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  1. 1. PRESENTED * Lizeth Duran* Adriana Muñoz * Nisly Vergara * Lina Canchón
  2. 2. PERSONAL INFORMATION :His name Barack Obama. He is Honolulu, Hawai on August 4 the 1961. He have got one sister, Maya Soetoro- Ng. He haven’t got any brothers.
  3. 3. WHAT DID HE LOOK LIKE? His head is oval like his face. His nose is strong and long. Her eyes is médium and Brown. He did not useglasses. His hair is short, curly and black and he haven’t moustache.
  4. 4. WHAT HE LIKE?Barack Obama is a very funny and serious person. He is polite, and extremely hardworking. He is president the united states.Obama is a graduate of culumbia university and Harvard law school.
  5. 5. PARENTS: My mother is Ann Dunham, and his father isBarack Obama and was raised in a small village in Kenya.