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Slide share » upload

  1. 1. SlideShare » Upload SlideShare. Present yourself. lucas_rap ▼ lucas_rap ▼ My Newsfeed My Public Profile My Uploads My Zipcasts New Edit Profile Analytics Help Logout 0 0 Go Pro Upload via Plugins Import from Google Docs Getting started with SlideShare? Upload your existing presentations, documents, videos, pdfs etc. (Note: Our bulk uploader below lets you upload multiple files in one go) × Upload larger files. Upload privately. Video uploads. Trouble uploading? Upload presentations, documents, PDFs (50 MB). For videos, upgrade to PRO. Formats Supported… Do not upload materials you do not have copyright for. Read our Terms of service & Privacy policy. Need Help? Read the troubleshooting tips or contact us. List of features you get with your PRO account Check your invoices or modify your plan from here. Set campaign name, title and message for your audience Control Leadform by choosing target country and included documents List of your campaigns, view latest leads collected in all campaigns1 de 4 15/11/2011 20:40
  2. 2. SlideShare » Upload Options for detailed analytics All time summary for your analytics Also check the other analytic data in this page To get your LinkedIn dashboard, connect your LinkedIn account with SlideShare as given here. Data for views, favorites, likes on your LinkedIn content Change widget settings, and select which files to show on your profile You personal information. Fill it out to let the community know you Your presentation uploads Your documents uploads Your video uploads Browse these tabs to customize your channels look & feel and to exercise control over channel content . Your scheduled Zipcast and past zipcast. Manage invites, post on twiiter & facebook. Schedule a Zipcast, send invites, get rsvps and a lot more. Upload and share files privately PRO users get higher file size limits. 300 MB for presentations or pdfs and 500 MB for videos. Congrats! You are a SlideShare PRO user This is a walkthrough for your PRO account. It will introduce you to all features of SlideShare PRO. This should take just 2 mins. Creating a LeadShare campaign This is the interface for creating a new LeadShare campaign. You can target this campaign to specific countries. You can also try the advanced options to get the most out of LeadShare. Managing your LeadShare campaigns This is your LeadShare dashboard - it lists your campaigns, leads collected and current status for each campaign. You can create a new campaign by clicking on the "New Campaign" button. You can download CSV file with leads data and check your monthly lead limit. This is your Analytics section Analytics gives you detailed stats for your content - where it is embedded, country and organization for viewers, referrers, search keywords, downloads, favorites etc. You can also see your content’s performance on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. This is your LinkedIn dashboard2 de 4 15/11/2011 20:40
  3. 3. SlideShare » Upload You can see details of your SlideShare content on LinkedIn. You can also configure what content (presentation, document or video) to display on your LinkedIn public profile. This is your SlideShare channel This page is important - this is what visitors to your SlideShare profile see. Notice that the advertisements have been removed from the channel. You can customize and brand your channel using our interactive customization interface. SlideShare channel customization interface Use this section to skin your channel and style it to your liking. You can select an existing theme, or make your own. You can configure various modules in your SlideShare channel. You get options to control channel content such as comments, transcripts, related, public posts etc. Use Zipcast for web meetings You can use Zipcasts for web meetings having slides + video + chat. Zipcasts start with 1 click. Use your content, or anyone elses (public) content. Make it public and viral OR private and secure. No downloads required for meeting organizer or attendees. You can password protect your private meetings. PRO Accounts upload features As a PRO user, you can upload and share privately on SlideShare. Private sharing has multiple options - password protection, secret URL, disable embedding. You can upload your professional videos also to SlideShare. Enhanced file size limits for PRO Walkthrough finished ... Return to dashboard « 1 of 8 » x Learn About Us About Careers Our Blog Press Contact us Help & Support Using SlideShare SlideShare 101 Terms of Use Privacy Policy Copyright & DMCA Community Guidelines SlideShare Outside3 de 4 15/11/2011 20:40
  4. 4. SlideShare » Upload SlideShare Mobile New Facebook App LinkedIn App Widgets for your blog Pro & more Go PRO Business Solutions Developers & API Developers Section Developers Group Engineering Blog SlideShare is the worlds largest community for sharing presentations. Upload and share on blogs, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Over 60 million people use SlideShare every month for research, sharing ideas, connecting with others, and generating business leads. SlideShare also supports documents, PDFs, and videos. SlideShare © 2011 SlideShare Inc. All rights reserved. ×4 de 4 15/11/2011 20:40