today’s youth to create opportunities for tomorrow’s workforce. This will fuel Alaska’s next frontier - the Tech Frontier.
  17. 17. 1. Pioneering, building and entrepreneurship are part of Alaska’s DNA 2. Tech talent is interested in relocating to AK for high quality of life 3. Communities in AK are already attracting creative workers in tech 4. Fiber Internet in AK already, and becoming more widely spread 5. Momentum and success of new startup tech companies will be key to unleashing exponential growth
  18. 18. Lead by example to attract Talent to Alaska
  19. 19. Participate in and sponsor Startup Weekends Support Alaska Dev Alliance Support UW Women in Tech Mentor software engineers in Alaska Sponsor Geeks to code in Valdez Sponsor Alaska World Affairs Council Speak at local events We are committed to growing Tech in Alaska
  20. 20. Short Term Goals for Accelerator 2 SaaS businesses within next year ● - ready to launch ● LegalThread - launching Q1 2019 Open applications in March for opportunities in Q3 2019
  21. 21. Short Term Goals for Accelerator Expand Accelerator: ● Participate in Accelerator Workshop by Global Accelerator Network (GAN) ● Incorporate learnings with our bootstrapping passion and founders’ mentality ● Execute and operationalize expansion of accelerator
  22. 22. Long Term Goals for Accelerator Within 3 years: ● Launched 6+ SaaS businesses ● Plan for profitable exit of at least 1 business ● Will have achieved profitability with at least 3 businesses ● Killed at least 1 business
  23. 23. Long Term Goals for Accelerator Within 5 years: ● Inspired more tech companies to start in AK ● Developed 1+ into a business with scaling metrics, revenue of $10-$100M, and is a business Alaskans are proud of ● Successfully sold investments in 2+ businesses
  24. 24. Startup accelerator for tech in Alaska