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Sm marketing paper part 2

  1. 1. Four Star FlooringSocial Media PlanStacey Breton, Blair McNulty, Kristine Nicholson,Henry Poth, and Tyler DannatMKT 355.
  2. 2. 1Table of ContentsCompany & Competition(Stacey).................................................................................................1Users(Stacey)……………………………………...……………………………...…….…………2Main Objectives(Stacey)…………………...…………………………….....................................3The Plan Wordpress (Blogging) (Blair).……………………..……………………………………3 Facebook (Social Networking) (Blair)..…………………………..……….…...…………6 Stumble Upon (Social Bookmarking) (Kristine)………...……………………………......9 Foursquare (Geo-tagging) (Tyler)….…………………...……………………..…………10 Twitter (Microblogging) (Harry)...…………...………………………………….………11 Pinterest (Photo sharing) (Kristine)…………………...……………………….........…...14 LinkedIn (Online Professional Network) (Harry)………...……………………………...15 YouTube (Video sharing) (Tyler)….……………...………………………..…………....17Campaigns Facebook/Twitter (Stacey)...………...………………...…………………………………18 Pinterest (Kristine)……………………………………………………………………….19References………………………………………………………………………………………22
  3. 3. 2The CompanyFour Star Flooring is a true “mom & pop” store that has stuck to the traditional forms ofmarketing like newspaper ads and radio spots. While there is nothing wrong with these forms ofadvertising, especially if they work for the company using them, we live in a world where social mediapresence is no longer option. While Four Star Flooring owner, John Kallelis, has a desire to be a part ofthe social media world, he is in the same spot as many small business owners; he has no idea where tostart, how to keep up with an ever-changing media, what sites he needs to be on, or what types of thingshe should be putting out there. In an effort to get Four Star Flooring on track for social media success,our group has outlined a strategy that will provide Mr. Kallelis and his employees with an initial andfollow through plan of action.In terms of current social media presence, Four Star Flooring only has a Facebook site up that hasa mere 3 likes (when we started this project there was only 1 like—the other two are group members). Alack of content and time investment is the most probable cause for the lack of interest in Four Star’s page.There are no posts or pictures of any kind, and it appears that the sight was just created and left to dry. IfFour Star Flooring were to cultivate a strong social media program, they would be light years ahead oftheir competition.The CompetitionOne of the only local flooring stores that has a social media presence to speak of is Messina’sFlooring. When we last reported on Messina’s social media sites, we noticed that they had 97 likes ontheir Facebook page, but they are now up to 103. The company also has a somewhat active Twitteraccount, a Flickr account, Google+, and a company blog. While Messina’s Flooring may not be toppingany charts with their social media strategy, they are certainly one of the only local stores putting the effort
  4. 4. 3in. It is paying off for them too-- social media presence helps a great deal with search engineoptimization and when you Google “Flooring NH”, they are on the top of the first page of results.The UsersBefore delving into the details of our proposed social media strategy for Four Star Flooring, anonline target market must be identified. While Four Star’s main customers are new and currenthomeowners between the ages of 20-30 and 30-60 (these factors were provided by Four Star Flooring),this target market does not necessarily apply for online users. Online target markets differ from offlinemarkets because in the world of social media, companies use behavior rather than the standarddemographics to reach consumers. For example, Four Star Floorings online target market will most likelyconsist of young adults all the way up to baby boomers who are could fall into any of the followingcategories: new homeowners, current homeowners, people looking to make home improvements,contractors, consumers with an interest in green products, or even families with children looking to re-dotheir son/daughters room. Taking the general age brackets that most homeowners that would have aninterest in flooring fall into (25-34 and 45-54) we used the Groundswell Forrester’s ConsumerTechnology tool to determine how these users are participating in social media. Our results revealed thatthese users are mostly joiners and spectators, hence they are not necessarily creating content but taking itin (Forrester, 2012).After determined what type of activities these users take part in, we used COBRA typologies todetermine the level of motivation they have and how these potential users may interact on social media.Since we determined that our target audience consists of joiners and spectators, classifying them intoCOBRA shows that they are mostly consumers. In the world of social media, consumers generally havelow engagement, therefore you cannot expect them to contribute or create often. These users are mostlylooking to gain knew knowledge through information or to entertain themselves in their spare time(Muntinga, 2011). Using this information, we have determined that our strategy needs to focus on
  5. 5. 4providing users with a steady flow of information and entertainment, whether it be a blog about a newproduct or a YouTube video to help them pass the time on their evening commute. At times, there will bea call for engagement, but that will not be the main focus of this social media strategy as it will notprovide the greatest ROI for Four Star.The Main ObjectivesFour Star Flooring hopes to accomplish the following main objectives by investing in a social mediastrategy:1. Increased Brand Recognition2. Increased Sales—especially in off-seasons3. Promotion of products—especially green flooringIn order to make this plan more manageable, it is suggested that the sites be set up in intervals as opposedto all at once. The first set of sites that should be established are WordPress, Facebook, StumbleUpon,FourSquare, and Twitter. The next set of sites would be Pinterest and LinkedIn, followed by YouTube.The PlanType of Site: BloggingSite to Use: Wordpress at Free to start (customize later inexpensively) High traffic Great reputationTiming:
  6. 6. 5When blogging for a company such as Four Star Flooring, one must make a decision based on the timethat they have to invest in a blog. Since Four Star is a small company with little staff, we would calculatestarting with 1 to 2 blogs per week then growing to 3 to 4 in due time. The vital strategy when startingwith a low amount of blogs would be quality and consistency when posting the blogs. Specific days such as Monday and Thursday will help your audience to anticipate yourcompany’s blogs. It’s not the amount of content but the quality that attracts the reader. The smaller amount of posts the longer posts should be, perhaps 1,000+ words. Posting once or twice a week lets the blogger write in-depth, carefully constructed posts that aremore likely to get links and tweets.I once surveyed readers here on ProBlogger about the reasons they unsubscribed from RSS feeds, and thenumber one answer was “posting too much.” Respondents expressed that they developed “burnout” andwould unsubscribe if a blog became too “noisy.” —Darren Rowse,You MUST Post Every Day on Your Blog [Misconceptions New Bloggers Have #2]Types of Posts: The types of post that would be popular to attract Four Star Flooring’s informationseeking target audience would be: New products-Green Product Line (Eco-friendly) Design tips Trade secrets like how to fix common problems with ones flooring/carpet/tile etc. Sales & PromotionsTools to Use: Wordpress can be linked to Four Star Flooring’s other accounts such as Twitter, LinkedIn,Facebook, their Website, etc. There are many Tools on Wordpress that could be of value to Four Star: Design Themes SEO Plugins Analytics Event Planning Bookings Form Builders & Pricing Table Anti-Splogs Open-Street Map with Leaflet MapsMarkerShort Term Objectives: First 6 months1. Increase Brand Recognition Add RSS button for optimization of blog Use analytics that let you measure companies ROI and to figure out which blogs have themost traffic Improve content and optimize Wordpress through SEO2. Increase Search Engine Optimization The blog will help to increase content out there for Four Star Flooring which will in turnhelp with SEO Keywords specific to Four Star Flooring will be used with links to website
  7. 7. 6Goals: 6 months- 2 to 3 blogs a week with increased traffic on website. 50-100 blog views a weekand a boost in search engine rankings. Some comments and interaction with readers ispresent. 1 year- 4 blogs per week increase traffic by 30% and make it to the first page of searchengines. Comments and interaction with a goal of 50 comments per month. 2 years- 4 or less blogs per week. New content video, pictures, etc. Increase traffic byadditional 30% and interaction with fellow bloggers and followers becomes a focus with agoal of 100+ comments/interactions per month.Key Metrics:1. Social Media Metrics Plugin Raw Author Contribution Gives average number of posts per month Gives average number of words per post Conversation Rate Gives average number of comments per post without your own comments Gives average number of words used in comments to posts2. Google Analytics for WordPress Logged in Users Author Name Tracks page views per author Single Category All Categories Track multiple categories per post Tags Track all tags for each post Publication year See what’s doing good and bad, more specifically whether your old posts are stillgetting traffic. Post type Allows one to track how many page views each post type got.
  8. 8. 7Type of Site: Social NetworkingSite to Use: Facebook linked to Four Star Floorings website address @ Free High traffic 1 billion users and growing 1 in every 13 people on earth have a account Over 250 million people log onto Facebook everyday 48% of 18-34 year olds check Facebook 35+ demographic is growing rapidly, now at 30% 700 Billion minutes a month are spent on FacebookPosting is different for companies than for regular users of the site. The recommended average of postingshould be once a day for a brand or company, with the exception of when there are announcements orpromotions (2-3 posts are okay in this case). Weekends and off-peak hours from 2pm to 5am are the timesto post as these times receive the highest interaction rates. Thursdays have the highest number of postingsduring the week and the lowest interaction rate. A high number of postings results in lower interactionrates and posting in off-peak hours means you’ll gain more interaction from fans.Remember: similar to blogging an audience/consumer can develop “burnout” or they may filter-out yourposts if you are posting too much.Types of Posts: The types of post that would be popular to attract an audience would be: Video Links Polls Promotions PhotosharingNote: Number one Facebook engagement methodology would be Photosharing
  9. 9. 8Tools to Use: Facebook can be linked to the Four Star Floorings other accounts such as Twitter,LinkedIn, Wordpress, Instagram, Pinterest, FourSquare, Website and etc. There are many Tools onFacebook: Design Theme Backdrops Social Page Builder ShortStack Pagemodo SEO Plugins Analytics “Like” Button “Pin It!” Button Involver Friend2Friend Video and Photo Sharing Geolocation Add Chats and Polls Blog Links Add Contests/Promotions Add TabsShort Term Objectives: First 6 months1. Increase Brand Recognition Add RSS button for Optimization of Facebook Use Analytics lets you measure companies ROI and to figure out which blogs have themost traffic Improve content and optimize Facebook through SEO2. Increase Engagement Call-to-Action Sharing Links Reposts Photosharing Increase “Likes” Polls “Pins”
  10. 10. 9Goals: 6 months- 2 to 3 post per week with increased traffic on Facebook A goal of 100 plus “Likes” on Facebook is desired. 1 year- 2 to 3 post a week per week increase traffic on Facebook and www.4starflooring.comand other sites like Wordpress, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Start integratingpolls to increase engagement further, comments and discussion is a goal at this point. 500-1000 plus “Likes” on Facebook. 2 years- 4 or less post per week. New content video, pictures, etc. Increase traffic,optimization of RSS, and increase SEO. Generate conversation with avid followers andincrease interaction by 20%. At this point the page should ideally be at 1000-5,000 plus“Likes” on Facebook.Key Metrics1. Socialbakers Engagement Analytics PRO for Facebook Fan Growth Determine the past content that most positively affected fan growth Analyze fan growth rates by days of the week and times of the day Monitor competitor’s fan growth Social Interactions Engagement Rates What type of content your fans find most engaging The time of day and day of the week that your target audience is most engaged Reports on the number of People Talking About your product Engagement rates of your competitors Question Response Rate Industry Benchmarking Compare your company’s performance to industry and region Help set realistic goals for what your brand would like to achieve with social media Clearly see where your social media efforts are underperforming or outperforming Become aware and adapt to industry changes in social media Maximize effectiveness by customizing your content to your industry and region Post Response Rate Monitor Response Time Determine Key Influencers2. Google Analytics for Facebook-Social Interaction Tracking Track Social Media Buttons “Likes” Comments “Shares” Tags Post/Repost Pins Tweets Find where audience is going by tracking outbound links Get Real Time Statistics Create Custom Campaign URLs to Track the Effectiveness of Link Building Campaigns
  11. 11. 10Type of Site: Social BookmarkingSite to Use: StumbleUponWhy an effective social media tool: Consumers will be able to ‘Stumble’ web pages that correlate to theirlikes, write reviews, and share their discoveries with their followers.When a ‘stumble’ is liked, it is recommended to the StumbleUpon network. If it receives good ratingsfrom other Stumblers, then people who express an interest in the topic in which your page is categorizedunder, will ‘stumble’ across the page more often.Tips: Personalize page, join communities relating to Four Star Flooring’s interests and business, befriendpeople with similar interests, Stumble other companies as well, and label and tag submitted pagesappropriately.Timing: Initial: Submit website URLs of all main pages on website (i.e. homepage, more for homepage, promotions page, services page) at the time of signing up for the site, as well as anyphotos or videos that wish to be added. From then on, post URLs to StumbleUpon when a new site, photo, video, etc is added.Tools to Use: StumbleUpon website, StumbleUpon toolbarObjectives and Goals-1. Increase web traffic to Four Star Flooring’s website, specific photos, videos, etc.2. Increase brand awareness3. Increase SEOKey Metrics1. Google Analyticsa. Measures number of visits, visits via social referral, assisted social conversion, measurehow consumers lead to direct conversions.2. StumbleUpon sitea. Number of Views, reviews, shares, likes versus dislikes, times added to lists
  12. 12. 11Type of Site: Geo-taggingSite to Use: Foursquare Free Used by 25 million people and 1 million businesses and growing Attracts and builds relationships with customers and fans as they “check-in” at your business.Timing: 2 consistent specials per weekTypes of Posts: The types of posts relevant to Foursquare are specials that are offered to users whocheck-in at a business. Four Star Flooring, for instance could offer 20% off a carpet installation for everyfifth time a customer checks in. Or on a slow weekday, for instance, Four Star Flooring may offer 50%off a doormat to customers who check in on Tuesdays.Tools to Use: Foursquare Updates: people who have checked in to or looked at a business page can see updateson their phone—without subscription.o News about an upcoming event or special flooring offero Seasonal updates to announce new flooring items with special clearance deals. Foursquare Specials: attract new customers or reward loyal ones by offering them incentives tovisit Four Star FlooringShort Term Objectives (6 months)-1. Increase in-store traffic2. Increase brand awarenessGoals 6 months- 50 check-ins after 6 months 1 year- check-ins after 1 year 2 years- 200 check-ins after 2 yearsKey Metrics (i.e. number of followers, page likes, etc.) Foursquare analytics: Measures how many check-ins you’re getting each week, and how many of those are beingshared on various social media sites Determines the mayor of the business (person who visits the most) Keep track of recent tips, photos, etc.
  13. 13. 12Type of Site: Online Social Networking Service and Microblogging ServiceSite to Use: Twitter at Free High traffic 100 million active users every month and receives 400 million visitors a month 50 million users every day 200 million registered users Gets 300,000 new visitors every day Twitter has set a new record for tweets per second of 8,900 (TPS) 26% of twitter users are 18-29 years old Users spend 21 minutes monthly on TwitterTiming:Every day, millions of people turn to Twitter to connect to their interests, to share information, and findout whats happening in the world right now. Anyone can read, write and share messages of up to 140characters on Twitter. These messages, or Tweets, are available to anyone interested in reading them,whether logged in or not. Your followers receive every one of your messages in their timeline - a feed ofall the accounts they have subscribed to or followed on Twitter. This unique combination of open, public,and unfiltered Tweets delivered in a simple, standardized 140-character unit, allows Twitter users to shareand discover what’s happening on any device in real time. Four Star Flooring needs to implement astrategy that will create a consumer base for the company. Timing is very essential when your business ison Twitter. The key to tweeting is space. Spread out your tweets; don’t put up a million at once. It is idealto post 1 to 4 tweets per day; this way consumers and followers are not heckled with so muchinformation. The best time to tweet is around noon when people are on lunch break or at 5pm because thatis when most professionals are settling out of the office. Four Star should tweet during the middle of theweek and weekends; professionals are more likely to see the tweets and are able to engage.Types of Posts: The types of post that would be popular to attract an audience would be: Tweet products and services (Eco-friendly) Be entertaining (sound human) Validate expertise Keep it under 70 characters Promote deals and events Pictures of products and services Links to testimonials Call-to-Action (please retweet) Post with etiquette Dedicated hashtagTools to Use: Twitter can be linked to Four Star Floorings other accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn,Four Star website and WordPress. There are many tools on Twitter: TweetDeck Twepe HootSuite SocialOomph TweetAdder Buffer
  14. 14. 13 TwitterCounter Tweriod StrawberryJ.AM SEO Plugins Design Themes AnalyticsShort Term Objectives: First 6 months1. Increase Brand Recognition Keep Four Star on Public Timeline Post tweet updates regularly Improve content and optimize Twitter through SEO Add TwitterCounter to measure Four Star’s ROI and figure out the followers and visitors2. Increase Engagement Implement Twepe to generate updates of Four Star’s follower’s activity, including new andlost followers and alerts of any mentions. Call-to-Action Create promotions and videos of products and services Initiate conversation to target market of consumers and wait for response and thank them forfollowing Use group feature to target main consumers needs and wantsGoals: 6 months- 1-2 tweets per hour with increased traffic on site. Obtain 75 to 100 followers withinteraction of product and services available. Have content that can connect to target market. 1 year- 2-3 tweets per hour promoting products and services. Tweet to fellow followers andtweet to potential target market consumers. Obtain 100 to 200 followers due to askingquestions and listening to responses. 2 years- 2-4 tweets per hour promoting products, services, videos, retweets of others, relevantlinks to Four Star Flooring. Have superb content management and SEO supervisor as well asCRM. Obtain 200 to 300 followers due to giving recommendations to followers, answeringquestions, promoting special deals and hosting events.Key Metrics:1. Socialbakers Engagement Analytics PRO for Twitter Fan Growth Determine the past content that most positively affected fan growth Analyze fan growth rates by days of the week and times of the day Monitor competitor’s fan growth Social Interactions Engagement Rates What type of content your fans find most engaging The time of day and day of the week that your target audience is most engaged Reports on the number of People Talking About your product Engagement rates of your competitors Question Response Rate Industry Benchmarking Compare your company’s performance to industry and region Help set realistic goals for what your brand would like to achieve with social media Clearly see where your social media efforts are underperforming or outperforming Become aware and adapt to industry changes in social media Maximize effectiveness by customizing your content to your industry and region Post Response Rate
  15. 15. 13 Competitive Analysis Monitor Response Time Key Influencers2. Sprout Social Engagement Analytics Dashboard Easily track your influence and how well you engage your audience at the accountlevel. Understand who your audience is with detailed audience demographics by networkso that you can craft your messages and interactions to better meet their needs andexpectations Monitoring With Sprout Social, you can see everything in a single stream. Your social mediainbox will combine messages and alerts, with the ability to filter by specific sourcesto easily find the information you are looking for. Sprout Social will sort through the clutter and deliver you the relevant contentsurrounding your brand. View the reach of each of your sent messages and get the details on clicks, responsesand retweets. Understand what messages resonate with your audience and get you themost exposure. Analytics Get detailed information on followers, influence, engagement, clicks and more - all incolorful, intuitive charts & graphs. Track the impact of your social media messagesfor rapid feedback and guidance on your social media strategy and future campaigns. Connect your Google Analytics account to Sprout Social and begin seeing how yoursocial media efforts are affecting the traffic to your website Publishing Quickly and easily post messages to all of your social networks and choose whetherto send now or schedule it for later. Sprout Social allows you to post messages onFacebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn simultaneously from one easy-to-use messagecomposer. Designed to maximize engagement with your social content, our send timeoptimization technology, ViralPost, analyzes your audience to determine the optimaltimes for you to deliver content based on usage and engagement patterns, contentvelocity and other factors.
  16. 16. 14Type of Site: Photo sharingSite to Use: PinterestTiming:Post on two days out of the week (Saturday morning and Wednesday) during the hours of 2pm to 4pmand 8pm to 1am since most pinners are pinning from home after a long day of school, work, etc.Types of Posts:Images of products, photos of Four Star Flooring (interior and exterior), employees, visuals from blogposts, videos, How-To board, customer testimonials, photos of client jobs. Since infographics are thecurrent ‘fad’, showing stats (whether it be the benefits of using SmartStrands over another type of carpet,etc.) is a great way to capture the viewer’s attention. This works well with the target market that enjoystaking information in, and delivering the information in a fun infographic would be most beneficial.Do not just pin company posts, post non-industry related topics, as well. For example, since Four StarFlooring is a local business, create a board dedicated to Manchester, NH. Comment on and re-pin otherpins from other users and companies to build credibility. Add links in comments (when deemedappropriate) to increase fan base. Tips:o Pin own images, use target keywords in filenames and each pin description, pay attentionto image size (max image width size= 600px and max thumbnail view width=190px).o Add a “Pin It” or “Follow Me on Pinterest” button to website to help customers find FourStar Flooring’s Pinterest page.o Use hashtags to promote and correlate with company’s other social media sites.Tools to Use: ‘Pin It’ button on toolbar, Pinterest website, Pinerly: allows you to mass-follow, unfollow, schedule pins, and view stats.Short Term Objectives-3. Increase brand recognition4. Increase traffic to website5. Increase SEO and ROI6. Develop larger fan base (Invite people from business database, and through other socialmedia sites)
  17. 17. 15Goals: 6 months- Develop seven boards with 20+ pins per board. Have a fan base of 30+ followersand an increase in web traffic to Four Star Floorings website. 1 year- Maintain 14 boards, pinning 15+ times per week. Have a fan base of 75+ followers. 2 years- Maintain 28+ boards, pinning 10+ times per week. Have a fan base of 200+followers.Key Metrics PinReach:o Measures number of repins, likes, comments, trending pins with percentages, assignsscores to accounts, etc. Hubspot Marketing Analyticso Which marketing campaigns generated the most saleso Track competitors See how your competitors are faring in search, social media and lead generation.Its easy to enter competitors, and the analysis is nearly instantaneous.o See which channels drive your best traffic and leads Social media measurement Understand how social media is driving leads. Organic vs. Paid See how much of your search traffic can be attributed to search engineoptimization, and how much youre paying for. Buyers vs. Browsers See which channels brought in serious leads versus website visitors whojust came to look around.o Show’s what the critical touch-points that led to conversionsType of Site: Online Professional NetworkingSite to Use: LinkedIn at Free to start High traffic There are 175 million professionals worldwide who have connected with LinkedInsince its official launch in May 2003. Every second that number grows by two more memberships In 2011, there were 4.2 billion "professionally-oriented searches" that number is setto surge to 5.3 billion in 2012. Standard user is male of 58% and female of 42% 68% of 25-54 year olds use LinkedIn 85 million visits on LinkedIn monthly Users spend 36 minutes monthly on LinkedInTiming:
  18. 18. 16Posting a job on LinkedIn is very similar to any other job website-adding details about the position, skills,and requirements-where the site separates itself is with company profiles, allowing you to providepotential candidates with a lot more information about your company and the people that work there. FourStar Flooring implementing a company profile on LinkedIn, Four Star would be able to list informationabout the company and its employees as well as an opportunity to find potential hires. The best time topost content on LinkedIn is around noon or early evening. If Four Star post’s a status message or share’s alink to their company website or related articles around noon, Four Star would be more likely to catchbusiness professionals on break. Early evening starting around 5-6p.m. is another great time to publishcontent on LinkedIn, because you are catching users at the end of the work day. The best days to post areTuesday thru Thursday because professionals are mainly focused on work. Posting on off peak hours suchas Monday’s and Friday’s will result in lower interaction rates with potential hires because professionalsare just getting back in the grind or are already gone for the weekend. Four Star needs to post its contentto its target audience in order to receive comments on status updates or posted content. Targeting the rightpotential hires will result in more business opportunity for Four Star.Types of Posts: The types of post that would be popular to attract potential hires would be: Company Profile Job openings Skill requirements Photos Links of portfolios Promotions Polls- Q&A Status updates Blogs and videos Display/recommendation adsTools to Use: LinkedIn can be linked to the Four Star Floorings other accounts such as Twitter,WordPress, SlideShare, products and services, and Four Star Flooring website. There are many tools onLinkedIn for Four Star to use to generate potential hires/sales: Update company profile Groups/get involved Notifications Google RSS Blog links polls Friend2Friend Business2Business Add tabs Lead builder tool Share/follow button CRM organizer InMail Call- to- Action SEO Plugin EndorsementsShort Term Objectives: First 6 months1. Increase Brand Recognition Add RSS feed Use Analytics to help understand who your followers are, who is viewing your page,and what content appeals to them. Improve company profile with tabs and optimize LinkedIn through SEO Create content to improve ROI2. Increase Engagement Call-to-Action Build connections Polls Ask questions to targetaudience Give recommendations Share articles and linkresources to page Increase followers Videos and display adsGoals: 6 months- post relevant content regularly. Joined groups for connections and have potential newhires. Announce deals, promotions and ongoing specials to create a customer base and futureclientele. Have 50 shares on LinkedIn through connections. Have question and answers withtarget audience.
  19. 19. 17 1 year- post company regularly with increased traffic on LinkedIn and www.4starflooring.comimplement resources such as slideshare, wordpress, videos, advertisements to increaseengagement. Have 100 shares and engaging questions and answers regularly with consumers.Generated a loyal consumer base. 2 years- post content regularly and share links with your connections and give helpful tips tofellow group members and followers. Automate Twitter updates to LinkedIn statuses to generatemore engagement. Build in RSS feeder with blogs and testimonials of product and services.Invite followers to events. Have 300+shares with specific target market. Acquire 10 employeesor more.Key Metrics1. Google Analytics connected with LinkedIn Administrator Quantitative: Total Connections New Connections LinkedIn Profile News LinkedIn Search Results Four Star Followers Industry and Location Representation Qualitative: Inbox Activity and Sentiment Requests for Business LinkedIn Signal Keyword Mentions Likes and Comments on Updates Group Growth and Interaction RecommendationsType of Site: Video SharingSite to Use: Youtube at Other than your initial time investment, YouTube is free Has the potential to go viral with success, leading to high traffic Video is SEO friendly Many people would rather learn about something by seeing it rather than by readingabout it.Timing: Unless they are for lecture purposes, Video’s for most businesses, including Four Star Flooringshould be short and to the point. Not many people want to sit there and watch something that goes on forfive minutes. Between 30-45 seconds is ideal as attention span of YouTube users is very low. As soon asFour Star Flooring makes a Video, the company should share it everywhere as soon as possible. Places toshare the video include: All social media sites (i.e.Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) Personal networks Company blog
  20. 20. 18 E-newsletterTypes of Posts: The type of content that should be posted in order to attract target audience for Four StarFlooring is shocking and humorous but educational at the same time. New product lines such as “green” or eco-friendly bamboo flooring “Slice of life” promotion such as carpet spills or warped flooring Flooring design slideshows with catchy musicTools to Use: There are several useful tools that which are embedded in YouTube that can be of greatassistance to Four Star Flooring: Linking video’s to company’s social media sites Annotations within video can be used for a specific call to action. YouTube trends for company’s niche to the trending video’s Video commenting Video likes Analytics (how many people have viewed, shared, liked, commented on, or embeddedyour video) AdWords KeywordsShort Term Objectives: Within the first 6 months…7. Increase Four Star’s Brand Recognition Ask viewers to share the video with their friends and followers on Facebook and Twitterby clicking on the “share” tab below the video. Enter a title for the YouTube channel so that keywords will match to increase SearchEngine Optimization (SEO)8. Increase Social Media Presence YouTube annotations will link to social media sitesGoals 6 months- 100-150 video views on first video with some commenting activity 1 year- 1 video per month with between 150-200 video views per month with at least 10shares and 75 likes 2 years- 2 videos per month with a developed “video subscriber clientele” of regulars whoenjoy Four Star’s video’s and a viral presence on YouTube with 100+ comments and likesper month.Key Metrics (i.e. number of followers, page likes, etc.) YouTube Discoverya. Shows you how people are finding the videos –YouTube Demographics Measures the age and gender of viewers Age range of viewers YouTube Insight Measure’s the Viewers’ Attention Measure’s subscribersThe Campaigns1. Facebook/ Twitter Campaign
  21. 21. 19One of the draws to shopping with Four Star Flooring is that they carry “green” flooring. In orderto spread the word about these awesome products, Four Star Flooring can create a campaign to be used onFacebook and Twitter. Through sponsored posts, Facebook Ads, hashtags, and in storeflyers/promotional pieces for current customers, Four Star Flooring will communicate that for every newlike or follow they get, they will donate $1 to the World Wildlife Foundation to help animals facingextinction because of world climate change. Throughout this campaign, posts about the benefits of greenflooring, facts about climate change, ways users can help to stop climate change, deals on green flooring,before & after green flooring installation photos, etc. will be shared throughout their social media sites.Although this campaign focuses on Twitter and Facebook, by providing links to the other sites, especiallyas apps on Facebook, Four Star will be promoting their presence on other social media platforms.This campaign is ideal for Four Star Flooring’s target audience as it allows them to consumeinformation with asking for little contribution or creation. Since the target audience we are after prefersto sit back and take in the information, this campaign would not only increase social media presence, butalso brand and product recognition for Four Star Flooring.2. Pinterest CampaignThe Facebook campaign can also be integrated with the Pinterest campaign. On Four StarFlooring’s Facebook, a tab can be created on the fanpage that links with their Pinterest account. ThePinterest campaign is great for the company’s target market since they are information absorbers. Pinboards ranging from products and services, the company and staff, company creations, customertestimonials, etc., will be blended together with other boards that are non-industry related. A kitchen-flooring board could have a board that is dedicated to favorite recipes, and as a local, small business, aboard dedicated to Manchester, NH will be displayed. Infographics will capture the eye of the targetmarket that enjoys gathering information in a fun, quick and easy way.Like the Facebook campaign, a board will be created titled ‘Wildlife, We Support’ and will helpdraw more attention to the foundation, and the Facebook campaign. Pins that utilize infographics of
  22. 22. 20climate change, images of green flooring, images Four Star Flooring employees installing green flooring,and visuals of and about the Foundation will all be posted. For every like of a pin that Four Star Flooringsposts related to the World Wildlife Foundation, $1 would be donated to the Foundation.Boards that are both industry, and non-industry related will bring credibility to Pinners who areviewing Four Star Flooring’s Pinterest. Links, videos, hashtags, etc. will also be utilized to help create aunity between all Four Star Flooring’s social media sites and online presence. As information absorbers,the target market for the company will appreciate Pinterest’s visual appeal as well as the informationgained by the captions, comments, and click-through links that will be offered.
  23. 23. 21
  24. 24. 22ReferencesMuntinga, D. (2011). Introducing cobras. International Journal of Advertising, 30(1), 13-46. Retrievedfrom Research. (2009). Groundswell Tool. Retrieved from