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Daniela brauner

  1. 1. 1Daniela Braunerdaniela.brauner@rnp.br
  2. 2. Daniela Braunerdaniela.brauner@rnp.brCaso de desarrollo de proyectosen la Rede Nacional de Ensino ePesquisa, RNP
  3. 3. Brief Overview of the RNP• RNP – Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa• Brazilian NREN – National Research and Education Network– Created as a project in September 1989 by the Ministry ofScience, Technology and Innovation (MCTI),– Became a non-profit institution in 1999• Serves more than 800 campi– Over 130 public universities, more than 800 campi– Over 30 public and private research centers.
  4. 4. RNP national backbone• RNP nationalbackbone –Ipê network– Uses linksfrom TelecomCompanies– ConnectsPoP’s in thestate capitals+ RNP’smetropolitannetworksIpê = IP =
  5. 5. International Links• 20 Gbps to EUA10 G (RNP) + 10 G (ANSP)Through RedCLARA• 2,5 G to Europe (GÉANT)• 10 G to Argentina• 1 G to Miami
  6. 6. Introduction• Motivation:– to complement its network service, in 2002 began to develop its ownadvanced user services• How:– University research groups propose projects, and some of theseproposals are then developed with financial support and closetracking by RNP• Impact:– a growing portfolio of service offerings– closer relations with the research community.– RNP documented and designed a R&D Process• Also adopt the model to the development of network services, whererequirements are determined by RNP.• RedClara adopt a similar process to develop services in Latin America
  7. 7. Introduction• R&D RNP Programmes Examples:– Working Group - RNP Programme– RNP-induced WGs– WGs at RedCLARA
  8. 8. WG-RNP programme – Objectives• Develop innovation projects, with the aim of developing newproducts and services for RNP.• Themes related to applications, middleware and networks.• Assess how these new products and services can bedeployed in the production network.Launched in 2002.
  9. 9. WG-RNP programme – Methodology• Projects are proposed by research groups.• Selection is carried out through an open call for proposals:– See: http://www.rnp.br/editais/gt_2012-2013.html (in Portuguese)• Both initial selection and annual evaluation are carried out bycommittees composed of :– RNP staff members and– External representatives from the research community• SBC & LARC• These committees draw up a classification of the projects forapproval by the RNP Management Board
  10. 10. WG-RNP programme – Methodology
  11. 11. WG-RNP programme – ResultsThe WGs produce 2 kinds of results:• New service: included in the RNP ServicesCatalogue;• New product: becomes one of RNP’s “products onthe shelf” and may be used by RNP itself, or by itsclients (client institutions, government ministries,etc);
  12. 12. History of WGs 2002 - 20132002-3 2003-4 2004-5 2005-6 2006-7 2007-8 2008-9 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13VoIPAdvancedVoIPAdvancedVoIPNetworkstorageVirtualCommunityGrid (VCG) VCG Virtual WorldsTorrentUniverseMonitoring(Unit) UniTAccessibilityas a Service(AAAS) AAASDigital Video(VD) VD-IIReliableMulticast Digital TV Digital TVVirtualmuseums(MV) MVMixed Reality(RM)Multi-WebconferenceMConfInteractiveVideo onDemand(MConf)Vídeoconf.ConfigurationPervasivegridsWirelessMesh network(ReMesh) ReMeshHigh-speedtransportTravelFederatedAuthenticationCredentialsTransposition(STCFed) STCFedMy ScientificCloud (mc2) mc2in education (Travel)Diretories inHigherEducation.Diretories andApplications MiddlewareRemoteVisualizationDistanceLearningInfrastructureIEADFederation ofrepositories ofLearningObjects (FEB) FEBWifi APController(SciFi) SciFiHigh-speedtransport indynamiccircuits(IEAD)Quality ofService (QoS) QoS-IIMeasurements (MED) MED MEDDistanceLearning(EDAD) EDAD802.11s meshwith highscalabilityLinked OpenDataCloud forScience(CNC) CNCPublic KeyInfrastructurefor EducationICP-Edu ICP-EduAutomaticRecoveryNetwork FaultADReFFlow-basedMonitoringBackstreamDBVideocollaborationin Health(AVCS) AVCSInformation-centricnetworks(ICP-Edu) (ADReF)(BackstreamDB)Peer to Peer(P2P) P2PManagementof Video (GV) GVOverlayServiceNetwork(Overlay) OverlaySoftwarecomponentsfor SocialInteraction &CollectiveIntell.DigitalPreservation(DP) DPInternet ofThingsecosystemDigital Mediaand the Arts(MDA) MDAUniversity BusNetworkMonitoringVideoApplications(IMAV) IMAVProductionServiceExperimentalPhaseCandidate for FutureService/Product
  13. 13. EXAMPLES of theRNP WG Programme
  14. 14. Develop a service for automatic translation of videos from Portuguese toBrazilian Sign Language (LIBRAS).GT-AAAS Accessibility as a ServiceWG-RNP programme product
  15. 15. GT-IMAV – Instrumentation and Monitoring for VideoApplicationsDevelop mechanisms and tools for monitoring the consumption of videos, toobtain a clear view of their effetiveness.WG-RNP programme product
  16. 16. GT-DigitalPreservation – Digital Preservaçtion with DistributedStorageCreate a reliable storage system which may be used as a part of a solutionfor long-term digital preservation. Develop tools to allow content providers touse the storage system to preserve their data in a transparent manner.WG-RNP programme product
  17. 17. Mconf - Multiconferencing System for interoperable Web andMobile DevicesCreate a webconferencing system based on open-source software, with thecapacity to interoperate between computers and web-enabled mobiledevices.WG-RNP programme product
  18. 18. GT-SCIFI - Intelligent Control System for Wireless NetworksDevelop an open-source platform for managing multiple Access Points in alow-cost wifi networkWG-RNP programme product
  19. 19. GT-Ecodif – Ecossystem of Internet of ThingsWG-RNP programme product
  20. 20. WG-RNP programme productGT-IEAD - Infrastructure for Remote Classes (iVA system)Develop a multimidia solution developed for virtual presentations anddistance classes. It has been adopted in the implementation of the projectDistributed Classes of RNP Network School (ESR).
  21. 21. WG-RNP programme productVideoaula@RNP – Efficient distribution of Interactive Classeshttp://portal.rnp.br/web/servicos/videoaula-rnp
  22. 22. WG-RNP programme productProvide a national infrastructure confederating repositories of learning objetos(LO) with the aim of reuse of LOs through a single search point.Federation Educate Brazil (SE-FEB)
  23. 23. WG-RNP programme productGT-MDA – Arthron MedDevelop a solution to manage and transmit multiple video flows from camerasand medical devices.View from a telemedicine roomUser InterfaceManipulation of 3Dmodels using Kinect
  24. 24. • Network delay changes the movement patternand they like it !• Versus (2005), (In)TOQue (2008), e_pormundosAfeto (2009with Konic), Fragil (2011), Dancing across oceans (2012) –demanding 100 mbpsWG-RNP programme producthttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_Zb6-pBom0http://www.lavid.ufpb.br/gtmda/arthron.htmlhttp://www.mapad2.u4a.brGT-AVCS – Arthron ArtDevelop a solution to plan and manage a telematic dance performances,managing and streaming multiple video flows from local and remotecameras.
  25. 25. WG-RNP programme product26http://www.rnp.br/servicos/cafe.html• RNP Identity federation:• Web Single Sign On (Web SSO)• Now RNP is also member of eduGAIN (GEANT):interconnection of federations to link services and usersworldwideMembership statusService provider example:
  26. 26. WG-RNP programme product27Create and manage scientific workflowsCreate Scientific PortalsExample of a scientific portalhttp://gtmcc.lncc.br/sinapad/projectmanager/public/projects/gt-mcc
  27. 27. RNP -induced WGs
  28. 28. RNP-induced WGs• RNP has occasionally proposed themes fordevelopment, and has invited participation by theresearch community• Examples include:– Advanced applications for remote visualisation• 4K player and streamer, OptIPortal (intelligent videowall),– Network architecture and technology• Dynamic circuit provisioning– Advisory committees on monitoring and AAI• Eduroam
  29. 29. EXAMPLES of theRNP-induced WGs
  30. 30. RNP-induced WG product• SAGE-enabled tiled display wallDemo at Workshop RNP 2012http://optiportal.org
  31. 31. Demo at Workshop RNP 2013
  32. 32. RNP-induced WG productFOGO Player – 4K Video PlayerDevelop a video player to play videos in high ultra video resolutions (4K).1st live uncompressed 4K surgery streamed overacademic network in Brazil: 4 Gbps.
  33. 33. SD - 720x576HD - 1280x720
  34. 34. Full HD - 1920x1080
  35. 35. 4K - 4096x2160
  36. 36. Projeção 4KExpectadores externosLaboratório de Visualização VRL - UFRNMCURNP BrasíliaCâmeraJVC 4KHospital UniversitárioOnofre Lopes - UFRNFOGO Player(captura + transmissão)4 Gbps1 MbpsResolução 4K (4096 x 2160 px)Resolução SD VGA (640 x 480 px)Captura devideoconferênciaRedeGigaNatalFOGO Player(recepção + reprodução)30 Km
  37. 37. WGs at RedCLARA
  38. 38. WGs at RedCLARA• WGs created in 2005• RNP participates intensively in thetechnical activities of the RedCLARA community since itsinception• RNP WG coordinators have often participated asinstructors in half-yearly RedCLARA training activities• RedCLARA has also adopted its own style of WGs, mainlyinvolving the technical representatives from each memberNREN, in the folowing themes: Videoconferencing,Measurements, Routing, Security, IPv6, Multicast, VoIP• In 2009 and 2011, calls were made to invite researchersfrom the RedCLARA community to help introduce newservices in the member NRENs
  39. 39. Some RedCLARA WGs results• WG Measurements created a pilot measurement networkusing perfSONAR among some Latin American NRENs,EUA and Europe• RedCLARA now belongs to the eduroam community basedon the work of the WG Eduroam/Mobility• The pilot service PIT-VOIP provides peering between VoIPnetworks• The expansion of IPv6 services in Latin Americanacademic networks was accomplished through thedissemination carried out by WG IPv6… and others.
  40. 40. RedCLARA WGs 2011-2013WG name Objective CoordinatorWG-SCIFI - Intelligent controlsystem wireless networksTo develop an open platform for centralized control of access points. RNP/UFF (Brazil)WG- PIT VOIP | InternetExchange Point Voice over IPModeling and implementing a traffic exchange point of VoIP inRedCLARA through the interconnection of the telephone networks ofthe NRENs.RNP (Brazil)WG-MOF | Mobility withOpenFlowTo promote research and development of a solution capable ofproviding mobility to Wi-Fi network users using technologies such asWireless OpenFlow and IPv6RNP/UFRGS (Brazil)WG - Measurements Development of a monitoring infrastructure based on perfSONAR RNP/UFPE (Brazil)WG - MCONF|Multiconference system for theinteroperable access to Weband mobile devicesTo provide a web conferencing system easy to use, that integrates withmobile devices through the creation of an application for Android andthe development of an integrated management system on the web.RNP/UFRGS (Brazil)WG-IPTV Implement and produce in the NRENs an IPTV transmission platformthat allows IPTV to provide a multichannel IP-TV through RedCLARAwith multicast and IPv6 support.RENATA/Unicauca(Colombia)WG-DEIM-IPV6 and implementation of activities - projects that enable the design,planning and finally the establishment and implementation of IPv6 in thenetwork segments that are referred to RedCLARA services andapplications, and also of the member NRENs.CUDI/UNAM (Mexico)WG-CSIRT | ComputerSecurity Incident ResponseTeamTo implement a monitoring infrastructure for RedCLARA with sensors toobtain data about malicious activity and with this information generatenotifications of security incidents. Promote agile and coordinatedsecurity incident response. Create and disseminate security bestpractices, focused on academic environments.RNP (Brazil)WG-Movilidad | Mobility Apply middleware and mobile networks technologies and to provideroaming services in RedCLARA secure architectures.RAAP/ INICTEL-UNI
  42. 42. Conclusion• RNP does not maintain an in-house team of developers• We prefer to outsource such activities to the researchcommunity, which has embraced the opportunitiesprovided.• These activities are managed by the RNP R&D directorate• The result has been beneficial to RNP and its users:– Enabling us to increase our service offerings in many areas– Permitting international collaboration to ensure interoperation ofmany of these services– Enhancing our interaction with the Brazilian research communityin Computer Networks and Distributed Systems,– To keep this interaction with research community we organize ourannual RNP Workshop in collocation with the annual BrazilianComputer Networks Symposium (SBRC) since 2003.
  43. 43. Gracias!daniela.brauner@rnp.brTwitter: @RNP_pd45