Your Source to a Better Vacation


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Your Source to a Better Vacation

  1. 1. 1 | P a g e WHAT’S UP DOWN UNDER: YOUR SOURCE TO A BETTER VACATION WHO WE ARE What's Up Down Under is Australia’s premier directory website for all your camping, RV caravan, and travel needs. They believe that providing reliable and helpful information is not enough, as the best deals should come with amazing and hassle-free buying and travelling experience. Caravanning is more than just another type of holiday. It is a way of life for those who love to travel across Australia without losing the comforts of their home. Caravans today are a vast improvement from the models of the past, with today’s models featuring lots of amenities – a home away from home.
  2. 2. 2 | P a g e WHAT’S UP DOWN UNDER: YOUR SOURCE TO A BETTER VACATION CLASSIFIEDS: DELIVERING QUALITY, BRANDED To provide clients with the best quality service, What’s Up Down Under offers classifieds listings for people looking for a place to buy recreational vehicles. They advertise different quality, branded vehicles. Other than camping vehicles, they also offer the following products for your vehicle.  Caravans  Motorhomes & Campervans  Camper Trailers  5th Wheelers  Tray Tops/Slide Ons  Towing Vehicles/Cars/4WDs  Tents/Swags  RV Parts/Accessories Part of their commitment to customer satisfaction is offering honest advice and tips on which caravan fits the needs and preferences of the buyer. They offer advice and assistance to buyers, especially those who want to buy recreational vehicles for their upcoming vacation. PROVIDING HELPFUL BUSINESS DIRECTORY What’s Up Down Under features a website that provides buyers with a convenient travel planning experience. The website features a business directory where buyers can conveniently browse through caravan manufacturers, hire and rentals, to activities and attractions offered. You can also easily find information on different caravan and RV models.  RV / Caravan Manufacturers  Holiday Parks  Hire / Rentals  Attractions  Products / Accessories  RV / Caravans Retailers  Kids Activities  Restaurants / Cafes / Pubs
  3. 3. 3 | P a g e WHAT’S UP DOWN UNDER: YOUR SOURCE TO A BETTER VACATION These features make the travel experience fun and rewarding. They not just only provide reliable tips and advice, but also partners with quality and branded caravan manufacturers. This is one their goals to provide an all-in-one experience. Delivering Useful News & Reviews What’s Up Down Under does not only feature RVs and Camper Trailers, but also provide information about the following:  General News  Holiday Parks  Festivals & Events  Products  Travel  Attractions  Tips & Hints  Recipes Uses for caravans vary from simple home to accommodate extended family, homes in resort locations for holidays, or permanent dwellings. Because they are transportable, What’s Up Down Under offers news and reviews for people who want to stay in caravans permanently, during holidays only, or lease them.
  4. 4. 4 | P a g e WHAT’S UP DOWN UNDER: YOUR SOURCE TO A BETTER VACATION Offering Flexible Insurance Options There’s nothing like the freedom of travelling wherever you want, whenever you want and still enjoy the comforts of home. Nothing compares to the comforts of a home, combined with the freedom to jump behind the wheel and head to the next destination. What’s Up Down Under can give you this type of carefree and mobile life. Most people want the best for a home. That’s why they enhanced their insurance policy to offer enthusiasts one of the best coverage in the market. It’s an investment well worth protecting and What’s Up Down Under Insurance provides comprehensive cover for your caravan and all its content. - On-site Van Insurance - Relocatable Homes Insurance - Motorhome Insurance There is a specific insurance policy for caravans, motor homes, and relocatable homes. The policy provides protection for the actual caravan and relocatable home. What’s Up Down Under have access to specialist insurers with tailored policies for these items. To know more about Caravans or their features, visit their website at Find great deals on various RV brands from their online listing.