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A Personal Guide On Traveling In China

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China Travel

  1. 1. Traveling in China 旅行在中国Authored By: Lucas Blaustein 罗宝亮
  2. 2. 中国欢迎你 [Welcome to China]● China is the worlds most populous nation, with over 1.3 billion people.● It is the third biggest nation by territory.● The Chinese economy is the worlds second largest and growing.● It has the oldest culture in the world - China is a civilization state.● It is composed of 92% ethnic Han Chinese.● Only 590,000 foreigners live and work in China.
  3. 3. 打包 dă bāo Pack Bag1. 1 Roll of Toilet Paper ● Toilet paper is not present in most washrooms. ● You need one roll to get to China. ● You can buy more in China.2. Medicine (unopened) ● Cold & Flu Medicine / Pain Reliever / Stomach ● Everyone gets sick in China. ● Buying medicine in China is difficult.3. 2 Packages of Baby Wipes ● The cloth helps get the dirt off your hands. ● Its better than hand sanitizer. ● You can buy more in China.
  4. 4. contd.4. Deodorant 8. Cash to Exchange at Airport ● Its a foreign concept. Gasp now. ● All purchases in China use cash. ● Most ATM cards work in China,5. Good Walking Shoes but you will still need cash to ● If you have big feet, finding make your initial purchases. footwear in China is hard. ● Your bank may even have a partnership with a Chinese6. Comfortable Clothing company that will wave ATM ● China is hot! fees. i.e. Bank of America is partnered with China7. A Security Belt Construction Bank. ● China is very safe, but all foreigners are required by law to carry their passport. You need someplace safe to store it.
  5. 5. contd.9. A Guidebook 11. Laptop ● Eyewitness Guides and Lonely ● Bring a case. Planet are the best. ● Lonely Planet makes city 12. Smartphone / iPhone guidebooks. ● Download Pleco, its a free ● Guidebooks are nearly Chinese dictionary. impossible to find in China - ● Add on all the free word banks. dont leave yours on the plane Then purchase the optical from Korea like I did! character recognizer. ● This allows you to hold your10. Wall Socket Converter phones camera up to Chinese ● China has similar voltage. characters for immediate ● Check your device, but most translation. It will save you much appliances will work with a indigestion in restaurants. simple wall plug converter.
  6. 6. contd.   If traveling extensively:13. Wet Weather Wear ● hand washable clothing ● A jacket will suffice. ● an excellent backpack ● Umbrella vendors appear the (I recommend Pacsafe) second it rains. (Its magical.) ● small local gifts for new foreign friends ● vacuum bags14. Personal Items ● This includes a favorite teddy bear, prescription medication, contact solution and lenses, glasses, etc.
  7. 7. Dos and Donts of packing: ● Do make a list. ● Dont bring an extra bag for gifts. Buy one there. ● Do check everything twice. ● Dont pack more than you alone can carry. ● Do bring a nice dress or suit. ● Dont wear it everyday. ● Do buy a phone in China. ● Dont use your domestic phone in China. ● Do ask friends for advice. ● Dont listen to everything they say.
  8. 8. 吃饭 chī fàn Eat
  9. 9. Wash Everything Do Not Refuse FoodIt is customary to wash your China has suffered faminesplate, chopsticks, and glass every year for nearly twowith hot tea when offered. thousand years until the mid-20th century.Wash every piece ofproduce like your life Food isnt just somethingdepended on it. Dont buy you put in your mouth, it isproduce whose skin cannot culturally ingrainedbe removed. sustenance. It matters. A lot.
  10. 10. Eat At Established Restaurants No Open AlcoholWhen traveling alone or with other Bars and Clubs add dangerousforeigners look for places that have concoctions to mixed drinks. Sticklots of people. Follow your to local beer.guidebook. Vegetarians BewareThe Chinese populace is generallythe best gauge of food safety. China is not vegetarian friendly. When you dont have food youDo Not Trust American learn how to cook something likeFood Chains bamboo.McDonalds of China has hadwidespread issues with food safety.Do not think hamburger equalssafe!
  11. 11. Recommended dishes:1. Sweet and Sour Pork táng cù lǐ jǐ 糖醋里脊2. Kungpao Chicken gōng bǎo jī dīng 宫宝鸡丁3. Dumplings and Steamed Buns jiǎo zǐ / bāo zi 饺子/包子4. Fried Duck 5. Hot Pot kǎo yā 烤鸭 huǒ guō 火锅
  12. 12. 旅行 lǚ xíng Travel
  13. 13. Train huǒ chē 火车 Taxi dǎ dí 打的Tickets are hard to come by. Buy in Taxi drivers will try to rip you off. Telladvance. them to use the meter.Sleeper cabins are a good way to Negotiate beforehand, and alwaysspend the night and save on a hotel pay the negotiated amount.cost. Get the middle bunk. Hotel jiǔ diàn 酒店Plane fēi jī 飞机 Hostels are the best place to stay in China. Every hostel is statePlane tickets are cheaper in China. sponsored. Chinese hostels are oftenCheck local sites like for 4 star hotels.good deals. Join Hosteling International, discounts are often given.
  14. 14. 文化 wén huà CultureHello nǐ hǎo 你好The Chinese are a very polite people. Always be respectful.You will be regularly greeted by China is American deficient.strangers. They may ask you if youveeaten, this is not an invitation to eat, You will be regarded as anbut an expression of concern for your example of your nation, itswell-being. culture, and its people - in this age of growingBargain kǎn jià 砍价 strategic distrust, be a good ambassador.Bargain when you can. The item isworth 10% of the quoted price, startthere. But, you cannot bargaineverywhere.
  15. 15. But Most Importantly, HAVE FUN!Please Do Not Reuse Images Without First Receiving Permission from Author.